21 September 2007

Straying into the Field

I am sure you are all familiar with Sally Field's Emmy acceptance which raised a bit of a hue & cry because of the bit of censorship involved:

"Let's face it, if mothers ruled the world, there would be no God damn wars in the first place."
Getting that from the Baltimore Sun of 18 SEP 2007. Sally Field appears to believe that women like Lucrezia Borgia, by mere fact of being a mother, would insulate themselves from rather nasty things in the way of statecraft. Yes if all nice, sweet moms were running things, why cars would never go faster than 20 mph, you would have government mandate to keep a clean pair of underwear with you at all times, and you would get stiff fines for not finishing off your vegetables at dinner *first*. Luckily the good Dr. Helen has taken on this sort of thing so I don't have to!

Instead, I would like to point out something that came to my attention a bit ago while reading Michael Totten. During one of his posts from his experiences in Iraq, he did point out that mothers, in particular, have a special role in Iraqi society. And this is something that we here, in the US, have overlooked completely, which could help immensely in bringing some peace to Iraq and helping folks settle down a bit. The post is that of 27 AUG 2007 and the following is the lead-in to it:
MUSHADAH, IRAQ – “Al Qaeda terrifies locals,” said Major Mike Garcia from Canyon, Texas, before he put me in a convoy of Humvees with 18 American Military Police on their way to the small town of Mushadah just north of Baghdad. “The only people Iraqis may be more afraid of is their mothers. When we arrest or detain people and threaten to call up their mom, they completely freak out. Please, no, don’t tell my mother they say. Women are quiet outside the house, but they severely smack down their bad kids inside the house. When your Iraqi mother tells you to knock something off, you knock it off.”

The American military has slowly figured out how to leverage Iraq’s culture to its advantage, but it only works to an extent. Locating, killing, capturing, and interrogating terrorists and insurgents is the easy part. The hard part is training Iraqis to do it themselves.
Now this may just be a bit centralized to Mushadah, but, from what I've read from Bill Ardolino, Michael Yon, Bill Roggio and others... well... this does appear to be a bit more wide-spread if less often talked about. I mean, how can you be a brave jihadi if you are worried your mother will find out? Hard to do that without the other jihadis ragging on you incessently. And now that some restoration of order is coming about, maybe it is time to change the approach with the Iraqi Police, just a bit.

I am sure we are all familiar with the 'Desk Sergeant' from multiple police/crime dramas: the poor man sitting at the Front Desk to book people and sort things out. Usually an older veteran of the force, doing the hard job of making sure things are kept orderly, that procedure is followed, that you eat all your vegetables *first*.... that would have its only, practical level of terror upon those suspected of crimes, wouldn't it? Instead of a man doing that job, recruit women for it. And not young women, either. In point of fact, you would want mothers with *sons* in that sort of position. Actually, outside of the violent perps, the job, itself, is pretty much administrative and functionary, with only the need to direct traffic, call in support when needed and otherwise browbeat individuals as they enter the station.

Sounds like the *perfect* job for an Iraqi mom!

Not one of those Western moms... no... none of that 'just talk it out' sort of thing. Iraqi moms seem to have a better handle on this concept of 'civilizing the boys' than our culture has at this point in time. And no matter how old you are, you would remember you mother, and not want to get one sitting in initial judgement of you upset. You never know *what* she might do... like talk to YOUR MOTHER about you lacks as a son. It wouldn't get the uncouth men to behave, but it just might get those with a conscience and respect for their mothers to really think about what they are doing.

And act civilized like your mother told you to do.


Anonymous said...


“If mothers ruled the world, there would be no god-damned wars in the first place.”







HATE!!!! HATE!!!! HATE!!!!!

A Jacksonian said...

Ralph - I cannot speak on blasphemy, and while I do agree that those on the Left are leading this Nation astray, as one who loves my Nation I cannot step towards blind hatred.

Those who wish our liberties and freedom to be ended seek to use their hatred to enrage those of other citizens, until blind hatred is all we have left. They slander those who stand by the Nation and put forward that war is a necessary remedy amongst Nations to hold them accountable. In their detestation of things not of their own crafting, they revile those who must do that and then attempt to slur those who cannot fight directly as not being true to their motives nor meaning. They forget that doing NOTHING is the easiest thing of all, and that to say we should ALL do nothing and those that advocate a good path for this Nation who cannot fight directly are somehow impure in their motives, forget that their motives of utter sloth and incapacity and dilution of the Nation via those things reduces us all.

