12 June 2006

An Army of Translaters: The Saddam Dossier

A major Hat Tip to Hugh Hewitt on this item!

Intelligence analyst Roy Robison will be getting his own space on Fox News to look at The Saddam Dossier of files and all of the files captured during the fighting over the last few years. And while I have been sick and unable to properly follow things the last couple of months, advances have been going on in many, many areas with more translators showing up for the job. My hat is off to all of them "to do the work Our Government will NOT do". Now if only they will make a weekly PROGRAM about it!

Some quickies:

1) Ray Robison looks at the veracity of the documents given that a critic denies that they hold up. Mr. Robison points out that there is verifiable evidence of things that went on in these documents actually happening.

2) An Iraqi memo from the Vice President of Iraq to an islamic leader in Pakistan and attachments on how to go about enacting security for their organization. It reads directly like a counter-intelligence manual of operations to secure people, places and movement so as to be difficult to follow. Strange that an islamic leader would need this sort of thing...

3) And more on that VP and Talibani meeting. Not that, you know, Iraq under Saddam actually had any contacts with the Taliban. Or al Qaeda... *heh*

4) Iraqi Intelligence Service and Hamas to join up "in a war against the US".

5) A memo on Saddam's plans for US KIA and POWs. And I will tell you that Guantanamo is heaven compared to Saddam's plans.

6) Excerpts from an Iraqi Intelligence Officer's diary. And no little black book was found, unfortunately.

7) Saddam's nuclear programs and how he was going to deal with the IAEA. And compliance seems to be missing from the conception.

8) How the Iraqi Security Directorate planned to deal with the Kurds and undermine them. By-the-by they were using the Iraqi Communist Party as a front operation for this. Also note that chemical weapons and al Qaeda are *not* scratched out in the original document.

9) Top Secret plan to recruit suicide bombers to go after US targets of interest. And verification of the document.

10) Plans on how the Iraqis intend to mislead UN inspectors about chemical weapons. Really they are quite inventive!

11) Document from 1998 on secret plans for working on WMDs.

12) Anonymous Iraqi comes forward with documents on Syrian and Russian help to Saddam. But those Russians are *so* trustworthy!!

13) Another interviewer with Gen. Sada.

14) A 23 NOV 2002 document on Russian military aid to Iraq.

15) Iraqi Intelligence Service on how to recruit people in the West as spies and use them.

16) 'Hydrogen' trailer labs were not well outfitted for this purpose. Well, I have always had a problem with this... with a petroleum industry you do not NEED traveling hydrogen production. Hydrogen is a byproduct of petroleum cracking and is usually gathered by the ton and liquified at the plant. And just where were all the telemtry and tracking equipment for these supposed 'weather ballon' trailers?

17) More information on the IIS using foreign influence on a global basis.

18) Transfer of 'Special Weapons' document. Now what sort of things would *these* be?

19) A document from a Senior Chemist on how to train the Fedayeen. Make sure to take your vitamins and ammonium nitrate daily!

20) How Saddam was looking to hide mass graves in 2001... that were really related to something much, much fresher and not 1991. Lets just say that a geiger counter may serve as a good way to find the grave.

21) More support for Saddam having nuclear testing conducted.

22) Hiding a chemical weapon's cache by burying it in concrete. This is a big one and should be thoroughly ground-truthed. From the locals reporting noxious odors coming from the area, they should be happy to help!

23) IIS actively hiding prohibited items from inspectors. Not that this is about the sixth separate document to detail different places, times, and means to do so! But it is at least sixth and probably in the 10th or 12th range....

24) Saddam and the payments of cash to suicide bomber families amongst other things he was doing.

25) Some of the basic plans on how to run an insurgency. Put this in the 'contingency planning' folder by Saddam.

That gets me up to May from Mr. Robison... there are links aplenty to other bloggers in the articles and those doing the actual translations.

More to come.... lots more...

The Republic owes a debt of gratitude to Mr. Robison for his fine analysis skills!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

It was a complete body of lies.

What others have refused to see and acknowledge -- is what some can reveal in the clear.

We are doomed without God. We can see what post-Europe has produced. Secular Europe today has lost the will to live. They do not even reproduce themselves. A civilisation that does not reproduce -- something has gone awry.

It isn't economics. The poor and the rich DO reproduce. Europe is simply not working. But what will succeed Europe is NOT a pretty picture.

We are doomed because without a God there is no ultimate purpose to life. So people make up meanings. But they are made up. In the final analysis nothing means anything if there is not God. One man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter. If there is no God behind Thou Shalt Not Murder then there is no emphasis behind this phrase.

And murder becomes nothing.


Cary said...

Obviously, these documents were "Created" by the "vast right wing conspiracy" in order to "discredit" hussein & co. Obviously, the "Democrats" "know" they are "fabrications" and will tell the American public what the "truth" is. No, really - just wait, and watch.

It'll happen.

Annnny second now...

A Jacksonian said...

I'm sure they will... although, like the Wehrmacht archives the true horror isn't in the individual things proven or disproven... its the mundane things that are just the normal goings on of the Ministries involved... the most chilling part of the German archives are *not* the signed orders, but the train schedules with numbers included... little things...

But I'm sure the VRWC has had oodles of time to train people in the appropriate languages, bureaucratese of tens if not hundreds of individuals, find the nice style sheets for inter-office memos... all those lovely little touches....

My thanks for your visit, cary!