31 March 2006

Summarizing my intemperance on the illegals issue at Just One Minute

I know, I promised... *sigh* more verbiage and lunch upon me.. Just One Minute had a post and I replied there... so here it is: [all standard provisos in-place... starved and time for lunch]

What to do, what to do... I could just copy and past a bunch of my material here, but that would just eat up space. So I will give links and meta-analysis! Yes!! That always snoozes people as they don't want to follow the links, do lots of supposition on what I use as the basis for my reasoning, rant and rave at my conceptions, and then squeal when I point out they are going from false premises and haven't actually *read* the basis for the meta analysis.

Or it will be ignored.

Either way, its faster, so let me begin:

The electorate today and how it could easily change with a few choice words inserted into the vituperation located here

The need to change the nature of the debate from immigration to Secessionist slavery cities here.

My first views on Transnationalism and Jacksonianism here. Foundation of the Republic on individualism and not Groups is here.

My first bit of intemperance to get past those trying to slap on Group labels and denigrate based on that and instead look at actions and their outcomes here. And then more just today here. Which has left me tired...

All of this looks at the Transnational Progressivist agenda for destruction of the Nation State based upon individuals and its working to give Groups more rights than individuals and replace rule by individuals with a form of social collectivism group rule with an elite group, the Progressives, over the other Groups. I relate this to Transnational Terrorism which is attempting to do the same thing via actively attacking States via non-State methods and asymmetrical warfare. This explains the Moderat Muslim silence phenomena which I do here.

So you have now eaten up your previously useful time and read a whole lot, or have decided to skip the intro and get to the meta-analysis.


Simply put: the social fabric of our society is being torn at by individuals that are condoning illegal activity, by those conducting illegal activity and by those not willing to stand up for National Sovereignty. The outcome of this are cities and municipalities breaking with 6 Articles of the Constitution and quite some number of Amendments and forming their own City-State enclaves for the exploitation of human labor, which we call coerced servitude or slavery. These areas have effectively declared secession from the Union by such activities.

Mexico has given considerable number of instances on a frequent basis for the US to respond via showing Casus Belli and us Jus ad bellum to require the stoppage of such or to use any action necessary to save the Sovereign territory of the United States from incursion. Note to all of those worried about your rights: a foreign country crossing legal boundaries of Nation States at will endangers your rights by reducing the effective territory where your rights can be enforced.

Also, low skill jobs today will not necessarily be here tomorrow. A permanent illegal underclass without work will turn into a nasty situation very quickly if not addressed now.

If you enjoy your freedoms within the Territory that is called the United States, then you should be properly appalled that sections of the citizenry have effectively declared non-enforcement of Federal law and have decided to take control of: foreign policy, immigration and naturalization, ruling upon treaties between Foreign Nations, treating with Foreign Agents and trafficking in illegal human labor and using either direct or indirect coercion to do so. Frankly I do not want to have to fight a Second Civil War over Slavery. I should think *once* was enough for the Union to wise up. And as this would of necessity embroil Mexico, this would turn into a very nasty war in which the United States may not see a need for a land or people of Mexico. This would cause a drastic increase in military spending above the peacetime level it is now at with about 5% of GDP directed into that area. A doubling of that percentage would give the world the idea that the US sees itself in a Global World War against enemies foreign and domestic and it would be quite correct in that assumption.

Again, please do note that I am speaking here about actions taken and their consequences and I, quite truthfully, do not give a damn about intent. *Compassion* to Groups and seeing Group struggle for rights above those of the individual will tear the Constitution into shreds as it is *not* a Group rights document or plan for governance.

By properly addressing issues, being unafraid to call those that perform actions names based on those actions and not upon ideas or race or economic status or any such thing, this makes those individuals supporting such actions *accountable* for those actions. Individuals *are* accountable for actions in this Republic, no matter how sweet their intent may be. And it is disgusting when I see people wanting to tear the social fabric to shreds being aided and abetted by those saying the intentions are benign. Those saying such are giving aid to those performing the actions.

In each of my posting I deal with further economic realities, but note that these things are in flux and that We The People by supporting non-viable agriculture are exacerbating the problem at PUBLIC EXPENENSE.

Once the action and accountability names stick because the names go with the actions, the attitudes towards those performing those actions will change drastically. Once Sanctuary Citie are addressed as Secessionist Slavery City States, where will the American public go? Enforced service and sub-minimal wage with the ability to threaten down to ZERO wage will not enthrall the Black Community in this nation, nor many other legal immigrants who spent time and money to get through the system legally.

Calling Acts of War by their proper name and demanding that they be stopped by another Sovereign State that has oversight of those performing the actions is a first step. Border defenses and militarization of same becomes a necessity. That is how you defend a Sovereign Nation: you enforce the rules between Nations. And as the military is not being asked to make decisions in this, their job would be to close the border with force while regular and more passive defenses are established.

All illegals of all colors and all nationalities and all races need to be put to work on building those defenses, turninging boulders into finely graded gravel or sand and then deported. They are here illegally no matter what their intention. They have broken the law as individuals for their own reasons. They are *not* Citizens. And if a country has given us Cause for War they can be considered as civilians caught up in combat if they actually try to cross a militarized border.

This is what Nation States *do* to remain Nation States. Any other answer is seeking to change the basics of our civil order, give groups precedence over individuals and undermine the Republic of Free Persons. If they want a Group rule state they may very well go somewhere else and form one up. That is not the foundation of this Nation and the Constitution does not allow for such. It speaks greatly on *persons* and *Citizens*, not on this Group or that Group.

And do not even *think* of trying to label my thoughts and then tar and demean me with your damn label. Doing so gets you the label of someone trying to perform thought control upon me and I reject that. Address the problems, look for solutions within the frameworks that have developed within this Nation and amongst Nations and then put those solutions to work. Labels on thought is Authoritarianism at work, and I reject that. Labels on actions are attributes to that action and its consequences and are fully and completely legitimate especially when upheld by a court of law.

The first is the Law of Rules, and allows for denigration based on labels applied by those that wish to stifle dissent.

The second is Rule of Law in which a perpetrator of actions is held accountable for them and if a label be denigrating it has been justly applied.

Call things for what they are by their actions and then be properly aghast by what that label means in a larger context.

My synopsis view of military transformation

Well, a bit of a pointed set of facts, but I am a results oriented individual. The US Armed Forces are changing into the most powerful fighting force per man that has ever been seen on this planet. This is measured in full-spectrum effectiveness from civilian interface and intelligence gathering all the way to how much firepower can get directed at a single point. Some people would prefer the old architecture of the military, but I prefer a flexible and adaptive force structure that makes conflict a 'suit to fit' scenario rather than 'One size fits all' but fits none well. And so it went at Texas Fred's Ace in the Hole site in this area:

The Army and, in fact, the entire military structure is changing drastically... and boots on the ground is something that will always be necessary, but do consider some of the following:

1) We no longer use traditional logistics and supply methods. Of the one thing that this transformation has done is actually get needed goods out of stores to the field in record time. Having items IN THE STOREHOUSES is another matter, but once delivered their time to theater is mindbogglingly short compared to any other conflict we have ever waged. The Defense Logistics Agency learned this from... FedEx and UPS.

2) By changing the lower level structure to few units and combining them directly with Air Force ground support units we now have a fully 4-D combat capability with flexible response that has never been seen before. The first glimmerings of this was in Afghanistan where light infantry overcame the poorly equipped but still more massive state based military with the expediency of Special Forces serving as Air Force ground control fire support units. This was further done in Iraq when brandy-new weapons like JDAM pieces of concrete were guided *under* bridges to take out tanks. We are looking for *smaller* bombs so that we can better take out units without needing the messy collateral damage needed for less precise ordinance. *THAT* requires managerial overhead to smoothly operate behind the scenes.

3) Does anyone remember hearing that Baghdad would be another Stalingrad? The implication was that armored units would be ground up in MOUT environments (not that we had been training for such for over a decade). My reply was: yes, just like Stalingrad it will be a sniper's HEAVEN. And we have the best snipers on the planet for 24 hour targeting. Once local ground control by sniper was established, light infantry backed by armor moved with impugnity in Baghdad. Heavy Armor units now have the love of the Infantry as a one-stop shop for medical supplies, command and control and hard-point removal. Plus they keep side and rear attacks off by their presence.

The old hierarchical structure of combat is changing radically as we give individuals at lower and lower levels more and more authority to wisely use a whole array of combat capability. To do that requires new training with a feedback loop in-field. That has been accomplished and daily data gets sent back to training centers for digestion, analysis and then spinning up new scenarios. That insight then feeds directly back into the field for operational eval and testing.

No one else on the planet does *that* nor can do that.

All Army soldiers have now followed the Marine credo: Every trooper a Rifleman. From lowly logistics all the way up the chain, *everyone* is now a Rifleman first and their other job second. Everyone fights. Pure logistics and safe area work are turned over to contractors and even some in-field work is done by them. So that actual soldiers can get into the field and *fight*.

There is a high re-enlistment rate, the highest it has ever been. Skills are being retained and promulgated via this. Training before even entering the field now includes: local language instruction, cultural instruction, local traditions on inter-personal gifts, how not to piss of citizens that can give you information. There is a *heavy* book learning going on before a unit ships out and they do this and change it to meet the needs of the units they are replacing.

