23 January 2009

The money in the madness of his method

On closing Guantanamo we get this from Rep. John Murtha (PA 12th District- D) emphasis mine:

So Murtha may have just been proving a point when he told FOX News that he'd "take 'em" in his district.

"They're no more dangerous in my district than in Guantanamo," Murtha said, adding that he saw "no reason not to put 'em in prisons in the United States and handle them the way they would handle any other prisoners." He said in a statement Thursday that Guantanamo had cast a "dark shadow" on America's moral standing in the world.

He'll take Khalid Sheik Mohammed, mastermind of 9/11? How sweet of you, Rep. Murtha!

Mind if I take a look around your district?

Just looking around on Google Earth using Wikimapia I'm at... ohhh... roughly... 6 or 8 Elementary Schools, 3-5 Middle/Intermediate/Junior High Schools, 3-4 High Schools, at least one tech school, a community college, a University, 3 or so hospitals/medical centers... 5-6 power substations (have to keep those steel works in neighboring districts going), a municipal airport, a lovely lock and dam complex in a neighboring district...

In a neighboring district, literally right next door, I can count over 8 schools in less than a two mile radius!

Oh and some of those schools have 'Catholic' as part of their name and one 'Christian' School, I believe. Plus all sorts of non-Islamic churches, houses of worship, Synagogues. Plus cemeteries for same as terrorists of the Islamic sort tend to defile that sort of thing in their spare time.

Then there are the oil storage tanks, always a yummy target!

At least one good sized rail yard... be hell having that go out on ya, wouldn't it?

Because normal prisoners, you know, always target dams, schools, other religions, power substations, hospitals and such for mayhem for fun and destruction, no?

Blow up oil storage tanks as a sidelight, maybe?

Take a page from their friends in South America and go after power sub-stations?

Go running and gunning in schools?

Are there ever any prison break-outs in Pennsylvania?

You do know that the al Qaeda and such love to break their guys out of prison and they have cells in the US, right? al Qaeda jackets indicating training in Egypt found on the Southern Border a few years back, after 9/11? Hezbollah smuggling ring operating from Toronto to North Carolina to Detroit? Notice a State in the middle of that triangle?

I do.

That doesn't even begin to address the East European Families working with terrorist groups in North America.

Do you ever get cars stolen by folks who come from Albania, Algeria, Turkey, or Nations that you've never heard of before? Because Interpol cited them in 2000 as one of the major ways al Qaeda off-shoots were spreading into North America, using Canada as an entryway and... well... that Hezbollah funding ring points out they are more than happy to help out all sorts of not nice people.

Why don't terrorists bust out of Guantanamo?

Have you seen where they have to go and what their attitude is towards terrorists they aren't sponsoring? A bit of sudden lead poisoning if you are lucky in Cuba. And just how far do you have to swim to get to international waters? And avoid sharks...

And a bit further on in the article:

The long-serving congressman beat Russell in November even after calling his constituents "racist" and "rednecks" just weeks before Election Day.

Kevin Miller, who lives in Murtha's district, told FOX News that, "He brings the pork home and people seem to like that."

"I guess this is Jack Murtha's economic stimulus package," he quipped.

But he said the idea that Guantanamo prisoners are no more dangerous in the 12th District is "just insane."

The Pennsylvania Department of Corrections had no comment on Murtha's remarks.

Hey, isn't this sweet?

Elitist, snooty, blue nosed, and insane?

I'm starting to think that Rep. Murtha wouldn't mind a bit of terrorist caused blood on the streets to help rid his district of 'racist' and 'redneck' residents.

Can we add class warfare with Rep. Murtha taking the side of the Elite Business Class against the Working Class? Probably lump that in there, too.

Resident Bill Russell points this out:

He said the proposal is also an insult to the passengers of Flight 93, one of four hijacked planes which went down near Murtha's district on Sept. 11, 2001.

Don't worry its time to 'Move On' from 9/11 with 'hope & change'.

And the body count you'll get from it and local recruitment into the neat world of radical Islam that *is* a change from the norm?

If you want the pork money, don't mind those who hate pork getting in to come and kill you. Rep. Murtha already defamed the the very Marine Corps he served in by slandering innocent US soldiers in Iraq before they had military justice... and were acquitted.

Lets just add 'money grubbing' and 'anti-American' to the litany of those characteristics that define Rep. Murtha.

Perhaps the folks in his District can petition for a recall election.

Before we find out that the 'war on terror' isn't a slogan you can shut down from the Oval Office and comes home to roost with the Good Citizens of Pennsylvania who re-elected this fool to office. Because for him its not blood for oil... its money for blood. That is what he wants to bring home with the bacon: those waging Private War.

They aren't 'criminals'.

They have turned from all civilized behavior and respect no law, no Nation, nothing... save their will to power and willingness to kill.

Just like your standard rapist, arsonist or car thief, no?


Average American said...

I posted on this numbnut too AJ. What a lunatic. Construction is about half done on a new federal prison here in my hometown. Believe me, I don't want to see them EVER come to our shores. He can have them, but I think his constituents might have other ideas.

A Jacksonian said...

AA - His constituents have voted this bozo into office after Abscam, defaming US Marines and after finding out his connections to corrupt businesses. A decent vet ran against him and *lost*.

I think once the folks in the 12th district in PA get a look at just who is 'coming to visit', they might just get some idea of how stuck on stupid their bozo representative is. The time for wising up is, however, growing short.

K T Cat said...

I hadn't considered that before - that your average escapee or parolee might carjack or rape, but they're not likely to blow up a rail yard.

A Jacksonian said...

KT Cat - That is why Alcatraz is such a lovely idea... all you need to do is drop food supplies once a week! The place is self-policing with just a bit of help from overhead... say a small SAM site on-shore.

Hand them all swimming trunks!

Mind you that isn't even 'mean' or 'heartless', doing that... leaving them on Alcatraz with only food deliveries every week. No 'mean' or 'heartless' would be setting up the civilian target range on the north shore and letting folks use Alcatraz as a backstop while doing all this, with an hour off once a week to let them sort out the supplies.

Putting them on the mainland?


Now we could do what the British did during the Revolutionary war and take out some hulk of a decomissioned ship, sans engines, into international waters and just anchor it there... say off the cost of Alaska just below the permanent ice pack. Maybe let the prisoners do crab fishing during the season! "Deadliest Catchers"!

But guys sworn to kill Americans with no compunctions about losing their own lives in the activity? Asking for them on the mainland is Stuck on Stupid big time...