03 April 2011

The KTA Doctrine

On 31 MAR 2011 NATO announced that not only will NATO air forces fire on Libyan regime supporters attacking civilians, but 'rebel' forces attacking civilians.  And since most of the people fighting dress like civilians (Kadaffy's thugs-for-hire and mercenaries, the 'rebels' and, of course civilians), that led me to this bit of commentary at Hot Air:

It started as: ‘Huh? Another uprising….’

Then the rebels were winning.

Then it was: ‘Kadaffy must go!’

Then a vacation.

‘Days not weeks!’

Then coming home.

‘The French, UK and the Arabs want a NFZ, we will help.’


‘We will lead it.’


‘We will hand it over to the UN NATO Political Committee!’


‘It’s a humanitarian mission to save lives!’


‘Kill them all.’

Going from ‘Huh?’ to ‘Kill them all’ in a month.

Just loverly.

ajacksonian on March 31, 2011 at 7:44 PM

The KTA Doctrine is 'Kill Them All'.

By 02 APR 2011, again at Hot Air on a different post, we find that 'rebels' are now, indeed, being attacked from the air by NATO forces.  Of course they made the mistake of firing on the NATO sponsored air craft... but what were they doing?

Thus this comment taking a bit from the announced KTA doctrine on the previous thread and intertwining it with the recent attack:

“A NATO airstrike killed 13 rebel fighters in the battle outside the pivotal oil port of Brega, the rebels said Saturday…

“One rebel fighter who was wounded in the airstrike said a fellow rebel had fired into the air moments before the attack.

“‘I don’t know why,’ the rebel, Ali Abdullah Abubaker, said later from a hospital in Benghazi. ‘Maybe he was scared.’…

Well given this bit from earlier on

“We’ve been conveying a message to the rebels that we will be compelled to defend civilians, whether pro-Qaddafi or pro-opposition,” said a senior Obama administration official. “We are working very hard behind the scenes with the rebels so we don’t confront a situation where we face a decision to strike the rebels to defend civilians.”…

…if you were attacking ‘civilians’ then he might just be a bit afraid of retaliation, thus firing into the air, given…

“’NATO takes reports of civilian casualties very seriously,’ [a] spokesman said. ‘But for us, exact details are hard to verify because we do not have reliable sources on the ground.’

“The spokesman, who, according to NATO policy, asked not to be identified, added, ‘If someone fires at one of our aircraft, they have the right to defend themselves.’”

This is the ‘kill them all’ doctrine at work.

Kadaffy has hired a bunch of thugs and mercenaries to beat up, intimidate and kill parts of the civilian population so as to rule by fear. The thing is the mercenaries and thugs dress like civilians.

Then there are the ‘rebels’ who haven’t formed a government and don’t put on uniforms. When they attack supporters of the regime it looks like they are attacking civilians. Of course the reports were that the ‘rebels’ were also attacking civilians, too.

Then there are the poor civilians: they are getting attacked by both sides. I would think that some of them are arming themselves with whatever is around to protect themselves from other guys dressed as civilians out to kill them.

Which means you have people who look like civilians that:
- attack unarmed civilians
- attack armed civilians

Can you tell which ‘civilian’ dressed individual is:
A) A mercenary or thug of the regime?
B) A ‘rebel’?
C) An actual civilian?

If you can’t then you now know why there is a ‘kill them all’ doctrine.

Mind you we are there to ‘protect’ civilians!

And since you can’t tell regime supporters from ‘rebels’ to armed civilians protecting themselves to people who may be unarmed but its hard to tell with all the shooting going on, that means its open season on civilians. And all the people in uniform are Kadaffy supporters, thus they can be targeted freely, too!

Really, we are there to HELP!!

ajacksonian on April 3, 2011 at 9:58 AM

This is why I have been going with the simple concept for Libya that demonstrates how a 'rule of thumb' can be wrong.

The rule of thumb is: 'The enemy of my enemy is my friend.'

That is wrong, the actual rule is: 'The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's enemy.  They deserve each other. Let's you and him fight.'

This is why the Laws of War are so important.

Legitimate combatants must wear a uniform.  They must be accountable to a command structure.  That command structure must be known, public and hold itself accountable for what  happens to its government.  That government must have leaders, people they protect and a set of laws (no matter how ramshackle) that lets the world know what their objectives actually are.

We have ZERO of those going on with the 'rebels'.

Instead you have a 'good feeling' intervention because of some unquantifiable 'responsibility to protect' that applies in this case and, somehow, not in every other hellhole on the planet from NoKo to Burma to Somalia to Zimbabwe to Ivory Coast to Venezuela to China.  Each of these has repressive regimes that have unlimbered against its civilian populations forces that are of the State to suppress or kill rebels or those merely disagreeing with the system.

I have some bad news for the Globalists of this world: in the realm of Nation States I am NOT my brother's keeper.

If you want to interfere with an ongoing calamity that is internal to a Nation do it the right way and get some woebegone government to sanction YOU to go in and clean up the mess.  Or just arm up and do it on your lonesome as you, obviously, have the skill and ability to tell people dressed as civilians from simply civilians to people acting like civilians to actual civilians all of which can be armed and fighting each other.  If you can't figure out who the 'rebels' are, who the hired mercenaries and thugs are, and who are actual, real-life civilians, then what you see in Libya is what you get from the 'responsibility to protect' concept.  It comes down to the KTA Doctrine for such a situation.

So instead of volunteering other Nation's militaries, volunteer your own sorry life and hide, and leave the rest of the world to go on its way so that you, PERSONALLY, can right the world's wrongs and get the applause and credit.

I'll chip in $50 for the organization that will do that... get the Global Left and Bleeding Hearts Willing To Volunteer Others together to actually go out and put their bodies and lives behind their lovely words and ideals.  Maybe I'll put in a few copies of Homage to Catalonia in with the cash.  You'll need that book, that's for damn sure.

And I'm still waiting for our President to consult with Congress and , no, a 'Sense of the Senate' unanimous consent resolution doesn't count as consulting... you get those sorts of things for National Pie Day.  And I put warfare way higher than that sort of thing, because it tends to wind up with blood and bodies involved.

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