I call this NetWar. Flexible response and fully adaptable warfare that sees everything from helping farmers get crops in to dropping bunker buster JDAMs as part of a continuous spectrum. We are *not* occupiers... in fact if the local forces aren't trusted, people come to US forces because we are fair and just in how we do things and think things over before we bomb the hell out it. And it it needs destruction, it is GONE.

Do you really want to keep a military structure suited to fighting the Soviet Union around? NetWar is proving itself and having astounding results. It *works*. Each individual soldier in the field is now one of the mightiest soldiers in history. No other country trusts so much to mere enlisted men and women.

If you snipe at what is being done, then please offer something better and more effective. Look at results, don't complain about REMFs, as those REMFs are also Riflemen.
Yup, that about says it all.

More intemperance on illegal aliens at Asymmetrical Information

Yes, further intemperance on my part! Giving vent via a steaming keyboard is good for the soul, I have found. And if I get a cataleptic attack I am safely seated!! Its a two-fer!!

So at Asymmetrical Information on the unwanted immigrant issue I spent a fine time making the keyboard softly... well... it doesn't click and the free play of the keys only gives a light clatter... but I had a lot of it! And as the keyboard has a wonderful underlit feature I get a nice comfy glow from it and can clearly see that I have worn the keys C, V, M, N completely away and the letter D is suffering badly. K is hurting a bit, also... A has been injured, but is recognizeable. I apparently have an asymmetrical letter revolt on my keyboard!

So as the Claritin-D jitters hit, I expounded forth, yet again! All spelling errors and such are whole and fully mine, and the negligent keys are not to blame but the typist is! So here it is:

Ok, first off I don't really care the color, origin, or societal problems where illegals come from. Addressing someone else's 'root problems' when they haven't asked us to is nonsense.

Second, do not attempt to tar me with a group label for how I think. That is abhorrent to a Republic of free individuals. I will speak to actions and outcomes, not intent.

Third, to remain a viable Nation State the individuals in this society must comply by that lean and spare compact we know as the Constitution. I am quite a bit irate at those working to undermine the viability of the Nation State be they at home or overseas. If you believe in the ability of a Sovereign People to set their own destiny, then the Nation State is the only framework in which this can be achieved with the minimum necessary order to allow freedom to prosper.

To me the illegal alien situation is a National Sovereignty issue. By casting it as a 'cheap labor' or 'racial' issue, the entire topic is then changed to that of Groups not individuals. By asserting Groups have more rights and freedoms than individuals, one is asserting that the viability of the Republic of free individuals is over. The Constitution says much about persons and Citizens, and damn little about Groups.

We now have cities and municipalities that claim to be Sanctuary Cities. They are rejecting the 6 Articles of the Constitution and some number of amendments when they forbid enforcement of those powers set to the Federal Government: immigration, naturalization, enforcement and adjudication of Treaties with Foreign Nations, and enforcement of Federal Law that applies equally to all Citizens and to anyone else who makes their way into the Nation. Further, by setting up areas of non-enforcement, these areas are now trafficking in human labor to their own benefit. Even if they are paying a sub-minimal wage, the actual action being taken is that of allowing unfettered exploitation of human labor against all the Federal laws which are the Laws of the Land. These actions, taken as a whole have certain words attached to them which are inflammatory, but they are the ONLY words which describe the actions and not the intent.

One of them is Secessionist, as in Seceding from the Union by declaring that local laws are above those set by the distribution of powers given in the Constitution. I truly do not care *why* these places have seen fit to do so, they are declaring that the Union will not have power over them and that they shall treat as they will with foreign nationals, agents of foreign nations, set their own immigration policy and allow full and unfettered exploitation of labor with the threat to such labor of turning them in for Federal enforcement and deportation if they leave the area of their so-called 'Sanctuary'.

That last part has much nastier term. Coercion of forced labor without legal recompense and without going through due process of a legal proceeding also has a name. It is called slavery and trafficking in humans.

Each and every municipality that does not see fit to follow the laws made by Congress, enforced by the Executive and seeking just adjudication via the Supreme Court has, effectively, set themselves up as the Supreme Power for their area above that of We The People of the nation. They are Secessionist slavery cities. They gain these labels due to their *actions* not their intent.

A further problem is the violation of National Sovereignty by Mexican Federal Military and Police units that have crossed the border without invitation and not in pursuit of criminals. Indeed many such units are *helping* not only the crossing of illegal aliens across the border, but are giving cover to drug runners and narco-terrorists. From my understanding in reading about the situation from border communities this is pretty much a weekly occurance.

I go over the diplomatic side of this vis a vis Iran, but the basic precepts leading to those conclusions, since they are a part of the diplomacy between Nation States is the same with Mexico. Invasion of a Foreign Nation without invitation or cause is known as a Casus Belli. This is part of the concept of Jus ad bellum or 'Just War'. To all those complaining about 'Just War' and how it proceeds, I can tell you that it starts with Nations giving other Nations a Cause for War or Casus Belli. I do not care if the Mexican Federal Military and Police are corrupt. That is *their* business as a Nation and theirs to solve. When the concept of the boundaries of a Nation State are violated by Government actors of another Nation State a Cause for Just War is being given. I put out a nice little public note to Presidente Fox on this and giving due warning that some segment of the American population believes that National Boundaries and regular relations between Nation States is necessary for Peace to exist between those Nations.

Now, back to those businesses, individuals, companies and groups that are trafficking in human labor and either exlicitly or implicitly using the threat of Federal deportation to keep such labor quiet. They are, simply put, slavers. I want them charged with such and trafficking in human labor without following the Laws of the Land, those companies doing so shut down and the lot of them imprisoned for their *actions*. Similarly I want municipalities to repeal their laws against enforcing Federal Laws and an apology to the Union for doing so and then going through proper legal and Constitutional methods to get immigration reform: lobbying Congress. If they do not, I would exepct NORTHCOM to get a phone call from the Executive to bring these Secessionist Slavery areas back into the Union and give them temporary and legal government until the perpetrators of the Secessionist movement are caught and put on trial.

On the economic front, I want all farming subsidies to end. I want all subsidies for water use to end. This cheap labor is coming in to pick fruit and vegetables from crops that are raised with Federal Subsidies. Further, I want all agricultural tariffs removed. If the United States Agri-Business cannot figure out how to farm properly and economically 60 years after the dustbowl then they do deserve to go under.

All illegal aliens that are found in the United States shall be punished and deported. I would enjoy seeing such hard working people either building a border fence and then a 30' steel reinforced concrete wall about 100' in from the fence. The wall should have 70' pilings spaced 10' apart. Remote sensors, motion sensors, geophones, IR sensors, and a whole host of sensing equipment running off of solar collectors and small battery systems with a LAN will be put in place. Northcom will be given a 100' testing zone along the border for target practice. Strykers, M1 Abrams, infantry and all sorts of other folks need to learn about desert warfare and equipment testing. UCAV operators need experience on how to fly, target and otherwise use their equipment to effectively target individuals and vehicles. This zone will be duly marked as a *testing* range for live fire ammunition on both sides of the wall and the exterior side of the fence. There is no excuse for anyone to be there. They will serve as targets. Further, I expect that narco-traffickers building tunnels will become the target of a new sport of drilling rig companies. Who knows what-all will be poured down such holes? Illegals building this defense structure for two years will then be deported to their home country. If the defenses are built, then 5 years of turning large boulders into finely graded gravel and sand is to be done. We can get a good price per ton on such stuff.

For children of illegals, they may either renounce their US citizenship and go back to their parent's country of origin or become a ward of the State.

I do not care if the illegal alien is from Mexico, Guatamala, Vietnam, Maylasia, Singapore, Belize, Dominican Republic, Ivory Coast, Sudan, Yemen, Uzbekistan, Ukraine or Timbuktu. They have violated the Law of Nations and Our National Sovereignty in coming here. That must end for the entire Nation State system to remian a viable concept in the modern era.

And do consider that advancements in robotics technology is now fielding the first prototype fruit and vegetable pickers. While perhaps not as efficient, they will work continuously and get the entire harvest done in a shorter period of time and bring in a uniform harvest of higher quality. The era of the need for cheap and unskilled labor in the field is ending. Japan is proceeding along the same lines for home elderly care. If someone is going to take care of me in my old age, I damn well expect them to have some medical background to do so. And because of the eating and dietary habits of this nation, proper administration of pharmaceuticals will be something that *must* be understood by those caring for the up and coming elderly. What this country will be needing in the future is much higher skilled workers able to work in a semi to fully automated environment and understand the equipment and processing being done to maintain such. These work environments will be flexible, adaptable and quickly changing, which will require a high degree of basic education along with some production process knowledge. If you think 12 million unskilled illegal aliens are a problem now, then what happens in 10 years when the need for such declines steeply?

I love legal immigration and people who *want* to be Citizens and respect the laws of the land and the rights of their fellow Citizens. I want more of that! People wanting to contribute and get fair recompense is what this country is founded upon.

