04 August 2007

The shifting politics of the Emirs of Incumbistan

On 02 AUG 2007 the House of Representatives decided that this concept of 'representative democracy' really didn't matter upon process but upon outcome! Yes the wise Emirs of the Incumbistanian Party had seen a minor shifting in the last polling of Electistanians and have determined that their one party rule needed to be firmed up as the choice between candidates was getting to be too much of a bother upon poor Electistanian people.

You see the Incumbistanian Party did not like the idea that it was rebuked in the House of Elder Emirs, known as the Senate, over the importation and displacement of Electistanian workers by 'illegal aliens' who were 'willing to do the jobs' that Electistanians just 'wouldn't do'. Even their servants were outraged that mere Electistanians would dare to have a *say* in anything done by the older, wiser and sinecured heads of the House of Elder Emirs. Yes, there was difficulty with that in some few realized that having an uprising in the vassal state of Electistan would not be good, and so they were swayed by poor Electistanians to not perform a wholesale replacement of them via immigration law.

Not to be deterred, however, the House of Popular Emirs, because there are more of them and serve shorter terms although their lifespan in office is something near perpetual, took upon itself to start a slow-motion replacement via sector based funding. Thusly the Agricultural Bill had in it no language to penalize those that would hire or give aid and support to illegal aliens by the use of Federal funds. Some of those in the House of Popular Emirs realized, like their brethren in the House of Elders, that a long-term uprising in the vassal state of Electistan would be the result and tried to remove that language. A full and proper vote was held and this faction, seeking the safety of their own hides, won!

Ah! Little do we realize how well these Emirs have learned from their peers in Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Egypt, Syria, and Iran! Or even their willingness to take a book from their previous Communist idols in the former Soviet Union or even that of the National Socialist Germany. No, with the vote finished and closed and finalized, the ruling faction realized that their wisdom was being DENIED by the lesser faction and that this could not stand! No, no, the process held for generations in the House of Popular Emirs was of no consequence at all and the voting was re-opened for 'select' Emirs to change their vote to the 'proper' one so that the will of the ruling faction could be realized. Thus it was done in the true dead of night, and the uproar from members expecting actual RULES OF ORDER and PRECEDENT OF GENERATIONS to be followed were outraged! And the fine ruling faction even went so far as to try and expunge their post-vote manipulation by having it wiped from the record, although that was very hard to do as many video outlets had captured the free video of the circuses of the House of Popular Emirs and re-broadcast it globally for all to see!

Such splendor! Having the iron fisted rule of authority on plain and clear display in the Capitol of Incumbistan and, perforce, the head of Electistanian non-politics. No longer would mere PRECEDENT and RULES guide the House of Popular Emirs! Decision could now be REMOVED from the House and its leading faction could now install whatever it sees fit via ANY MEANS as their will upon Electistan and Incumbistan. Indeed the awful burden of actually deciding upon Incumbistanian Party members for titular representation may soon go the way of the DoDo and Incumbistan can move to pure factional control politics in which winning one election, once, is good enough for all time.

So, my fellow Electistanians, remember that we did NOT fight for 'No taxation without representation'! Oh, no! These Incumbistanians will 'represent' us, so long as it fits their agenda and when the needs of Electistanians does not do so, then they will use the 'older, wiser Emirs knowing more than poor Electistanians' as their excuse. And when there is any factional division, we can now expect to see the Iron Fist of Rule by Fiat over that of actually having to 'vote' for legislation. For if they will do this for a mere Agricultural Bill to displace Electistanians employed in that sector without REPRISAL upon those that break the Laws of the Land, then there IS no Law of the Land: just ruling from Incumbistan over the Laws so as to inflict their views of what Electistan needs to be to suit their purposes.

I assume, that within an election cycle or two, the pretense of having a 'choice' on the ballot will be removed by Incumbistanians. If they can vote to displace and replace Electistanians and then amend the vote to make it go the way the ruling faction wants, after all, then actual voting via the ballot for Electistanians is not something they would cherish.

Thank you to the House of Popular Emirs for showing us the true nature of their Rulership.


Miss Beth and Carla said...

I've missed your writings at TVC (although I must admit I havent' been there in a couple of weeks--if you haven't either, it's been relaunched and looks GREAT).

I'm really glad you stopped by my site--your analysis, as always, is spot on!

Don't be a stranger!

Miss Beth

A Jacksonian said...

Miss Beth - Thank you, dearly!

Various things have culminated in lessened time here, like trying to prepare to move then staying healthy enough to prepare to move... which is now the problem. My posting rate was never high, and is down because of the behind-the-scenes things not shared in public. I get around when I can, but I really only get to a small circle of sites these days due to limited time, energy, wakefulness and attention. If I was better I would post less right now... and if I were ever as healthy as I was a few years back I would not do so at all... strange world, this for that to be true.