08 October 2009

Sights I wonder about

Just a quickie gripe...

Ruger has this fun idea that they won't actually screw their sight leaf screw down properly on the Mark III's.  Amazing, really, that you end up wondering about just why you have problems hitting what you aim at until you properly set the thing.  The rest of the gun is a precision mechanism.  The sight is left to wander around.  Strange, that.

Kahr/Auto-Ordnance needs to address this with the four screws they use on their leaf sights for the Thompson as mine worked loose damned near simultaneously, and two screws went flying off into the wild blue yonder due to that.  The other two came off with the sight.  I hope that other people don't have similar experiences as it is a bit disconcerting.  More than a bit, really.

Haven't these guys heard of Loctite?  You don't need the super-duper, needs heat treatment to loosen it sort... just the small screw sort.  I'm sure that extra tenth of a cent that it would cost to do that wouldn't break any company or raise the end cost all that much.  And as it is the lower strength stuff, so it would let mere mortals actually take the screws out if you wanted to actually swap sights.

I like everything else about the equipment, but for any new firearms I guess the very first thing to do is to see if the companies actually bothered to secure their sights.

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