I have frankly had it with *compassion* that has now led to de facto slavery and support for such. Such *compassion* is tearing the fabric of the social structure apart in this Nation. We are further seeing the concept of the Nation State being put at peril by those who ignore them and wish to see them abolished to replace it with an elite rule. Some of these are Transnational Progressivists and the others are Transnational Terrorists. The first are eating away at the inside of Nations and the second from the outside. A Republic of individuals who support the compact set up in 1787 by We The People and who keep to that concept by enforcing it can survive this or any attempt to degrade individuals.

What we currently have will not survive this.

I bid you all good day, and hope there were not too many coronaries out there.
Ahhhh... now onto other things this morning!

30 March 2006

And about those demonstrations for illegals? Yes, intemperance again.

I am a bit ticked off by the Left. Actually, quite a lot by this point... one of the funnest things about the left is that they claim to be so very educated and compassionate, but do not seem to be able to add 1 + 1 and come up with some moderate value of 2 depending upon the largness of the 1's involved. And by trying to say they are addressing history by being compassionate and truly not addressing the redness of blood that seeps out of any history book... well, what is it about the human condition they do not understand?

In any event, trying to be *compassionate* and *understanding* to barbarians has usually gotten you killed. And I would really not like to see that happen to the United States. So, when people who want trafficking in humans across the southern border to continue... well... yes, intemperance abounds yet again. As has been coming to be usual, it happened over at Mr. Z's place on his post on the kiddies running down the US and loving Mexico so much. Now, one of the respected liberal responders basically said that we needed the cheap labor to have cheap fruit and that we are unwilling to do anything about and should, basically, just accept things.

I am sure you have heard THAT before.

So, I did not address him directly, but the mindset. I think The Works of Geoffery Chaucer in the original Middle English that I pulled out for reference today shivered when I wrote this things. Be well, Mr. Chaucer, we aren't at Canterbury. Yet. And I am sure he would appreciate the spelling errors, twisted syntax, sliced and diced sentences and general mangling of the English language I performed. It is all saved for your reading pleasure to chortle over, get red faced in or need to call in the paramedics, depending upon your demeanor.

First off that 'cheap fruit' is coming at the price of subsidizing water use and subsidizing agriculture and having tariffs to protect those agricultural areas. Those subsidies *must* go.

Second the kids are being kids and I hope each and every one of them will be given detention for the next month. If they are here illegally, their parents need to be turned over to DHS to get tossed out of the country. I do not care if they pay taxes, they are not here legally. For the legals, bring the parents up on truancy charges. There is no such thing as free time off from school without a note from the parent. Otherwise the child cannot be accounted for when in the custodianship of the school system.

Thirdly, if they cannot respect the country they *want* to live in, then why the hell are they still here? Might want to ask their parents what they think of that. In fact a nice parent to school prinicipal chat would be a heartening thing to see, with pictures of their children protesting. This would be a good time to bring up the note and truancy subjects, too.

Fourth, the jobs are going away in that sector. Robotics is already fielding some of the early models for some fruits and vegetables. Expect all but the most difficult of fruits and vegetables to be done automated pickers in 10 years.

Fifth, we have an *unemployment* rate. For those that are physically able, picking fruit and vegetables at minimum wage is known as a *job*. If someone can show up for a *job* of good, honest work that pays above state benefits, then they should be glad to have that job. If the state is paying *more* than that for people who have had a job, they are subsidizing unemployment.

Sixth, cities that support illegal entry and prohibit federal enforcement are practicing something known as enforced servitude at a lower than nominal wage. This is also called trafficking in human beings and their labor. That is called slavery. Cities do not have the right to abrogate the first 6 articles of the Constitution. Doing so is known as Secession from the Union and usually triggers off a nasty response. Cities protecting these people from Federal enforcement are Slavery Cities that are Seceding from the Union.

Seventh, if they want to come here legally I am all for that. If they come here illegally they should be found, their enablers punished and imprisoned and their companies shut down. They are trafficking in human beings. They are using slave labor to get their cheap goods out. They should be castigated as such and imprisoned as such.

Eighth, the Mexican Federal Military and Police cross our borders on a weekly basis or more often to protect smugglers. Their Federal Government by not stopping this is condoning Acts of War. If they do so they are risking armed conflict with the United States of America. That must *end* IMMEDIATELY.

This is *not* a jobs issue.
This is *not* a racial issue.
This is *not* an economic opportunities issue.
This is *not* about cheap fruit, although there are some damn rotten apples out there.

This is about National Sovereignty.

This is about the rights of Nations to Govern themselves without being invaded.

This is about the rights of a People to ensure that their country has an expectations that their Sovereignty will be respected by ANY nation.

This is about Citizens of the United States being reminded that they must *first* understand the Constitution and realize that there are some things that they may *not* do as part of the agreement between ALL OF US.

The United States has the most welcoming immigration policy of any Nation on Earth. We ask that you speak English and understand the Constitution and swear an Oath of Fealty to hold no other Nation's interest before Ours.

These protesters do not *care* about the Constitution.
They do not *want* to abide by the compact between We The People.
They do not *want* to be Americans.
They do not *understand* that this is not their home country nor is it a State of Anarchy.
And Mexico in particular has shown no compunction about violating the National Sovereignty of the United States.

These are not weasel words.

These are not words of racism.

These are not words to denigrate a Group.

These are words to point out that this Nation of Free Individuals cannot stand if We do NOT protect our Sovereignty as a People.

The last time that areas within this country did such things, they seceded from the Union and there was a bloody Civil War.

I do not want to have a Second Civil War that will also be about Slavery! Because that will also put us in conflict with Mexico. This is a BAD thing to have happen in this hemisphere. All of the frustration being felt will be released in Warfare and it will not be pretty. Mexico will be decimated in such an affair. And in Victory the United States may just decide that it is not worth having Mexico as a neighbor.

That IS what will happen if certain segments of the population that enables this to continue will keep on pushing it.

Think on this: the United States has projected power into Afghanistan and Iraq. Deposed two tyrranical regimes and given 51 million people the chance to build new lives for themselves. We have given them great help and kindness to do so and continue to help them to stand on their own two feet. They may spurn us or tell us to leave, but what we did was good and necessary. We lost more men in the opening minutes in D-Day than we have lost to hostile fire since 9/11.

This was done with a peacetime economy in which Military and Rebuilding have consumed less than 5% of this Nation's GDP and probably closer to 4%. I do not think the world wants to see a United States devoting 10% or more of its Economy to Warfare. That is what a Civil War, War with Mexico and Continued War against Transnational Terrorists will do. The United States will be convinced it is in a Global World War.

And they would be RIGHT.

This is where all that *compassion* and *understanding* has gotten us: Transnational Terrorism, the decay of Western values, diminishment of the Individual, the abrogation of National Sovereignty from abroad, the abrogation of Our Constitution at home, and people *still* whining that terrorists and illegal aliens are *not* the villains.

Strangely that is CORRECT.

The villians are the ones who have convinced them it is OK to do these things through *compassion* and *understanding* and wanting to find *root causes* of problems and then dither over doing ANYTHING that might possibly upset someone, somewhere at some time.

Any more of such and we will cease to exist as a people and as a civilization. That *compassion* will KILL us because the world is not a nice place.

If someone cannot comprehend the law they need to be institutionalized because they are insane. THAT is compassion. If they can comprehend it and it is found that they willingly broke the law then they are a criminal and should be punished. THAT is justice. And if it is to make a buck and gain economic opportunity at the expense of law abiding Citizens and Landed Immigrants and Legal Workers on Visas, then they are tearing at the very social fabric that makes such opportunity possible.

Can I make my position on this any clearer?

And that is as clear as I can make it for myself. Western civilization will be brought those claiming to hold it oh-so-dear, while, in fact, strangling it quietly with compassion.

And John Boehner on Democratic Security Agend, Not So Fast, sir!

I do thank Mr. Z at Bloviating Zeppelin for brining Mr. Boehner's statement to light on the Democratic Security Agenda... and Mr. Boehner's attempt to pull a fast one. Not so fast with the finger pointing, sir.... and so I commented at Mr. Z's post on this:

And while Democrats dithered and try to Groupify and be oh, so noble about wanting to protect the illegals... the Republicans have done exactly *what* in Congress to help close the borders? Done exactly *what* when informed that the Executive has no more resources for the War on Terrorism? And then pack oodles of Pork into pet projects and dare to claim that there is no more money left for defending the nation or hunting down terrorists?

Although the Democrats have been a negative force, the Republicans have been a negligent force and has sought to denigrate an active Executive that has exercised his power only a bit below that of FDR, Truman and Eisenhower.

This is not about 'roving wiretaps'.
This is not about 'Real ID'.
And I haven't seen one bill seriously proposed on the Floor of either House for a VOTE that would address closing the borders.
And then don't get me started on the mess that they want to CONTINUE in New Orleans to repair a sinking city!

Mr. Boehner I have yet to hear you say one word about what Congress will do to actively shut down the supply of goods to terrorists. One single word. That is entirely under CONGRESSIONAL control. You have the Power that We The People have vested in you and you have abdicated your responsibility to PROTECT the American people and defeat her enemies.

The entire Nation is, indeed, watching Congress, Mr. Boehner.

And you are inviting the People to well and truly be disgusted with the lot of you.

If you folks like hearings so much, why don't you hold hearings with the County Sheriffs along the border to hear of the incursions of Mexican Federal Military and Federal Police into the US? Or doesn't National Sovereignty mean anything to you?

