01 October 2013

Sub-pack for field target pistol

Part of going through inventory and cleaning out old junk, mostly boxes that had a single small item in it or things that should be consolidated like my cord and nylon web pieces, was moving stuff for camping/emergency use to a more prominent place.  I mean after cleaning out shelf space something has to go there to keep more small boxes from migrating to it, right?  And when I found my sub-pack for field use of a target pistol, my lady suggested that others might like to see what I used and possibly get an idea from it.

I have no idea if anyone else uses this stuff in this way, and didn't look, either.  This just seemed blindingly obvious to me when I was getting equipment that I never much fastened onto it as a topic.  Yet having the ability to do a basic bit of field cleaning to a pistol is something that I've seen incorporated into a number of older holsters, stuff like some Lugers, Browning 1910/22 police rigs, and similar.  There isn't much room devoted to that sort of thing and, after the pistol and a couple of magazines, you quickly run out of space in the holster and you really don't want a small bag of cleaning swabs or bottle of oil to go flying out when you take your pistol from the holster.  But the cleaning rod can be incorporated into them, so that is always with the firearm so you can always do some expedient cleaning with whatever is at hand.  Most of the other stuff can migrate to a small pouch.

That was what I had in mind, just something that would allow for a bit more kit with the kit, so to speak.  No one makes that sort of thing, at least at first glance... second and third glance as well... and that means adapting something else to fit the need.  There are tons of pouches out there, but you usually end up with something thin and rectangular and your grip riding out of it, or larger and square that requires modification to keep the pistol secure.  Neither is optimal, really, and only when going through a milsurp site did I actually see something that would work.


As the tag shows:


23386 ASSY 1600495-1


Basically comms equipment carrying case.  Nicely made, too!  Belt/ALICE type, but you can change it over to MOLLE with adapters.

Now how does it get used when you don't have the comms equipment?


Pop the top and you get to see a lot of stuff it can hold.  That top is secured via four slide buckles, all nice and snug, as well as adjustable.


In the front compartment goes a cased pull through, 4 magazines (you could probably get six in there), and a short 50 box and longer 100 box of ammo.


That is a decent amount of storage when you come right down to it.  What did have to be done is an internal divider had its stitching undone and removed so that grip could slide into the case.


Like that.  Spare manual slid into the now open area at the top of the case.  There is also a place where you can store small 2oz. or squat 4oz. bottles.  Mine had walked over to my cleaning equipment area and need to walk back to the case.


Also a great place to store patches, swabs, brush heads... any of those nice things from home that you just never know if you are going to need in the field that is compact is perfect for that.


And that is your sizing reference, if the magazines didn't do it for you.  A 6 7/8" Bull Barrel Ruger Mk III.  And as you saw in prior pics, the gun sock fits well in there and keeps things from rattling around.  It can be improved upon, yes, but for... I think that was a $25 carrying case... its been a few years... you can't go too far wrong.

A perfect piece to go on a 2" belt with a MOLLE thigh platform previously pictured.  Not an EDC pack, to be sure, but something that has everything you need for a short excursion that might run into a couple of days. With zip lock bags you could easily waterproof this stuff and yet still have it readily available in the field.

Like I said this seemed blindingly obvious to me at the time.

Now back to getting the router table finished.  Losing a month in the summer due to upper respiratory tract infection and stomach flu have made catching up a top priority so I can get the finish on before the cold weather arrives.

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