24 February 2009

Political Lexicon: early 2009 edition

Ah, a new President and a new vocabulary comes into play. For those of you not catching on to the Newspeak I'll do a bit of quick translation between the new word or phrase and its older meaning. It really is quite simple, once you listen for a bit! So, without further preface lets dive right in:

Accountability = Previously, oversight so as to hold institutions to account for funds and activities. New meaning is placing corrupt politicians at the head of institutions so as to ensure that political payoffs go directly to those favored by the Administration. Usage: 'I will make 'Accountability' of federal departments my top priority.'

Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) = Ancient, the idea that humans putting another log on the fire during the Little Ice Age helped to keep a real Ice Age from forming. Previously a misunderstood concept of the dynamics between atmosphere, solar radiation, insolation, albedo, and gaseous chemical compounds on a planetary scale. Currently, a religion that puts man at the center of all things bad happening on Rock 3 from the Star Sol, and aims to eliminate humans via 'Regulation', 'Accountability' and 'Oversight' with the help of 'Social Activism'. Soon to be an extortion phrase used against government, private institutions and individuals to make them conform with the religious beliefs of its adherents. Usage: ''AGW' is a threat to all of humanity and we must do something to stop this global phenomena.'

Bailout (or bail out) = Previously, jumping from a plane at high altitude with a parachute as a means of descending safely to the ground, originally used to imply the aircraft was headed for an uncontrolled ground vector. Currently, handing money out to institutions that had much 'Regulation' and 'Oversight' and are now being made 'Accountable', to the point where the amount being given is more than the cost of the institution itself. Usage: 'We will have to bail out GM and Chrysler and add more 'Regulation', 'Accountability' and 'Oversight' to them so they succeed.'

Carbon Dioxide = Previously a chemical compound that is utilized in the biosphere and naturally occurring, with some current uses of fuels producing it as a byproduct. Currently a pollutant that can be 'Regulated' due to worries about 'Anthropomorphic Global Warming'. Usage: 'The EPA will 'Regulate' the amount of carbon dioxide you can emit by breathing, with a special tax for hyperventilation.'

Crisis = Previously on the domestic side, anything that one could drag their feet on and have worked out by the time a solution full of 'Regulations', 'Accountability' and 'Oversight' was drafted. Currently a rhetorical means to coerce people to give up their money, liberty and freedom for fleeting problems. Usage: 'This 'crisis' requires the largest change in the government of the United States, ever.'

Deadbeat = Ancient, one who does not keep up with paying off their debts or defaults on them. Previously in the credit card industry, anyone who paid off their balances in full and on time so as to incur not interest charges. Currently, an American Taxpayer. Usage: 'We have to get those 'deadbeats' to pay out by new 'Regulations' and 'Oversight' with the help of 'Social Activism' to give money to those who took out larger amounts than they can pay off.'

Depression = Previously economic for a long term Recession. Currently it is any Recession. Generally talked about for years before it arrives so its presaged arrival seems much worse than it really is. Usage: 'We are headed into a Depression.'

Fascism = Ancient, meaning an authoritarian government instituting National Socialism so as to control banking and private industry while allowing for individuals to have some private property. Also an early form of Transnational Progressivism. Currently, a catch-all by the Left to impugn anyone they disagree with based on firm 'Political Convictions'. Usage: 'Those right-wingers wanting to remove 'Regulation' of the banking sector are a bunch of 'Fascists'.'

Great Depression = Older meaning - the financial downturn starting in 1928 that neared recovery in 1937 until government taxes and programs kicked in to prolong it to 1942. Currently, a 'Depression' that is widely predicted during other Recessions, and will be as bad or worse than the 1979-83 Recession. Usage: 'This 'Depression' will turn into the 'Great Depression' if cardigan sweaters go on sale.'

Greatest Mistake in US History = Ancient, the Civil War. Previously, creating a Progressive government that was able to tax 'deadbeats' to pay for those who lacked means to become stable citizens. After that a term used by the Left to denote the Viet Nam conflict. Just after term is used by the Left to denote the election of Ronald Reagan. Just after that the term is used by the Left to denote the election of 2000. Just prior to the election, the Iraq War by many on the political Left. Currently, trusting the federal government to do anything right and spend more money than was spent on the just prior usage of this term by the Left. Apparently whatever today's problem is, is the 'Greatest Mistake in US history' to the Left. Usage: ''The Greatest Mistake in US History' is to believe in the omnicompetence of government to get us through the current 'Depression'.'