Democrats are actively tearing at the social fabric of the Republic and what are the Republicans doing? Anything?

"Mr. Boehner, telephone call."
"Who is it?"
"Planet Earth, sir."
"Never heard of 'em. Put 'em on hold."

Thank you for clearly showing us that both parties are now the parties of ineffective Big Government, Mr. Boehner.

Now we know exactly WHY the majority of Americans don't vote. It is less destructive than encouraging you... but even so both parties have well, and truly, messed things up badly.

I know why so many like me no longer vote: you have lost our trust and we are utterly disgusted with you and the two party necropathy that people like you have brought in. Democrats and Republicans both.

The Evil of Two Lessers. Just a question of which makes things worse faster. But both want to make things worse.
And so goes the commentary.

Why, no, I do not think the Republicans have done one whit more to protect the Nation from their comfy, cozy and oh, so safe Princely seats in Congress than have the Democrats. Both parties should be hanging their heads in shame at all the things they *could* be doing to help secure the country from its enemies, close the border to illegal incursions, close down the secessionist slavery cities, and, generally act like they were defending the Constitution and exercising the powers that We The People have vested in their institution.


Oh, yea and verily, both sides are full of gelatinous woolly masses that have no backbone and only know cowardice and abdication of duty. Not even the one member of either body or either side that I happen to *like* has done a damn thing. And so they all are putting We The People at peril.

But they will prattle on about irrelevent or dangerous ideas that they will call: 'securing the nation' (from being overweight and from poor health habits), 'keeping the tradition of marriage safe' (what, they want it done in LATIN again?), 'going after terrorist' (yes, the Democrats ONLY want Osama dead, the rest can do as they please! Well, thanks! I am sure Mr. Zarqawi will enjoy his reign as leading fixture in al Qaeda).

Today the Democrats finally wake up and think a TERRORIST MIGHT BE A PROBLEM!

And the Republicans think securing marriage is more important than SECURING THE BORDERS!

There is a reason Jacksonians are absolutely, positively disgusted and appalled at American politics and have been for the better part of 3 decades: Neither Party Knows How To Govern!

Reagan, at least, had a 'clue' and did the best he could, but even then there were major problems in not carrying his ideas forward. Probably too much of that Democratic heritage thinking Big Government might be *good* for something. Yes, I thought he was a nice guy, too idealistic and really wondering if he knew what he was doing, but on the re-election cycle I didn't vote for him as I knew damn well I didn't know enough about the entire situation to make a good choice. And I thank the American People for re-electing him!

More specifically I thank the Jacksonians who slapped the Democratic Party silly, for re-electing Ronald Reagan and for putting the first fissures in the Democratic Rule which was ruining the nation.

The Democrats want to re-run the late 1960's and early 1970's over and over and over again, but worse with each repeat.

The Republicans have turned out to think Big Government can do *good* and are damn well ruining the accountability structure of the nation to do that.

BOTH Parties are putting the nation at peril by not addressing the exterior threats to the Nation State system and the interior co-ordinated threats to the fabric of the Republic as a Nation State.

This nation is now a Zero Party Nation.

With One Party Rule you get Authoritarianism and Dictatorship, and no choice.

With Two Parties you get a viable Lesser of Two Evils choice that forces some things to get done but derails attempts at power grabs.

In a Zero Party system you can have two parties, but they offer no choices as they do not address the critical underpinnings of threats to the nation. In this case you get the Evil of Two Lessers! And no matter who wins, We The People lose.

You know, one of the reasons Jacksonians typically stand aside on debates and social issues and such is that, by and large, as long as regulations and forms are not being jammed down our throats and money lifted from our pockets, we are a 'go along, get along' sort of folk. We stood by the Democrats as the Party of Jackson and voted that way for over a hundred years. Generally we didn't mind their strange ideas on culture and such... until it besmirched the fine soldiers of Our Nation and left an ally and friend of this Nation to be eaten alive by wolves. A good many Jacksonians walked and have told their children that both parties are ignoble. The Democrats then wanted to change this Nation into some sort of Socialistic hybrid monster and more Jacksonians walked as we did not trust Socialism nor Communism and were dedicated to fighting it. In the 1980's the last major contingent started to straggle out and the Democrats are left with Zell Miller and Joe Lieberman on the National stage with their time almost done.

Those are the last two Democrats I hold in any respect and see Mr. Lieberman as the sort of too-starched but solidly based old Uncle. The one who doesn't like Rock 'n Roll, but understands Jazz. Mr. Miller walks with the Ghost of Old Hickory beside him and will keep that honor with that Party until doing so is unbearable, most likely. The rest of the Party has sailed Left and looks to be capsizing the entire affair.

I look at the Republicans and mislike what I see. I trust exactly ZERO of them in Congress. Mr. Bush at *least* figured out what the Executive should do to try and protect the Nation, but it is not enough and he will NOT beg for Congress to help. That saddens me, but when I look at the character of those in Congress I understand it and sympathize with it: because if he asked they would do NOTHING. And his party is the Majority in the damn Congress!

On the National stage for them all I can see are Mr. Giuliani and Ms. Rice. When NYC was hit during 9/11 the images of Rudi Giuliani doing what was necessary to protect his city was amazing. He did not even know if there was an *America* left, but he knew that by-god there would be a New York City! Remember that when you watch the videos of him: he could not *know* what was going on or how bad it was. And Condi Rice is demonstrating the quiet and forceful competence of someone who knows how to bring a bureaucratic system to heel and change it quickly. She speaks plainly for the Executive when she could be *nuancing* everything. But she KNOWS that is not how America speaks. And she doesn't want higher office, which in and of itself tells me she knows her limits and will seek help when reaching them. Forceful and modest. A damn powerful combination.

And none of those four can make it past the polarized primary system.

Wonderful... just wonderful... the Constitution isn't a suicide pact... but supporting these two parties is just that.

29 March 2006

Democratic Defense Agenda: Just Like Vietnam only worse! [UPDATED!]

[And more at the bottom where I can review the actual document! Wheeee!]
The Democrats want to get serious on Defense! No! Really!

Here's how it works:

  1. They want to eliminate Osama!
  2. They want to pull all the troops out of Iraq!
  3. They want to hire more spies, to spy on you like the NSA!
  4. They want to DOUBLE the number of Special Forces!

The Good Lady Jane had ruminations on this and I gave her a response, as is my wont at times:

Not satisfied with betraying one ally at a time after stopping the support of South Viet Nam... they have decided to pull everyone out of Iraq to make that country go to hell, put them in Pakistan to cause a massive civil war which will destabilize Afghanistan... and then they will find that Osama took a camel across Iran into Iraq... where they had just pulled everyone from... and so be stuck fighting a civil war where the troops can't be supplied, destabilize India's nuclear neighbor, throw lots of refugees into the 'stans, give Iran a direct entry into Iraq and give Osama a new training base!

Why *thank you* Democratic party!

Perhaps they can invent the circular firing squad for an encore...
Actually it is far worse than that.

Think about this: as I write this it is 29 MAR 2006.

11 SEP 2001 is 4 years 6 months and 9 days ago (including today).

This is the first Democratic Party National Security Agenda to actually address Osama bin Laden and terrorism. Had some problems finding 'root causes' didn't they?

Remember that in 1974 the Anti-Watergate Democratic Congress cut off aid to South Vietnam while the USSR continued aid to North Vietnam. The excuse used was that since the South was going to be overrun we didn't want to give them new equipment which would fall into Soviet hands. The response was: well, yes, that is because you fine folks have decided to cut of funding to the military for even aerial operations thus giving the North Vietnam air forces free reign to do whatever they liked.

Without US Airpower the South was doomed. With it they had rallied a decent defense, and while still suffering losses, it was nothing to what the North was taking. Folks, the USSR re-equipped the North Vietnamese about 4 times in equipment since the start of the US portion of that conflict. The Soviet economy was not robust then and could not well afford to keep this sort of thing up by having precious industrial capacity going towards equipment to be shipped to North Vietnam.

Even with that they were able to take over Afghanistan and then, once their air superiority disappeared due to US Stinger Missiles, their conventional forces were ground up by light infantry and irregulars used to mountain combat. The South Vietnamese would have had a fighting chance to relieve the North of yet another full army using our equipment to the last, and there is a good chance that air interdiction would have immobilized the Northern army and allowed it to be chewed up piecemeal AGAIN. Either way an entirely new army would have to be outfitted from the USSR.

The Democratic Party has only learned one thing: retreat.

Retreat then, retreat now, retreat always.

They gave us the dishonor of abandoning an ally, causing the Boat People problem, and allowed the Soviets to think adventurously against their neighbors. And because of that last the USSR had to be disabused of expansionist notions and the only way that could be found was through the resistance fighters in Afghanistan. If you are on the Left and are saying that the US *made* al Qaeda, I will point out that the Left gave the Soviets the idea of expansionism by not draining their supplies when we could have done so at little cost to our treasury and in few lives lost from our Naval air forces!

