10 May 2007

To: The Walt Disney Company, RE: The Mouse

To Whom It May Concern,

Recently it has come to my attention that The Walt Disney Company has pushed for lengthy extensions on copyright to protect various iconic characters of Walt Disney. These changes have gone beyond the lifetime of their creators and is now used to keep material from the Public Domain in near perpetuity. As The Walt Disney Company still enjoys copyright of such material created by Walt Disney, it is incumbent upon The Walt Disney Company to ensure that it maintains and enforces its copyright.

In that regards it should be noted that the terrorist group Hamas, being an offshoot of the Muslim Brotherhood, has wantonly and with malice aforethought appropriated likeness of a prime character of The Walt Disney Company, namely one large mouse form named "Mickey Mouse". In this utilization of said character likeness, said character is using inflammatory language stating that it will: "kill", "murder" and "annihilate the Jews".

To protect said copyright and enforce it upon those that infringe upon it is a prime duty of those holding such copyright to KEEP such copyright. By asking for such privilege, The Walt Disney Company now must enforce its copyright via US and Foreign Courts so as to have Hamas and Muslim Brotherhood as parent organization cease and desist from using such likeness as infringes upon the copyright of The Walt Disney Company.

Not doing so in such an egregious case of misrepresentation of the ideals of Walt Disney and of the established character history of one "Mickey Mouse" is a strike against the copyright of The Walt Disney Company and may be grounds for others to successfully use such likenesses as they please.

You have asked for such extended copyright, now it is up to YOU to protect it. To uphold copyright and trademark one must vigorously go after those that infringe on same.

I wish you and the legal services of The Walt Disney Company the finest of luck in enforcing its copyright against Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood.


A Jacksonian


Andrewdb said...

A new service line extension for Blackwater!

A Jacksonian said...

andrewdb - Well, I was hoping they would send lawyers.... but that would be cruel and unusual punishment... of Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood... Blackwater would then be a good first choice!

Someone has to deliver the summons... then comes the cruel and unusual part...

SERENDIP said...

The best post I've read on exploitation of our beloved Mickey by the Jihadists.

A Jacksonian said...

Serendip - One of the few pieces of wisdom ever generated by The Walt Disney Company comes from one of those individuals who actually went *against* its copyright, and I clean it up a bit to paraphrase:

'Don't mess with the Mouse!'

And the point on copyright should also be noted as allowing materials to be used by others without enforcing one's rights means they are no longer respected. They wanted the damned copyright, now they must *back it up*.

My best wishes to The Walt Disney Company and getting those 'Messing with the Mouse'.