Hope & Change = Previously a political slogan (cf. Hot Air). Currently being wiped from the MSM in attempt to have people forget that those we elect provide more the of same old, same old. Usage: 'I will use 'Hope & Change' to guide my 'Political Convictions' and know that I am right, even when things work out in ways that I don't expect.'

Indulgences = Ancient, the practice of paying money to the Roman Catholic Church to get time off in purgatory in the after-life. Current, purchasing carbon credits to reduce one's carbon footprint so that one feels better about all the pollution they do. Usage: 'Soon we will be purchasing 'indulgences' from the federal government due to 'regulations' on 'carbon dioxide' so that we may breathe without undue taxation involved.'

New, New Deal = Previously a social compact to drain money from the rich and industries to give to the poor while enriching 'Regulators' and those performing 'Oversight'. Currently, something twice the size of the old New Deal and that by a minimal factor of two if not larger. Usage: 'To avoid the next 'Great Depression' we need a 'New, New Deal' to prolong it!'

Oversight = Previously a term used to demand 'Accountability' by having 'Regulators' called before Congressional panels. Currently, a witch hunt to browbeat individuals to conform to political dictates of the members of Congress. Usage: 'Barney Frank performed an 'Oversight' function on federal regulators of the banking system in 2003-04 when they complained of the unsound fiscal policy embodied in 'Regulations'.'

Political Convictions = Previously a firm set of ideological work that was the underpinning of one's understanding of the role of government, the citizenry and the Republic. Currently it is The End Justifies The Means for those elected to high office. Usage: 'My 'political convictions' are firm and will always have the right process in mind to achieve them.'

Regulation = Previously the act of ensuring that certain criteria of financial standards, product safety and other items of interstate trade held to federally set norms. Currently, the utilization of corrupt politicians to create laws to place money into the hands of lobbyists to write bills that regulate their industry. Also, economically, the call for more of the previous so as to enact transfer payments to individuals with No Income No Job or Assets via the banking system via Congressionally passed law, so as to meet a political end. Usage: 'The financial system is corrupt and needs more 'Regulation'.'

Regulators = Previously those individuals who had oversight duties on federally mandated regulations and their enactment. Currently, corrupt political cronies put in charge of oversight so as to avoid 'Oversight' by conforming to political beliefs of the Congress or Administration or Both. Generally, those who utilize no sound standards of judgment and kowtow to political goals and aims while in a position of 'Oversight'. Usage: 'We will have the smartest 'Regulators' ever in the history of the United States.'

Social Activism = Previously and Current - Using thuggish means to extort money from politicians, banks, industries or any other viable institution in a poor region so as to 'help the poor' by making private institutions flee the area. Usage: 'That was not a riot with looters, but productive 'Social Activism'.

Socialism = Ancient, a system where everyone owns everything and all are beholden to a central government. Also an early form of Transnational Progressivism. Currently, the advocacy of National control over the banking sector and private industry. See: Fascism, ancient. Usage: 'The banks need to be Nationalized so that they don't fail so that we can have a more 'Socialist' economy.'

Sound fiscal practices = Ancient, to utilize means testing in the area of banking to ensure that borrowers are fiscally able to carry loans or are generally credit worthy. Previously handing out loans to NINJA borrowers due to 'Regulation' and 'Oversight' plus 'Social Activism' used against them. Currently this term has no meaning at all and is a null phrase that is chucked out at whimsy by those promoting schemes of any sort. Usage: 'It is 'sound fiscal practice' to hand out money to those who cannot pay it back and we must give them a 'bail out'.'

We need unity = Previously used as a political stump speech concept for 'Hope & Change'. Also a thing disdained by those who put dissent as the highest form of patriotism while the Nation was fighting a Congressionally sanctioned set of wars overseas. Currently, those who held dissent as the highest form of patriotism now wanting others to conform to their political beliefs. Usage: 'In this country 'we need unity' to confront the banking crisis so as to get 'deadbeats' to pay for those who took out larger loans than they could afford.'

Even though the lexicon is evolving very quickly, the general outlines can be seen with a number of phrases now taking on exactly opposite meanings than they have previously had. In no time at all you can just hear the phrase, substitute in its exact opposite meaning and be properly oriented for our modern times.

With the removal of some words and vowels, we will soon move to the very Progressive form of speech known as 'Duckspeak' and be done with meaning completely.

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