If you think the lightly simmering kettle of Iraq is bad now, imagine it in a year without ANY Coalition forces in it. Yes, the Democratic party wants to doom the Iraqi people either to "Lebanonization" via al Qaeda, a return to Ba'athist tyranny or have it taken over by Iranian Theocrats. The bastards do not even MENTION our stalwart allies the Kurds! And no matter which way you cut it Iraq will then *become* a safe haven and expansion area for terrorism instead of the killing zone for them!

Plus, to all of the military units and soldiers that have made good and deep friends with the people of Iraq and the military of Iraq, you will be condemning their friends to DEATH! This will kill morale of the US Armed Forces like nothing since Vietnam, when you abandoned our allies in the South. This will give Transnational Islamic Terrorism the exact foothold it needs to actually become a POWER in the Middle East, instead of a targeted and hated group of thugs. Thank you for clearly explaining that you WANT a terrorist state to start controlling the Middle East. That position is now painfully clear for the Democratic Party. Can't let those nasty brown people try out democracy now, can we? They just will never understand it...

Then these fine stalwarts of Foreign Conflict want to go after Osama!! With what? Are you going to invade the border provinces of Pakistan to do so, and thus touch off a war with a nuclear armed power? Or will you Democrats take the easy way out and just have President Musharaff wake up one morning with some glassy terrain where those provinces were? You know he might look at that as an opening salvo from India and thus touch off a nuclear war between the two of them. What a lovely idea!!

Why, yes, getting involved in a Soviet style invasion in the high mountain regions of Pakistan will drain the military unlike anything except the withdrawal from South Vietnam! Because the US can *not* easily supply an entire damn army without the help of Pakistan and you would be invading their territory to get this done! Has it ever occurred to you wunderkind in the Democratic Party to use the proper forces to suit the terrain? And that right now mountain forces with some special forces and UAVs is the best way to track down hide and seek players in such terrain? Do you even have anyone that can look a topographic map and understand it?

And if you thought there was spying aplenty going on NOW, well the Democrats want to DOUBLE IT!! And they are going to do it using the ineffective Agencies that haven't been able to predict such little things like the Fall of the Soviet Union or the fact that Saddam transferred his WMDs to Syria with the help of the Russians. May I point out that the entire way we do business in the Intelligence Community needs to overhauled?

If you keep it as it is all these new spies will be well trained for... doing what? If you want HUMINT out of the Middle East or Asia, that will take a decade or longer to build up. And if you do not have a 'dot connecting enabled' Intelligence Community then you will get double the results of what you have now once these new folks spend 3 to 5 years spinning up in a small area of expertise.

Then, to top off their thorough and complete understanding of the entire Military system: they want to double the size of the Special Forces! Let me ask this one, little question:


Special Forces soldiers are ones that are highly trained veteran combat soldiers and are the very best of the very best units in the military. It takes YEARS to get someone to such a high level of training that they can even *attempt* to qualify for the Special Forces! If you want to double the size of the Special Forces you will either have to lower standards, increase service time (thus discouraging applications!) or DOUBLE THE SIZE OF THE MILITARY and *hope* that in 5 years enough good soldiers will be able to qualify for a larger Special Forces.


You can water them down, thus making them into just another specialized set of units or you can drastically increase the size of the military as a whole to get the very few who can even attempt to qualify or you can increase service time which will reduce or nearly kill applications. There is no way, save raising the dead, to double the size of the Special Forces and still keep it uniquely effective and capable as it is NOW. And I do not see one of the anointed amongst your party with a halo over their head to get that task done.

So what this does is:
  1. Destroys the entire morale of the US Armed Forces from top to bottom by betraying an ally and letting them watch their friends there get slaughtered as Iraq gets balkanized.
  2. Creates a safe haven for a new Terrorist state to start in the Middle East.
  3. Creates the image of the United States as unwilling to stick by an ally.
  4. Creates the image that the United States thinks that the people of the Middle East are unfit for democracy.
  5. Puts the entire region at risk of becoming a shut off point for China, India and European economies, thus allowing an expansionist terrorist state to blackmail them.
  6. Betrays the Kurds and leaves them alone in a sea of militant terrorist Islamic fundamentalist fanatics.
  7. Either puts the US to war with Pakistan or threatens to touch off a regional nuclear conflict.
  8. Destabilizes Pakistan, Afghanistan, India and all the surrounding 'stans.
  9. If it puts a large US force into Pakistan, it will be forced into the worst sort of grinding mountain warfare for which they are not trained nor equipped. This will destroy morale which would already be low after leaving Iraq to the jackals and deplete the military no end as people see that the Democrats aren't serious about handling the military.
  10. And likely leaves Osama to head over to Iraq and establish himself there, which will require us to RE-INVADE THE COUNTRY! By this point in time the US will be very lucky if it has a military LEFT!
It is things like this that have forever made me scorn the Democratic Party. This sort of thinking will make the United States far more vulnerable then we were on 9/10.

[UPDATE 20 MAR 2006]

And now for the actual document, not just the talking points.

Dear me! The Republicans have a pre-9/11 mindset? And it has taken the Democratic Party how many years to get a post-9/11 mindset? And as for the Iraq quips... well, lets just say that you fine folks were more than willing to let Saddam off the hook so he could restart his WMD programs and a brandie new long range missile delivery system! Haven't been keeping up with the releases, have you?

Make 2006 a year for tranisition in Iraq... JUST LIKE BUSH WANTS!
Rebuild our military and National Guard... but you are the folks that wanted to conscript people into them. Now if you mean re-align and enhance the active forces a bit over the Guard, well that is the BUSH AGENDA.
Just a quick note: which part of the military needs 'rebuilding'? Could you name the actual Service, please? I want to know who is falling down on the job. Would love to know that. Come on, you Democrats, you can say which of them... or is it all of them?
Provide veterans benefits: JUST LIKE BUSH WANTS!
Keep training our first responders? Ummm... there is a plan to STOP that? Sorry, this is STATUS QUO.
Oh, Energy independence by 2020... reserve a special spot for that. Note to Democrats: I can think of exactly 1 way to do it in that timeframe, and it is not through conservation!

Secure America, huh?
Hunt down terrorist: this is the BUSH AGENDA.
Provide our troops tools to hunt them down. Note, tell us what our troops are lacking. Otherwise this is the BUSH AGENDA.
Secure ports, nuclear plants and chemical plants: well, you folks signed of on the DHS and it is doing that at the pace you have set it via funding so I can say that THIS IS BEING DONE AND WITHOUT REALIGNMENT OF THE DAMN GOVERNMENT IT WILL NEVER GO FASTER.
Safety and security of our communities? Like stopping folks from flowing over porous borders? Like stopping Mexican Federal Military and Police from violating our territory without cause? Like stopping narcotraffickers from tunneling under the border? Like stopping some American Cities from shredding the first 6 Articles of the Constitution, trafficking in humans, conspiring with Foreigners, meeting with Foreign agents, denying the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches oversight and, basically seceding from the Union to become slavery cities?
Any of those are you going to actually STOP?

You want to give us security? Well, you haven't done a damn thing to get us involved now, have you? You could have offered a bill to get Congress involved actively in cutting off Commerce to terrorists and their sympathizers, those giving aid and comfort to them, you know? At any point after 9/11 and RIGHT UP TO TODAY.

Nice words on the Armed Forces, too bad all of your action to-date have been to denigrate them, demean them and castigate them.

Now, energy independence. Solar Power Sattelites. Space based industry. Lunar materials. Self-sustaining colonies. Private Space Industry. Awards to companies to reach measurable goals in achieving same.

If the Democrats want cut-backs and renewables and conservation all I have to say is: been there, done that, lost the t-shirt.

Jacksonian Party Position Paper: Regularizing Weaponry for the State Chapters

The Following is a Proposition Paper for the Jacksonian Party.

This Position Paper is based fully upon the reasoning given in the posting: Guns Don't Kill People...

Anyone who comments upon this Position Paper without first reading and understanding the above article shall be deemed an ignoramus and unable to understand the concept of human speech. Such individuals will be given ridicule. Such individuals will be considered AssHats. Even worse such individuals will be seen as to not understanding the concepts of responsibility and accountability that go with the rights vested in them. Idiots. [Kept in its prisitine condition for those that do not know inferential phraeseology and cannot figure it out and thus complain about it because they do not have the wit to understand... *sigh*]

Ok, you should now see where I am pointing out that the State may have non-standing forces to respond in case of invasion or other danger to that State. The Federal Government may *not* step in against this unless the entire reasoning be deemed Unconstitutional by the US Supreme Court. I would love to see those folks stand on the side of unregulated, unmanaged and wanton use of weapons of all sort without any need for personal or social responsibility. That sort of thing would deem the US to be a Chaotic state. And may heaven help them if they try to say that Commerce covers this. Not in *my* America, buddies!

Now since this is a State level concept, each State will do as it will want to in this. There need be no uniformity amongst the States as this deals thoroughly and absolutely with those things that happen within the State. Right now the States are in the position of having a depleted National Guard *and* having local law enforcement overwhelmed by even minor disasters, not to speak of armed gangs of thugs and hoodlums. I have had it with *that*.

The laws being proposed will be a State level Civil Military Code covering the use of all weaponry within the State. This will cover firearms, unarmed and lethal combat techniques, swords, combat knives over two inches in length, animals whose main use is as defense *not* family pet, and other combat skills involving strange, esoteric or not frequently seen weapons.

