31 December 2005

These are the times that try men's souls

Welcome to my world as I see it. This may not be all too well these days as I do suffer from multiple physical ailments which are negatively impacting my capability to process new information and formulate it into coherent viewpoints.

My previous work online is included at Epinions. There I worked up a number of posts over the years going over things of interest to me, mostly science fiction and fantasy works, but also covering a broad spectrum of other topics. As my time became short due to work stress I curtailed my posting activities there. Now that I have been afflicted with some cerebral deterioration I no longer have the critical capability to do the type and kinds of thinking necessary for posting such reviews. In point of fact I rarely have my cognitive facilities working in an attentive mode along with energy and wakefulness all at the same time. That deterioration has severely impacted my life, my dreams and my thinking.

That said, there are a number of things in my memory and deep, non-conscious thought areas that still are available to me. I have always formulated thoughts while typing in a different mode than I did consciously. My non-conscious areas have always been a source of my mental foundation and while those are also impacted, they are less impacted than my conscious areas. Now all I have to do is be able to stay awake and type and have the energy to do both. Those times are scarce these last months.

As I point out, this blog is a vanity blog. If I intended it to be a dialogue I would actively have a comments area. Truthfully, on many subjects, I have thought them through as well as possible before my problems started and found no compelling arguments or data to change them. I still don't on many topics. What I will present is my viewpoint as I see it. This will not please many who read them and will tend to stir strong emotions in some few.

To those few: calm down!!

I have seen enough of ideologues, simpletons, and people who just don't bother to think out where their actions take them in life and yet vigorously believe that they hold the 'one, true outlook' and want me to do the same. I, respectfully, ask those to not bother me.

So here you have it. Feel free to read my previous works, but be warned I no longer respond to comments there, either.

Good health to you all!

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