10 May 2008

Our forgotten Seven States

Well I am glad that someone has come to recognize the extra States of the Union!

America has long been lax in welcoming the following States:

1) State of Tension - Brought in during President Kennedy's confrontation with the USSR to bolster our spirits!

2) State of Poverty - Brought in by LBJ's social programs so as to put more than just the poor folks in perpetual debt and the whole federal government would join them in that.

3) State of Deception - Richard Nixon was able to bring in his ancient homeland, along with the province of Dirty Tricks, so as to give them glamor after long centuries of disrepute.

4) State of Confusion - Gerald R. Ford welcomed this poor land in during his short term as President and it has been a continual presence in our social scene ever since.

5) State of Decay - Jimmy Carter had worked steadfastly to bring this land into the Union and gave deep speeches about its people and the malaise they suffered under.

6) State of Denial - One of the more recent States that Bill Clinton's daughter pointed out to us, and it was realized that not only was it *not* a River in Egypt, but that it could be annexed!

7) State of Chaos - Little did we know that there was actually a homeland for this, but George W. Bush ensured that it would no longer be an unguided land and welcomed it to our Union a few short years ago.

These lovely Entropic States are now seeking further entry for other lands that have given us so much in life: Despair, Degeneration, Incapacity, Remorse, Reverence, Fugue, as well as other lands even further afield.

Some day the rest of America will come to recognize these States and give them true honor on our flag. Until then they remain the 'forgotten States' that few want to visit or acknowledge.

UPDATE: If it is, as DRJ at Patterico's reasons out, 60 States, then those other three have slipped under the radar! Just *which* States were ushered in with no one looking?

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