Weapons that are too old to use and/or are used for display purposes shall have a State enumerated cloth to peace-bond the weapon.

Defense animals will require the proper training of such and have at least one other handler the animal will not attack in case the owner is incapacitated. An ethical code and proper feeding for such animals will be given as a written exam to the owner. The owner shall have a State certified trainer for their animal and present such certification along with typical license plate fee and be given four signs to be posted at the perimeter of the property being defended and clearly visible at all times. Any use of counterfeit or 'lookalike' signage is to be punishable by fine by the State Militia Boards. All animals used for such purposes may only be used during no more than 10 hours of active duty for that animal. Although it is trained to do otherwise, it must be safely kept from the public during normal business hours between 9am and 5pm save if your property needs defense during daytime. Additional signs at the cost of the standard license plate fee will be provided to account for 'Daytime Security Zone'. Exotic and esoteric animals not banned by the State or Federal Government will need to have some expert or experts show how such can be trained or properly kept so as not to endanger the Citizenry. Upon the death of that animal all license plates must be returned to the State for destruction, but an honorable service certificate will be issued giving the animal's name, dates of service and cause of death, with thanks given to the owner of that animal for keeping such.

With some obvious exceptions, such as defense animals, those Citizens choosing to employ lethal arms of any sort shall need to demonstrate the following: appropriate use of such, ability to do such things as hit targets or aim accurately so as to hit targets at a distance, to be able to select amongst closely spaced targets and target one given at random, maintain weaponry or equipment, keep weapons or equipment safely stored when not in use, demonstrate the understanding of concealment and handling of weapons from their concealed state.

additionally the State Civil Military Code shall cover all unauthorized use and non-registration of weapons or other lethal equipment or training. All crimes committed in the State using covered weaponry shall be adjudicated by a non-standing local tribunal chosen at random from those Citizens that have duly registered within the system. These Citizens will be given full authority to read the appropriate Codes covering the offenses and ask the individual to show cause for not following the Law as established by the State. If just cause or other understandable circumstances are not demonstrated to the local tribunal, that tribunal shall hand out punishment within the extent of the Code. A second set of three members will be given the full transcript and ruling and either agree or disagree with it. Disagreement will require written statement of the disagreement. Any disagreements are to be handled by the top official of the State Civil Military Code who shall rule on the disagreements and either remand the case to a new hearing or give written statement as to why any disagreements are not valid or beyond the bounds of normal reason. A case going for remanded will be a final and authoritative decision by a seven member panel for complete re-hearing including all previous work done on the case. There is no appeal to the seven member panel and their word is final.

Citizens will have 30 days to send in a receipt of weapon type, or training in the case of defense animals and unarmed combat forms, and given an initial ownership kit for that weapon type. Included in the kit will be authorized State certified instructors or organizations holding State certified courses.

Upon receiving the State instruction kit an materials the Citizen will have 90 days to show competence and maintenance capability of that weapon or equivalent for defense animal ownership or unarmed lethal combat techniques.

Additionally the Citizen will need to take a simple test to show that they have read and understood the State Civil Military Code and that they will have standing within the State under that Code. This shall be done within 120 days of purchase of a weapon or similar training.

Once competence at the above is shown and the test is passed, the Citizen will be issued an annual Certificate, badge or other identifier,and be told of their place in the local State Civil Military structure that will be called upon in cases of invasion, disaster, response to general authority call for dangerous criminals, or at any such time that the social fabric breaks down and no immediate State or Federal response can be had.

It is the duty of any Citizen to first ensure the safety of their family. Once this has been done, if there is good reason to consider the immediate family safe for the duration, that Armed Citizen must now attempt to establish contact with other members of the local Civil Military structure. A display of badge or other State level identification media shall be plainly shown and that Citizen is now in full cognizance upholding State Martial law and will be held duly accountable to that law.

Upon arrival of State or Federal forces, when the Citizen receives a stand-down order from such, they shall revert back to being an Armed Citizen and follow the instructions of those Superior Forces. If such Superior Forces deem it necessary to continue the State level of Martial law enforcement, they will duly give orders as to how best the Citizen shall protect and defend people, places or other things that needs be protected. Some form or contact with the Superior Forces shall be maintained if at all possible and the Citizen shall do their best to continue their duties until full and permanent relief arrives.

General Weapons Categories

Defense Animals

Defense animals will require the proper training of such and have at least one other handler the animal will not attack in case the owner is incapacitated. An ethical code and proper feeding for such animals will be given as a written exam to the owner. The owner shall have a State certified trainer for their animal and present such certification along with typical license plate fee and be given four signs to be posted at the perimeter of the property being defended and clearly visible at all times. Any use of counterfeit or 'lookalike' signage is to be punishable by fine by the State Militia Boards.

All animals used for such purposes may only be used during no more than 10 hours of active duty for that animal. Although it is trained to do otherwise, it must be safely kept from the public during normal business hours between 9am and 5pm save if your property needs defense during daytime. Additional signs at the cost of the standard license plate fee will be provided to account for 'Daytime Security Zone'.

Exotic and esoteric animals not banned by the State or Federal Government will need to have some expert or experts show how such can be trained or properly kept so as not to endanger the Citizenry.

Owners shall have the medical records updated at least annually to cover all State mandated vaccinations and to ensure that the animal has received good treatment and care. Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate care and handling capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia and State animal control authority.

Upon the death of that animal all license plates must be returned to the State for destruction, but an honorable service certificate will be issued giving the animal's name, dates of service and cause of death, with thanks given to the owner of that animal for keeping such.


Firearms will be broken down into general classes set by the State. Included in these classes will be antique or antiquated firearms with historical value but used actively.

As with all weapons ability to load, aim, fire, hit target(s), reload and show general use of the weapon shall be required. The State shall mandate a minimal level of proficiency achievable by any Average Citizen. Additionally, if the weapon has a concealed carry mode for its type or specific make and model, then the Citizen shall show how they know how to safely carry and use a weapon from that mode. This is mandatory for all such weapons which have a concealed carry mode. A General Use Certificate shall be given for this demonstration by the Citizen and may be re-taken as many times as necessary to achieve the desired results.

Additionally proper handling, storage, cleaning and maintenance of regular parts normally expected to be replaced by an Average Citizen shall be demonstrated for a regular Maintenance Certificate. A full strip clean shall be necessary for some few weapons, but a Citizen may show capability in that and then be given a Full Strip-Clean Maintenance Certificate. Any Citizen wishing to properly strip clean firearms of that type in a business must have their annual Certificate on display at their place of business.

In the case of antique or unique firearms, if no other suitable expert can be found within the State, then that individual will need to demonstrate their background and understanding with that weapon to include: training in its use, maintaining it at a strip-clean level (if applicable), demonstration of how it shall be safely stored and carried, demonstration of how it may be safely carried in a concealed mode (if applicable), and either historical documentation, manufacture documentation (for handmade or custom designed firearms) or other suitable background for that individual weapon as far as the Citizen is cognizant of knowing. Historical or antique weapons will be checked against the national stolen antiquities database to ensure that the item has not been stolen and is wanted Nationally.

Custom or handmade weapons by a weapons smith shall have a Certificate of uniqueness attributed to it as it is of especial interest to the People. Such items are of future historical interest and of current interest to weapons researchers and experts in the field. A full set of photographs and written documentation for fully handmade or custom weapons will be performed by the State at no additional cost to the Citizen. Weapons smiths and customizers that do such within the State shall have their own set of requirements for demonstrating knowledge and capability in that field for the manufacture of such. While not specifically covered under the Code, it is expected that such manufacturers have Certification for use within the State.

Once all requirements have been met for use, maintenance and proper handling, storage and transport, and has completed the State test for knowledge of the State Civil Military Code, the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License for the weapon type that they have received the Certificate for.
Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate use and maintenance capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia.
Exotic Weapons

Ranged - This category includes, but is not limited to: bows, crossbows, rapid fire or repeating crossbows, throwing daggers, throwing knives, throwing axes, throwing stars (of all sorts and types), lethal darts (either hand thrown or blown), spears, atlatl, all ranged siege equipment used other for display and infrequent demonstration and that is mobile, or any other weapon that is primarily used at range to cause damage, harm or inflict lethal or fatal wounds.

All the language for Firearms applies.

Accountability of smaller items or an item being made non-serviceable shall be reported to the State Militia. Time, date and circumstances are to be described. If rendered non-functional that is to be described and if the item is beyond repair, can be repaired but at too high an expense to the Citizen, or will be repaired in due time. A repaired item will be reported as such and brought into service.

All concealed carry regulations apply if the weapon has such a mode.

State Certified experts shall run any and all Certification of training, maintenance, extended maintenance equivalent to strip-clean if the weapon has that need, and proper storage and handling techniques. Citizen organizations of expertise will also be identified. It should be noted that membership in those organizations is not required to receive training from them, but minimal fees for time, equipment and ranges may be applied.

Once all requirements have been met for use, maintenance and proper handling, storage and transport, and has completed the State test for knowledge of the State Civil Military Code, the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License for the weapon type that they have received the Certificate for.
Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate use and maintenance capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia.

