30 May 2006

At 783 days, Casey Sheehan gets headstone

My thanks to Gateway Pundit for keeping track of this! Via Cindy Sheehan Watch.

Note that Ms. Sheehan is willing to attend to a number of symbolic graves of her son, but somehow has been lacking when it came to the real grave.

Such honor for one's son!

Thank you for showing us your true colors, Ms. Sheehan, and how much you dearly respected your son and mourn his loss.

In public.

Anywhere there is a rally.

And a photographer.

But strangely, not at the real gravesite where your son reposes for eternity, when there is no one present to glorify you. And you then must come to terms with eternity and the meaning of your son's life and not your own.


Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight! So, you're saying it's not about her?

A Jacksonian said...


Now would I ever even *hint* at such a thing?