26 February 2010

Culture of ineptitude

Watching a couple hours of the 'Health Care Summit' yesterday was extremely instructive! Indeed it was difficult to not see that President Obama as 'moderator' had a cat in the fight and was a vocal supporter and partisan of it... which meant that he talked more than the House and Senate members from both parties.


Ok, that may be an exaggeration it was only 1/3 of the time, but when anything over 10% of any meeting is taken up by the 'moderator' then you are not having a 'Summit' but an attempted partisan ambush with a fervent supporter of one set of ideas unwilling to let half the meeting actually finish up their points... points that the 'moderator' had ASKED FOR. And when Rep. Cantor, I believe it was, actually had the bill in question on his table for demonstration and reference, the 'moderator' chastised that as a 'prop' and then took up the man's time in talking.

Remember, bringing a copy of the bill in question is a 'prop'.

But even with the non-moderation a number of the Republican points were clear, succinct and easy to present. I heard one, in particular, from Rep. Ryan that left me utterly floored. I could not believe it was the case until I checked up on it. It is a damned simple point, and being unable to get it into a one-page bill for quick passage to get the potential for millions of individuals health care coverage from small businesses points the arthritic and arteriosclerotic nature of our elected representatives in both Houses of being unable to leave the support for Big Business and actually help those businesses that employ the overwhelming majority of Americans, which is small businesses. A deal passed decades ago put forward a federal MANDATE that a company had to be in all 50 States to get waivers for a Nation-wide health care plan. Which means that Big Businesses can get it and small businesses can't.

Now here is the deal: if you were a small business with a professional association, and the American Restaurant Association was used as an example, and IT has members in all 50 States and IT would be willing to work a deal for its members, then why are we PREVENTING that via a MANDATE?

I hear great and lovely pontificating from Republicans on a 'National Market' but here is a clear and direct instance where a 'National Market' is being PREVENTED by government MANDATE.

Here is the Dogbert clue for the clueless: if you want small businesses to be able to get affordable insurance through self-organizing of professional organizations, then GET RID OF THE DAMNED MANDATE that stops that, and you will GET results from a self-made 'National Market' requiring no federal MANDATES.

Get out of the freaking way you numb-nuts!

And the Left should adore this: millions of individuals and families picked up under health care insurance thus reducing the pool of the uninsured, offering coverage for pre-existing conditions through Nation-wide plans and not costing one single red cent of the taxpayer's money or adding one single federal bureaucrat to the payroll.

What? Did I say something bad?

If you really mean what you say about wanting the uninsured covered at the lowest possible cost then support the ending of MANDATES that are corporate charity from government to Big Businesses. I hear pontificating against Big Businesses so why not let the small businesses figure out how to compete in this and get some competition to the Big Businesses? Competition will lower cost, improve service and rejuvenate the field, plus flatten the damned 'cost curve'.

On the Right: what the hell is up with you folks? I hear great pontificating and gesticulating and adoration for Ronald Reagan that verges on necrophilia. But actually carrying through with his view of REMOVING government from problems it is CAUSING? Well, damn, you can't do that, now, can you? Instead we hear about a 'National Market' via government fiat so that it can get 'federal oversight' which means an expanded federal presence, more bureaucrats and the wedge necessary to drive any damn thing into the system if such legislation gets put in place. So instead of compounding the PROBLEM why not simplify it, follow what Ronald Reagan prescribed, and let the People and their small businesses figure out how to cover more people at NO COST to the federal government?

Be nice. Spare us the bureaucrats so we can figure out how to live a good life outside the Beltway and not get it dictated to us by our elected numb-nuts Upon the Hill who are gelatinous, wool covered, bleating masses that look more like amoeba and have the appetites of same in the way of taxes.

Stop trying to run our lives so you can protect the damned Nation as a whole.

We the People can figure out how to live a good life if you just stopped 'helping' us.

And give us our money back for, with only a few exceptions, they all want bigger government at higher cost, endlessly. Yet it is out here where the skills, ability and knowledge of how to lead good lives resides, not in elitist, Ivy League fools elected to High Office. That is a D and R criticism across the board, with very, very few exceptions and none in the leadership roles. When you can help most at the lowest cost by getting out of the way, then get out of the damned way.

Otherwise you are just power-hungry, seeking ever more power concentrated into the least able, least flexible and least capable area of government: National Government. And looking at the millions dead due to that dream, I can say that no good ever, not once, comes of that end no matter how 'nice' you intend it to be.

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