02 July 2014

State of events

I've been pretty swamped getting a miter saw stand/cart designed and putting it together, plus a large number of items are happening otherwise.  This is the year the deck has to be replaced, along with getting the yard put into shape, and getting all of that figured out, planned out and looking to put a shed in for doing my woodworking finishing.

If I'm not working myself to exhaustion in the shop, then I'm recovering from doing that the prior day.

Basically while the world appears Stuck On Stupid, I'm just doing the basics of learning skills and applying them as I go, with all the fun that entails. 

With that said I do have a couple of new firearms that will be heading in for a check-out, and I will hope to post on those later this summer.  With ammo a bit less scarce I will try to get to the range a few times, and work out some things with my existing equipment. 

As I have warned over the years when my health gets incrementally better my posting rate will plummet and that is the case as of now.  And that is not just here but everywhere.  Such is life.

A bit more fiction to put up this month, completing one story that I left partially up and putting another finished one up, plus one that is in work. 

Research for any other work falls by the wayside, but my past work serves as the basis for what I see currently.  Systemic overload is not an unusual venue for an elite class to take via politics, and that is where we are at now.  No good will come of it unless we, as individuals, improve ourselves.  Prepare for the worst, hope for the best, and make sure that you are prepared.  That is what I am doing now.