11 July 2009

But only if you act in the next 15 minutes!

Yet another in the series of posts that were comments elsewhere, this time at Mr. Z's site where he had an MJ post but I couldn't help but think of someone else.

What follows is, as always, as I wrote it with spelling and syntax errors intact for the amusement of the audience:

Two men died very close to each other. Near the same age, both famous in their way. One spurred on an industry to a new venue, but that industry was already huge and would get much larger... the other would take an industry that was a laughing stock, that no one gave any credance to and build it to a powerful force to help Americans. Both would lift us up through words, one to song and the other plainly and with passion.

One was an idol and superstar.

The other adored by those who loved his straightforward way of life and his passion for what he did.

One didn't do much of anything for a decade.

The other worked his ass off right up to the day he died.

One was Michael Jackson.

The other was Billy Mays.

I enjoyed a few songs from the former.

I admired the deep passion and commitment of the other to create a good life and share his belief that we deserve better for less... two for the price of one! With an extra-special, limited time offer if you act now!

I find the concentration on Michael Jackson to be obscene.

I find us ignoring Billy Mays to be a tragedy as he helped so many and was always what he presented himself to be, and was loved by many because he did work hard for what he got and loved it. All of it.

One was a nova of pop culture.

The other an enduring star of how we should bring passion to what we do each and every day of our lives.

I will only miss one of them.

Time to order an Awesome Auger before the supplies run out...

I did, too!

The boxes smelled of mothballs, but I'm not complaining.

Nor am I complaining about the hard sell for 'extras': that is part and parcel of the pitchman shtick.

I sincerely will miss Billy Mays who probably showed up ten times as often on TV with more entertainment value than Michael Jackson did over that same time span.  And I don't watch much TV, which tells you how much Billy Mays was on.

More often, more entertaining, far more sincere and living life to the max.

My condolences go to his family and those who worked with him, and thank you for showing us the behind the scenes of just how much he really did put into his life to help others.

Nice and sincere.

Two for the price of one.

You can't go wrong!

Act today before time runs out on your life.

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