Hand to hand or hand wielded - This shall include, but is not limited to, all weapons wielded by hand that are made specifically to inflict lethal or fatal wounds: combat knives longer than 2" if not specifically stated to be for camping purposes only, all combat knives longer than 5" without exception, bayonets, swords, sabers, hand axes, battle axes, nunchuks, katanas, quarter staves or equivalents, multi-sectional combat staves, polearms, pikes, combat batons, maces, morningstars, cudgels, combat clubs, or any other hand wielded weapon designed specifically to hurt, maim, club, puncture, slice or otherwise wound or a kill a human. Improvised and 'at hand' weapons are not covered under this or any other part of the Code.

All such language as covering Exotic Ranged weapons applies as does all historical or custom language from Firearms.

Citizens shall demonstrate ability to wield, strike, strike one of a 'press of targets', handle and otherwise show their knowledge in the use of such weapons. State Certified experts in each weapon class shall used general guidelines in their field to certify minimum capability of cognizant use of such weapons.

All concealed carry modes and cognizant use of such for those weapons with that mode applies.

All maintenance and strip-clean equivalent (if applicable) language applies.

All historical and custom equipment language applies.

Once all requirements have been met for use, maintenance and proper handling, storage and transport, and has completed the State test for knowledge of the State Civil Military Code, the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License for the weapon type that they have received the Certificate for. Additionally, special Certificates for fighting and bringing in deadly or lethal animals during their hunting season will be given for each such animal brought in through the use of these weapons only.
Annual recertification requires the ability to demonstrate use and maintenance capabilities and a clean record with the Local Militia.
Unarmed Lethal Combat or Martial Arts

As many schools and patterns of unarmed combat are employed across the world, this category will be limited to those that teach specifically how to disable, wound, injure or kill through the use of no equipment save that of the body itself. Anything that uses weaponry outside of the body shall be considered in the Exotic Weapons category. Schools, art forms, styles and similar that teach a mixture will need to use the Exotic Weapons category if hand held or distance weapons are an integral part of the combat area. Those that are an important adjunct will require a dual certification for Unarmed and Exotic Weapons.

The State does not recognize anything beyond minimal competence and demonstration of same to State certified experts or recognized experts in that combat area.

Individuals in forms of combat unknown to the State and that have similarity to other combat styles may use a State certified expert in one of those styles for the certification of competence and ability. Wholly unknown and dissimilar combat techniques will be required that the Citizen demonstrate such before a knowledgeable board of experts so as to certify lethality and that the Citizen is competent in the use of such techniques.

All types and styles of Martial Arts schools and methodologies that go through a regularization procedure to ensure a level or standard of conduct and use of their arts shall apply to the State for official recognition of their school, art or style. Additionally they shall designate at what level, belt, class or other similar designation a student, follower, trainee, apprentice or other equivalent will be deemed to be capable of using their capabilities in a lethal manner against a non-trained, unarmed opponent. At that level the individual is to take the test for the State Civil Military Code and upon passing that the Citizen shall receive their Annual Certificate, badge or other identifying insignia, point of contacts list for the Local Militia and where to obtain the Omnibus Hunting License. Additionally, special Certificates for fighting and bringing in deadly or lethal animals during their hunting season will be given for each such animal brought in through the use of unarmed techniques only with no adjunct equipment.

Annual Certification is done by the teacher, school, system or other designated competent expert(s) of that combat area. If this cannot be done but the Citizen can show ranking and at least annual recognition of rank at a tournament or tournaments in which there is equality of level of capability being performed, then this shall satisfy the State as to the competence and capability of that Citizen.
Instruction and oversight of minors

Parental sign-off and full understanding of that a minor will be undertaking the study, maintenance and use of weapons is required by the State.

Minors must demonstrate knowledge of the State Civil Military Code via testing and acknowledge the responsibilities that they have under that code.

During times of invasion, disaster, civil disorder or other such times when the rule of law breaks down, minors are to accompany their family to shelter or safe haven. At such a point the responsibility of the minor is to oversee the safety of their family. If this is done at a larger shelter facility, then such minors will be required to help protect the entire facility. Additionally the Local Militia may use minors for work in carrying messages, checking out areas where an adult may not be able to pass or in other areas necessary for the defense of the People. Only the State Local Militia may do so and no other State or Federal authority may require this without first gaining consent of the minor's parents or guardians.

The State will hold an annual one day, mandatory attendance course on all the basics of the State Civilian Military Code, the areas it covers, the weapons types it has under it, the structure of the Local Militia and how it operates. This course will be adjusted by grade level from very simple oversight courses at first grade or equivalent to thorough examination of the law and requirements by the age of 18. By the time a student fully understands the State Civilian Military Code, they shall be given the State test and be awarded a Certificate of Cognizance by the State and be considered a full adult for uses of weapons. The only exception is to this is mental infirmity which shall be duly recorded by the State Militia.

In the case where adult parents or guardians are incapacitated, those minors that have such a Certificate of Cognizance are required to operate in defense of their families either by seeking Local Militia aid or via the use of weapons if they have received full certification for such.

And there you have it!

Not knowing about weapons will not be an excuse for *anyone*.

Owning and using weapons properly, safely and maintaining them is of prime importance to the State.

The responsibility of putting your weapon and skills to use in keeping social order in times of disaster is paramount. Additionally, as terrorism is a form of asymmetrical attack, an armed Citizenry is not only an asymmetrical defense it is also an asymmetrical counter-attack.

If gangs and lawlessness are a threat and local law enforcement, police or Federal military cannot intervene and civil order is being disrupted, armed Citizens *must* step forward to protect society after ensuring the safety of their families. The Citizenry of the United States has passed the buck to local police, state police and Federal responses and then has proceeded to underfund them, demean them and diminish them. At this point in time it is necessary for Citizens to realize that in so doing they now MUST pick up the slack.

If you want an effective and honest and capable police force you can damn well pay for it and give the officers the respect they are do for doing hard and dangerous work. The same goes for the State police and National Guards.

My fellow Citizens this buck has come damn full circle and is now on your doorstep again.

If you decide to pass it on again, do *not* expect to get better than you have gotten in the past unless you are willing to put lots of extra bucks behind that first one to get the lawful society you desire. And if you are unwilling to do that, then you should heartily endorse having well armed and cognizant and responsible fellow Citizens picking up the slack you have left behind.

This proposal, as only the States can do so, must come from YOU, not handed down like manna from heaven from the Feds. And I notice that manna is paid for with my tax dollars.

I do not see where any club or organization that teaches the use and respect of weapons and fighting would be against this proposal. They would be basically arguing for the lawless and unaccountable use of weapons, which has gotten us into gangs roaming the streets and drive-by killings. I mislike that a lot. And getting in a circle with thugs and gangsters to sing 'kumbaya' will only get you robbed, raped, beaten and probably killed.

You can either:
  1. Pay for damn good law enforcement. And lots of it. Along with a strong and effective National Guard.
  2. Try to get accountability and responsibility into weapons ownership in defense of civil society.
  3. Pass the buck and see a rising cycle of violence, lawlessness and destruction of society.
I trust my fellow Citizens to carry arms and act responsibly with them to protect society.

Why don't YOU?

28 March 2006

Individualism makes this country, not Groups

There are times I marvel at what my fingers produce in the way of verbiage! I can barely start the thought and off they go creating something from somewhere inside... if I try to do that consciusly it is a halting effort, at best, with stops and starts and back-tracks... which actually *read* just the same, but on the end of typing it in the difference is extreme. Of course physical and mental factors do wash over and change things, too. So, the good Mr. Z at Bloviating Zeppelin thought over my thoughts which were in response to his and so on... and put up a post to try and regularize what it takes to make this country of Ours special. And needless to say, I responded! As in all other of my copied material this is kept in its original format as best I can with all errors in typing, syntax, logic and worldly dimensions left intact:

And so it is true, Mr. Z. Building a Republic is hard work, and we have gotten this strange notion that passing the buck up resolves us of the responsibility to ensure that things are done right.

We are a nation of individuals that have come together to say: these few things are necessary to govern us, the rest of the rights and powers are Ours. Keep your mitts off!

But, when 'Groups' say that they are more important than individuals and that 'Groups' should have things individuals should not have... then we come to a basic disagreement of what makes our Republic special. We are not 'Groups' coming together to make a society, we are individuals with diverse backgrounds wanting to be one diverse People.

Putting the Group above the individual is Statist and Elitist. By giving more power to Groups, individuals are denied their fair say in things and that is the path to Authoritarian rule by a Group that sits above all other Groups. That is where the Left is today: wanting Groups to rule over mere individuals.

Group-think. Group-acceptance. Group-rights. Group-rule.

Accepting that there are such things as Groups with rights will be the death of the Republic of Free People. Individualism becomes only the collection of Groups you belong to for easy definition, sorting, demeanment and castigation. Individuals are seen as outsiders, anti-social, and very un-group like.

I am an individual and I am not nor ever will be a Prisoner to someone else's definition of me. Because the moment you think you have the group I belong to pegged, I will do something so un-grouplike and think thoughts so different that I must *not* be of that group.

Accept me as an individual or not at all. I do not care. Try to put me into a straightjacket of conformity and you will find yourself wearing it as I dance around you.

And *that* has got to be an ugly sight!
I would probably collapse in exhaustion after a step or two, anyways.

