10 January 2012

Dissatisfied Republicans

Yup, yet another in the series of comments turned quickie blog posts.  And, yet again, from Hot Air on the 58% of Republicans dissatisfied with the current field of candidates.

I've been pointing out the mess the 2 party system has been since my first year of blogging.  It has only gotten worse.  Now I will drop a suggestion and rationale for it... and if you are a Republican and want to change things, I suggest that the top of the ticket or any running for federal office close to you are NOT the answer to the problem.  This is a symptom.

Now, on to my commentary, left intact with spelling and syntax errors for the amusement of the population.

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What was that break-out I saw last night on BOR for political affiliation? D – 32, R – 27, I – 40.

Yes, Independents 40%.

Rewind to 2008 and it was something like 36/33/30, very close to being 1/3 each.

Today Independents have pulled 5% out of each of the 2 parties, pretty much equally.

What is fascinating about the trainwreck going on this year is that in four more years there will be problems having 2 parties as their affiliations in a few States where they have rigged very high registration numbers to BE on the ballot as a party will be threatened. Wherever you see I start to cross that 50% threshold and there is unequal party distribution, you will start to see 1 party States.

It isn’t surprising that 58% of R’s want more choices.

It is surprising that 42% are taking whatever is spoon-fed them by this horrific, archaic and biased towards the elite system.

This field was essentially set in NOV 2011 and there were very high levels of dissatisfaction then… not the majority, but that has GROWN since NOV 2011 – JAN 2012, where satisfaction was hovering much closer to the 50% mark. Another 2 months like that and the party may start to hollow-out, and while people will still want to vote Obama out, getting in will not be a mandate for anything WITHIN the party that nominated you. Thus the ‘winner’ will have a very first task of starting to address the major problems not just of the Nation (and they are massive) but of the actual party, itself. That means, yeah, those Tea Party people are still around and still dissatisfied with the R’s and if the elite don’t start to get out of the way or realize that they are on the line to extinction, one of the tottering parties will be the R party. The other will be the D party as those disgusted with Leftist/Liberal/Progressive ideas will walk from the party that only knows that and refuses to change when that ideology doesn’t work.

There is no satisfactory candidate in the wings, and a brokered convention will get you someone the SuperDelegates will be comfortable with (one of their own). So you don’t want a brokered convention because the system is catering to the elites who hold a swing block of votes if everything gets tied up… just like with the D’s last time around.

A movement by Republicans in the party at the lowest level to start petitioning their precincts and State machines to FIX THIS MESS OF A SYSTEM and neuter the RNC and other National organs will begin to address these problems and remove power from the top and start moving it down to the State bodies, thus making them important again. Do THAT and there is a REASON to start joining the party as you can make a difference once the elites can’t dictate from the top-down.

That is your choice as a Republican: keep taking the spoonfed elitist junk, or start the movement to reshape the party at the convention to something that must actually listen TO members and RESPOND TO THEM.

Stop bitching about what the process yields up.

Change the process.

ajacksonian on January 10, 2012 at 10:19 AM

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I suggest you find your local Tea Party that is involved with trying to get into the State level apparatus through local precincts.

You want a better system?

Join with your fellow disaffected friends and make a better one.

That power is in your hands.

If you dare to use it.

And for those local precinct and ward leaders who can't figure this out, I suggest that you, as local members, apply the dictum: Fire Until Competence is Found.

It works, too.

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