18 October 2008

A sad goodbye

RIP Beloved Garibaldi


Anonymous said...

I am sorry for you of good friend, Garibaldi.

A Jacksonian said...

My thanks!

A boon friend, good companion and fine goof... a piece of me goes with him.

NEO, SOC said...

sorry about your loss.

A Jacksonian said...

Neo - My thanks!

Even when you can prepare, it still is not enough. You don't realize how much a part of your life that a presence can become until it is gone.

Beto_Ochoa said...

I wrote this poem for AJ Strata when he lost his dog but it really is about our walk through this sphere with our animal friends.
I pray your pain passes quickly my friend.

.......Best Friend
The joy explodes from off the couch
My bitter day assuaged
Though I am torn with worldly pain
My puppy's heart is gay
And like the Savior of our souls
Wicks off the mantle coarse
My dog loves me as He who came
With all its heart and force
But as the passing days wheel on
And to the earth returned
The collar and the bowl remain
And lesson hard is learned
It's for ourselves alone we mourn
For we are left behind
Until the ones that left us here
Return in Glorious kind

A Jacksonian said...

beto - It is indeed my mourning for the loss of that sweet hearted one who was with me for so short a time.

His day is done and mine is in the Land of Grey, which makes me appreciate such light all the more, even as darkness gathers.