25 May 2006

To those wishing to inform the Royalty of the House about things

I thank J over at Rusted Sky for posting a wonderful letter to send to Your Representative... I enjoin you to go there and look at it as an excellent response in a reasoned and measured way to those that believe that Congress should be above all laws. The post is Sent Out Today...

I do not have reasoned words for the Royalty of the House.

The entire Congress has not used its Powers given to it by We the People. And I spent time writing them on same... of which some few feel they are responsible only to their Districts or States and not to the Union as a whole when they assume a National position.

This latest is just a cementing of what they believe themselves to be.

And so reason words to address such members are not in my arsenal at this time.

No sitting member in Congress in either House or Senate will get my vote for *anything* ever again. They feel themselves to be the Privileged Elite who may serve themselves first, their district or State second and the Nation third.

If ever.

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