They forget that this Nation has depended upon volunteers, yet they want to make everything compulsory and demean the gift of volunteerism and turn it into mere *trade* and *commerce* and *authority* of the State over the individual.

They forget that grand government schemes dreamed up for immediate problems are likely to cause more and long lasting problems once the immediate one is gone. Today we are left with uncontrolled health-care spending because we use the worse form of payment, that of this thing calle 'insurance', which is poorly crafted to handle such things nor ever meant to.

They forget that this Nation has always held in common the ideas of protecting libety and freedom, while they put forth that those wishing such freedoms to reason with fellow citizens causes us to be lessened in the eyes of other Nations, and that America dare not blindly follow any other Nation nor creed nor religion nor viewpoint lest America and its diversity and strength be lost. By wishing to make all diversity uniform, they destroy the strength and coherence of America.

They hate those who will not follow them, those that dig in their heels and do the one thing that they refuse to do: reason. They seek conspiracies, belittling those that disagree and offer excuses and misleading attacks at all sides to justify their destruction of that Nation we hold in common.

I will not give them the dignity of my hatred nor the enjoyment of seeing me descend into. That is victory for them, and they do not deserve it from me, nor anyone who stands by this Nation, as a Nation amongst Nations, to say tha our Nation is special and that we, too, have an obligation to defend the brotherhood of Nations against all that seek to destroy it.

I will not step on that path to hatred as it takes us one step closer, as Nation, to internal dissolution and causes what Lincoln warned about, that this house divided cannot stand. They cannot stand the Nation and wish it to fall. I stand by my Nation and cherish her and use the light of reason to show unreason, falsehood and contra-factual basis to be exactly what they are: lies, deceit and authoritarian in their position.

I ask of you not to give those that hate this country the easy hatred in return. Far too easy to hate, and it blinds us to what is right and why it is right so that we can say it, describe it and show how it flows through this Nation. One cannot do that in screaming or rage.

Point a finger outward in accusation and three more point to you as reason to stand accused and one finger to the ground to remind you of your place in this mortal world. Held thusly your hand cannot grasp, cannot hold, cannot reach for common ground. Far enough of THAT going on that I will not contribute to it. They choose hatred and the path of destruction of the Nation: I do not.

They are now getting enough rope, and showing how well their noose of ideology fits them. Soon they will put it on claiming it will save them, even as the rotten timbers give way under them, their platform ill-built, unsustained and rotten through and through. To those that survive that, my hand will be out, even if my life be gone, to help them stand up and point out a better path for ourselves as a People.

A far better path than the steps up to the gallows.

A far better path than hatred.

Of all of God's gifts, the one called *reason* is most powerful and cleanses ideology when applied to it. Then you are left with paths to follow, some better and some worse. I show my reasons for what I say, and my body so incapable that I can barely stand... and yet my Nation must stand even when my mortal time is done. That is what I have been asked to do, as citizen of this Nation: to ensure the gift of liberty to myself and my posterity.

We ordain and establish this Constitution and Nation for OURSELVES not for GOVERNMENT. If these ones want something other, they had best realize that they will have a fight on their hands, as I put no faith in government to do anything but govern, and in that the least government is the best government so I can decide for myself what is best for me. I have been warned that any other is the path to tyranny and despotism. That is the path of the Left and many on the Right in this day and age.

I shan't join them.

That is the path to the gallows of liberty and freedom, and our Nation deserves far, far better than that sweet and suffocating path of destruction.

M. Simon said...

You might want to read the book "War Lover" by John Hersey.

Think Helen of Troy with B-17s.

An excellent read.

A Jacksonian said...

Simon - My thanks!

I'm starting to think that the Iraqi moms need to be teaching courses on home economics across the Arab Middle East... or maybe that is *boy control 101*. The girls could use it and would start to get some of that 'respect' deal going.

A generation or two of *that* and... well... it is women who do civilize boys... they look up to their fathers, but if their mothers ever find out what they are doing! Hell to be paid.