06 April 2009

Getting thrown under the bus, in reverse

Ok, this one is bugging me no end, but not for the reason it is bugging everyone else.

That happens pretty often for me, really.

A lot of people will try to cover this up, say its 'no big deal' or just like something some other President has done.

Nope, that doesn't wash.  NYT Castigated Clinton for the same thing, as pointed out by Mr. Morrissey at Hot Air, and rightly so.

So here is the clip of President Obama and how he treats the Queen of Great Britain and King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia:

My problem with it, beyond the Presidential part and tradition and so on?

Bowing down to royalty that heads a regime with the nastiest, extremist religious sect that ushers girls back into a burning building because they don't have their scarves on?  A nation that has many that are in virtual slavery brought in as 'domestic servants' and then having their passports confiscated.  And some number of those from Africa.  That is everyone else's heartburn but mine is worse than that.

The first Black President of the United States BOWING to ANYONE?

Beyond being President, where is his pride?

You know, the thing we get pounded on day and night in 'race relations' in the US?  Black Pride?


That sound you just heard was the beeps of the bus President Obama throws stuff under and what just went under the wheels was the Civil Rights movement.

No pride for himself.

No pride as a black man.

No pride as an American.


How many people have stood in the line of fire to win the right NOT to bow to ANYONE and stand straight, and tall as an American Citizen?

If so many on the Left want to make him some great 'healer' and 'light worker' then he can learn that there are some things you do not do as a President.


And if your cultural legacy is to have fought hard, had many beaten, imprisoned and killed to get equality recognized, then you had damn well make sure that you stand up for THEM when you are President.

I'm quite sure that some people won't like this and call me many things.

To Hell With Them.

If Black history in America is to be respected, then that is THAT.


Full stop.

No 'ifs'.

No 'ands'.

No 'buts'.

No excuses.


If I sorrow in the treatment of my fellow man in my Nation, I can see, with pride and joy, those who stood up to affirm and affix their rights as my fellow Citizens.

You stand taller because of that.

Especially as President.

That is winning through adversity for full liberty as a Citizen.

That is a reason to be Proud and to honor it in your actions.

Now that is under the bus, something I had never thought I would see in my life.

No good shall come of this.


Towering Barbarian said...

I'm evil enough to consider this no surprise. IMO, It's not offices and titles that confer honor upon men but rather the men who bring dignity, or the lack of it, to the offices and titles. A toady elevated to Presidency remains no more than a toady at base. >_<

A Jacksonian said...

To me this is horrifying - the man has no center to himself. None.

Any ends justify the means and anything he once supported is mere fodder for disposal at convenience. I saw how readily he did that during the election, and his continuation of it in office... but this is extreme.

It is a sad day to see this happen, and the willingly blind excuse it. In such a quest for power, all is possible, which means no morals, no ethics, no nothing to restrain him.

No good shall come of this.