09 July 2011

Recent Arrivals

Oooooo!  Boxes!!

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 001 Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 002

There are two of them there.

Now what does this portend?

Hey, there's a drill press on a stand next to the workbench... that wasn't there before, was it?  Hmmmm....

Still there are boxes and it is time to see what sort of refugees have arrived here in those cardboard containers.

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 003

Uh-oh!  Cosmoline!  The dreaded nemesis returns to coat and adorn any hand, glove, or errant finger that gets close to it and then it will spread everywhere. 

And look!  There it is hiding just waiting to jump out at the unwary...

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 004

Most evil of materials that protects all and seeks to coat all.  Including you.

I speak from experience here, trust me.

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 008

It came with its pouches bearing gifts of cosmoline... no, that just isn't something you want to hear at Christmas.

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 010

There it glistens adorning metal and wood, putting a dull sheen on it all.

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 012

Refugees from a bygone era bearing gifts after they were last looked at and packed away for a war that never came... yet...

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 015

And yet, for all that, there is beauty under there, hidden and trying to show through.

Recent_Arrivals_08JUL2011_ 014

Then, of course I opened the second box....

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