Now the Good Mr. Z comes back with wanting to send my thoughts to everyone in the world! Not only impractical, but it would cause a massive worldwide headache and a run on aspirin and so many willow trees would be gnawed clear through that the entire species would go extinct in hours. So I replied with my usual and a bit more:
Mr. Z - Do check the info on my blog... my words and ideas are free for thefting so long as you give appropriate citation and credit or blame as you see fit.

I do not want limelight.

I want a *better* Republic.

I do not have energy to grandstand or give talks or even guarantee I will be semi-conscious for an interview.

But when I have concentration and energy I can write.

Take my ideas and thoughts. Build on them. Make them your own thereby.

This is how a Free People work: word of mouth and Franklin's Common Wisdom.

I am NO Tom Paine.

I am NO Ben Franklin.

But their words and thoughts have become Our Own. That is how the Republic was spread and how it best grows.

Bottom up, not socialistic or authoritarian top down.

Steal my ideas and make them yours and they shall grow. For one or two others may just do the same... and an idea will spread. You and I will be lost as the founders of it, but the idea is what matters.

Ideas made this Nation.

And those ideas continue to reshape Our world to this day.
And so it goes. Steal and add on to my ideas, give credit or blame and some linkage or attribution.

27 March 2006

An Army of Translators - Powerline Forward

Today's interesting revelation comes from the men of Powerline, in which they had an interesting document translated by two translators to see what came up. This is one of the reasons an Army of Translators is needed: to help cross-check information. Translation is a less than perfect art and the vagaries of local idioms and dialect will often foil even someone who knows the general language well. In this case the document concerns an Iraqi Intelligence Service report on a Kurdish meeting about Salman Pak, al Qaeda and chemical weapons. The prime paragraph comes up with two similar, but not exactly the same translation:

1. On 8/21/2002, the undertaking of an American delegation visiting the district of Afshariyya to visit the HQ of the Iraqi Communist Party to (the district of) Shaqlawa. A representative of the Communist Party urged that the Iraqi Government be prepared to conceal elements (‘anasir) of the organization al-Qa’ida in the district of Salman Pak, in addition to elements of the Turkish Workers’ Party and the Mujahidin Khalq Iraniyya, and that they are studying the use of chemical weapons. Iraq will (use them?) in case a military strike is directed toward them.
And from the second translator...

1. On 7/21/2002 an American delegation visited the _______ area headquarters of the Iraqi Communist Party in Shaqlauah. A representative of the Communist Party accused the Iraqi government of hiding elements of the organization of Al-Qaeda in the region of Salman Pak, plus elements of the Turkish Workers Party and the Iranian Mujahideen Khalq and that they were studying the use of chemical weapons and whether Iraq will use them in case of __________________________________.
The first translator obviously has a better handle on local regions and some of the usage of verbiage within the Iraqi scene. What both clearly implicate is the Kurds believed in July/August 2002 that al Qaeda, Turkish Worker's Party and the Iranian Mujahadeen Khalq were in Salman Pak and training with chemical weapons, that the Iraqi government would be trying to hide the weapons and terrorists, and that this was relayed to them by an unnamed American who had been in contact with the Iraqi Communist Party in Shaqlauah.

Now, as the Iraqi Communist Party was not one beloved of Saddam, one may look at the translations and ask if the person speaking to the American would indicate urging Iraq to hide the weapons or accusing them of preparing to do so. My guess would be the latter as that fits better with the politics within Iraq. And since this is going to an American, it would be more likely to assume that the suspicions of this individual are being passed on as to who is at Salman Pak, what they are hiding and that they may use chemical weapons if attacked. Since I am no expert at this, I would only peg that at a 40% probable. But the variations do not make much sense and disperse the remaining 60% into lots of 10% or less. So the 40% probable is a 'best guess' but probably not wholly accurate.

Ray Robison has an interesting interview with Ali Ibrahim al-Tikriti a former General under Saddam and was a Commander of the Fedayeen Special Forces known as "The Butcher of Basra". The first very interesting part comes in talking about Saddam and al Qaeda:

Discussing Saddam's support of terrorism, al-Tikriti said the dictator's regime sponsored Palestinian groups with logistical and material support.
For a time, support for al-Qaida was limited, the former general said, mainly because al-Qaida's aim was to create an Islamic empire while Saddam wanted a secular Arab nationalist empire.
"They only really came to terms in the mid '90s due to the fact that both knew they shared the same short-term enemy," the general said. "Once they came to terms on this, Saddam provided al-Qaida with intelligence support and whatever money or munitions they could provide."
Al-Tikriti said Saddam "had very long-standing contacts in the black market as well as with Moscow and would provide whatever munitions he could through these contacts."
The secular Baathists and radical Islamists certainly are able to put aside their differences to cooperate against the U.S., he insisted.
"If you look in Iraq today, you are witnessing Arab nationalist terrorist organizations and Islamist terrorist organizations working together to fight the United States."
So, the Leftist supposition that the secular and religious could not work together is only a supposition and not something that the General will countenance. Further, Saddam's Russian contacts could supply to him whatever he needed and then pass that along to al Qaeda. So a joining of convenience for as long as it would last, not a true alliance but far, far more than disdain and indifference to each other. This source not only substantiates the Kurdish document from Powerline, but previously translated documents showing that Saddam did work with al Qaeda and supplied al Qaeda elements.

Al-Tikriti says he knows Saddam's weapons are in Syria because of contingency plans established as far back as the late 1980s, in the event either Damascus or Baghdad were taken over.
"Not to mention, I have discussed this in-depth with various contacts of mine who have confirmed what I already knew," he said.
Saddam, after lying for so many years, knew the U.S. eventually would come for the weapons, he said, and wanted to maintain legitimacy with pan-Arab nationalists.
Also, he had "wanted since he took power to embarrass the West, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so," al-Tikriti said.
"After Saddam denied he had such weapons, why would he use them or leave them readily available to be found?" he said. "That would only legitimize President Bush, who he has a personal grudge against."
What we are witnessing now, he said, "is many who opposed the war to begin with are rallying around Saddam saying we overthrew a sovereign leader based on a lie about WMD. This is exactly what Saddam wanted and predicted."
Why, yes, Saddam is using Syria to hide WMDs to embarrass the West and give ammunition to President Bush's enemies. Saddam is playing with the Left for his own purposes even to this day. My guess is that Saddam thought that the crisis would pass and that he would never, ever, end up in the dock at court in his own country. But even so, he is *still* gaming the Left, France, Russia, Germany and China to his own ends. Like all dictatorships that need to account for everything, the voluminous paper-trail is catching up with Saddam and the Left and the MSM. We now have this cross-confirmed by General Sada, General Ibrihim al-Tikriti, a document indicating Russian Special Forces actually did the moving and sanitizing, and the Iraqi Communist Party. Destination: Syria.

Next up Ray sends us to the Free Republic and a document indicating the Germans learned from the Chinese that Iraq had WMDs. jveritas is doing the translation for this.

Assistant of the Iraqi Intelligence Director to his boss “The Director” dated January/23/2003 regarding the visit of one German and one Frenchman to Iraq and these two guys talk about their strong relation with the top government officials in both France and Germany. In this letter the German that German Chancellor Schroeder was totally opposed to the idea of the war in Iraq and it his opposition to the possible war that made him win the German elections held in 2002. Also there is an important part of the letter where it mention the visit of German Chancellor to meet with the Chinese Prime minister and that the Chinese PM told Schroeder “about the information that was obtained by the Chinese intelligence and it says that Iraq has moved his mass of destruction weapon to Syria and the German Chancellor told him that the German intelligence did not indicate this. And after two days the US state secretary went to Damascus to check on this with the Syrian government that in turn denied this news.” Also in the letter it show the fear of the French to join the war because of the heavy losses that will suffer.
The French fearing losses they would suffer? Well, how did they know they would be that awful? Well, they suffered so badly under Napoleon... yup! The French talked to the Germans about how awful their losses were under NAPOLEON! German Chancellor Holzer spoke about:

He was shown a secret report prepared by the French Army Chief of Staff who presented to Jacques Chirac warning him of the losses that the French troops suffered in Spain and Germany during Napoleon campaigns because the participation of France in the possible war against Iraq will let her suffer huge human losses because it is impossible getting the Iraqi President by aerial bombing and that the entering in street fights will be a disaster for them
Maybe they could have put in the losses in Gaul to Julius Caesar! And considering that their 'protesting' students are getting mugged for cel phones, yeah, streetfighting is something the French don't know...

Oh, and now we can add the Chinese to the list of those who knew WMD were headed to Syria. Whatever *did* happen to 'Investigative Journalism' in the MSM? Here we have a bona fide conspiracy to cover the location of actual Iraqi WMDs shipped to Syria and no one... absolutely NO ONE in the MSM is working on it! Maybe we could throw in a cute missing teenage cheerleader and get Fox interested... 'Cute missing Iowa cheerleader feared strapped to WMDs by Saddam as they were shipped to Syria: China, Russia, Germany and France implicated'. That would be a sure-fire hit for Greta and Bill! Send Geraldo over to traipse around the Bekaa Valley, maybe?

So there is how it stands today.

I am *less* than pleased with many people and organizations at the moment.