04 May 2012

Jigsaw woman

I learned whilst reading at Hot Air of the Obama campaign pushing "Julia" as a great reason to re-elect the President.  "Julia" represents all that government does for women, from cradle to grave... save that liberalizing abortion, making abortions cheap, and not putting any stigma on them means that "Julia" probably wouldn't exist because her mother saw her as a 'burden'... but lets say you are unlucky enough to be born and you are female, you would take some part in "Julia".  But not all of "Julia" because she doesn't exist, like President Obama's jigsaw woman of a girlfriend in Dreams from my Father.  Still it is telling that the portrayal of "Julia" is that of being dependent upon government for every little thing... which did prompt me to write at the HA post above, the following:

You go girl!

Go to the government to get your check!

Go rush to get AFDC when you can’t just find someone decent to live with, but can’t stop having fun, because the government is always there to help!

Go rush to the abortion clinic if you really didn’t mean to let him go that far!

Go be a wilting hot house flower taken out into the real world that forever needs protection from tyrannical government!

Government is your friend!

Government will give you things!

Government will be your master because that is what you always wanted, never to be free and always dependent on others for your life!

You go girl!

Go away.

Find some nice Communist system that will tell you how many children to have and dictate the rest of your waking life to you.

That is what you are asking for.

So go get it someplace else.

You go girl!

Or grow up and become a woman and take responsibility for your life.

Go and become a woman who can stand on her own two feet and tell the government you don’t like the bling on its manacles, no matter how free they are they are chains.

That is when you stop going and start taking a stand for yourself.

Do that and I will stand beside you for freedom, for liberty.

ajacksonian on May 3, 2012 at 1:59 PM

Women will have to start making up their minds: are they independent, free women who do not rely on tyrannical government to provide 'safety' throughout life as, in that doing, they can no longer be independent in spirit or mind, or are they a burden to society, to government and government only protects them out of pity and sweet talks them into not reproducing any more.

It isn't about gender or sex, of which there are differences between those words, but about being free to stand for yourself and, if necessary, by yourself for your own life.  Government is not Prince Charming riding in to save you, but to make you a servile peon forever begging for handouts, gifts and protection... at the cost of your own moral spirit and soon, very soon, all other freedoms as well.  You can't say, both, 'hands off my body' about abortion and then give up your body entire to government sponsored health care for, the moment you do, your choices about your body are no longer your own and if government is doing the working for you it gets a say in the outcome.

You cannot support a 'You go girl!' attitude and then, at the same time, turn around and seek more government intervention in society to 'do good'.  That is the responsibility of the 'You go girl!' girl because, by being that sort of girl, she is willing to take up being a woman with the full rights, responsibilities and perils of being a free woman able to make her own way and live life on her own terms.  Put in the broker of government and you are no longer a 'You go girl!' girl seeking to be a woman, but a child seeking to never face life, never to take part in the hard decisions in life and to accept that government must rule your life because you are unable to live without it.

This is not about the poor, the 'disadvantaged' (whatever that means), the sick (who were already being taken care of long before any government 'help' arrived), or even the mentally ill as it was the Left who led the way to close down asylums and not reform them, instead.  If you are expecting government to pick up your part, then you must face the fact that someone ELSE is paying your way and that you are not free in that doing.  That someone else isn't just the government, but the taxpayers... of which these are heading towards a minority in this Nation.  The piper is being paid by someone else and your tune is called for you and you can forget this 'follow your muse' business as your muse has been kidnapped, bound, gagged and is now held for ransom by government which will communicate what your muse wants to you.

Isn't that nice of them?

You can be a 'You go girl!' woman and expect... no DEMAND... equal treatment under the law not just for yourself but for all citizens of these United States.  That means no shelter for you, no shelter for big business, no shelter for cronies, no shelter for politicians, no shelter from life and no shelter from failure.  When you do that you are no longer a hothouse flower that must be coddled and sheltered from minor changes in temperature or humidity, but a hardy flower able to take the elements, bask in the sunlight, persevere through storms, spread her seed and appreciate the free life of liberty and the seasons of one's life.

That takes courage.

"Julia" is a coward.

I have no pity for "Julia" as she is a slave to an ideology and too cowardly to say 'Screw this, keep your money and your forms, I would prefer to starve, alone, than be the slave of government'.

The pathway being offered is clear by President Obama, and he does believe that women are, at heart, cowards.

I know better.

Women are the fastest growing segment of gun owning America today.

These women are CITIZENS of a free country willing to take up arms in self-defense against a world turning against freedom and liberty.

I salute these women, my fellow free citizens who dare to exercise all their rights responsibly like good adults should.

Those women... well... I'll see you at the range!


Tom K said...

"Julia" needs to visit http://www.gunrecon.com

A Jacksonian said...

Unknown - "Julia" needs something... not being a model of a Soviet woman would be a good start...