25 July 2010

The Distractocrats

A Distractocrat is any individual involved in utilizing misdirection to distract as many people as possible from examining issues that demonstrate problems in their ideology.  The process can vary from 'throwing someone under the bus' to try and convince people that you now have nothing to do with a divisive figure or someone who has become politically inconvenient to the playing of one of the various cards (i.e. race, class, gender, money, etc.) in an attempt to make an individual pointing out a problem go into a defensive mode to answer spurious charges (ex. In one instance, Spencer Ackerman of the Washington Independent urged his colleagues to deflect attention from Obama’s relationship with Wright by changing the subject. Pick one of Obama’s conservative critics, Ackerman wrote, “Fred Barnes, Karl Rove, who cares — and call them racists.” . . . ).  Distractocrats try to be the masters of distractions and ace character assassins, and they enjoy demeaning, belittling, castigating, and falsely accusing anyone who points out the vacuity, corruptness, or lack of ethics that Distractocrats support.

Distractocrats come in two versions:

1) Leftists - Those who attack the Right, conservatives, Tea Partiers and, basically, anyone who objects to Big Government, high taxes, rampant regulations that can't be figured out, and huge schemes to redistribute wealth from the wealthy to the Distractocrats card carriers.  Often while taking the middle-man's cut in doing so.

2) Rightists - These are actually those who castigate anyone on the Right for protesting against the Leftist Distractocrats, thus enabling the corrosive influence of those Distractocrats and adding their own venom to the mix while purportedly being on the Right.  In actuality they are Leftists claiming to be on the Right for political convenience of a platform to attack the Right.

Thus there are only Leftists Distractocrats.  They support Democrats.  Not all Democrats are Distractocrats, but all Distractocrats support Democrats... save for the few Loony Tunes of the Conspiracy Theorists who enjoy playing their own Alternate Reality version of being a Distractocrat.

Scratch a Distractocrat and you find a Leftist or someone unmoored from reality.

But I repeat myself.

If one attempts to point out the insanity of policy decisions made by a member of the Obama Administration or the cost of Obamacare as drafted by Harry Reid and then burdened with extra-special pork with the House, you are labeled a 'racist'.  That is the current favorite card of the Distractocrats, because everyone has an obvious skin color, thus you don't need to think about who you can label with that term.  This is also played with 'Comprehensive Immigration Reform' save that when it comes to Hispanics one can't point to a 'race', so that card falls flat.  Even the organization of radical hispanics have this problem of not being able to recognize that their concept of race doesn't apply to hispanics who are of multi-ethnic backgrounds from Spain, Portugal, France, UK, Germany and Native Amerinds (North and South).  Thus they live in an Alternate Reality, already, and neither logic nor reason can point out the inanity of calling that general locale designator derived from the European settlers as a 'race'.

To a Distractocrat all racists are white.

Any black person who disagrees with them is an 'Uncle Tom'.

Any hispanic who disagrees with them is told to 'shut up'.

The simplicity is infallible.  The effect on public discourse utterly destructive as it is meant to be, so that it can enable authoritarian and tyrannical laws forced on the majority by the minority who will always tell you they are so much smarter than you and then can't tell you the 'race' of hispanic individuals with multi-ethnic backgrounds.  Mind you, the US is pretty multi-ethnic with inter-marriages between 'races' because we are all equal and love knows no bounds of race, color or creed.

Unless you are a Distractocrat, of course, who are the ones who make up disparaging remarks about those who marry across racial boundaries to upset their notion of what 'race' is.  Thus they are racial purists.  They see everything through a prism of race.

That is the definition of a 'racist': an individual who sees everything through the prism of race.

Distractocrats are racists.

Not all racists are Distractocrats as insanity on race knows no bounds within humanity.  But all Distractocrats are racist.  They love playing the 'race' card to divide people along racial lines so as to divide up culture and keep things simplistic for their limited outlook of their superior mentality.  They 'know better' about what to do and how to find 'code words' that are the new 'racial slurs'.

'Small government' is a racist statement.  'Fiscal responsibility' is a racist concept. 'Not spending the Nation into bankruptcy' is utter racism... to a Distractocrat.  The reverse of all of those will perfect man by enslaving him to government so the Distractocrats can rule them.  Save that some Distractocrats are more equal than others, and those who bring their friends to power usually find themselves at the short end of the stick, first.  Ask the SA about that.  Or the Red Guard.  Or the enemies of Josef Stalin who got to learn, first hand, what 'defenestration' was all about, even when they lust to do it to others (ex. SPENCER ACKERMAN: Let’s just throw Ledeen against a wall. Or, pace Dr. Alterman, throw him through a plate glass window. I’ll bet a little spot of violence would shut him right the fuck up, as with most bullies.)  It is easy to spot the first candidates for defenestration: they openly state they would love to do it to their political enemies, thus giving their political 'friends' the bright idea to try it on the one who proposed it, first.

Distractocrats have no decency, no shame, no morals, no ethics, and a great fear of guns.  Not all gun-grabbers are Distractocrats but all Distractocrats are gun-grabbers.  They can't understand differences between semi-automatic, fully automatic, burst fire, rapid fire, sustained fire, and being on fire... they just don't want to be fired upon.  And for all of the intelligence espoused by Distractocrats, getting armed people angry at you isn't so smart. One really shouldn't  insult the intelligence of individuals who do know the difference between a revolver and a revolving door.

They claim to be mortal harbingers of the ever present and beneficent god State, hate guns and want to grab the gold... inverted Imperialists who still want to achieve Empire, in other words, but don't have the honesty to say so.  They claim that 'experts' can solve all problems and wish to remove your 'amateur' choices for yourself you lead a life dictated by bureaucratic 'experts' which just happen to be the elite political class of Distractocrats.  They obviously see a problem in your life of too much choice and wish to narrow that to their own ends.  They also see that you aren't fit to figure out your inalienable rights and wish to alienate them from you by soothing words and high taxes, followed by the bureaucratic boot to your face.  Their utopia is where you are enslaved by the State, they are your bosses and your entire life is spent in service to them to the good ends they dictate to you.

Don't mind the oceans of blood spilled wherever such enlightened elites try this.

It always comes to blood.

Which is why they don't want you to think, for one moment, that you have the right to defend yourself against them.  They claim their opponents to be uncivilized barbarians who want to return us to the state of Nature, while, instead, that is their main goal and they wish to distract you from it by the use of 'code words', hype, belittling, denunciation of the innocent, and turning the other way when their thugs attack the common man.  That is all to the 'greater good' and the ends justify the means.  That is the Distractocrat credo: their 'good ends' justify any means to get them.

Remember that the next time you hear any accusation of 'racism' being thrown around.  It is the Distractocrats call to arms.  The 'race card' however, is losing its value and is coming apart and delaminating from such frequent playing in every hand in politics.  Don't you worry, they'll have a new card to play, epithets to hurl, people to attack unjustly, demeaning and belittling insults, and the ever present threat of the god State to push at you. 

Their aim is to enslave you to that State. 

To rule you by fear.

Because they are deathly afraid of the concept that all men are created equal and deserving of respect, kindness and that we must set aside some of our personal biases to help each other become a better people.  Distractocrats prefer the lash when lies do not serve.  Speak to them sweetly in reasonable tones and they will ignore you, despise you, hate you, belittle you and generally demonstrate how small they are on the inside because they cannot, for one instant, consider a society of equal citizens.

I do not fear them.

I pity them for their inhumanity towards their fellow man.

I will start no fight with them.

But given one I sure, as hell, will end it.

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