17 November 2007

Not just potted plants

In the continuing saga of Hillary Clinton's quest for royalty, she has deployed the potted plant brigade! Yes, these individuals are ones that are pre-selected, pre-coached, pre-determined to infest 'town hall' meetings and give her questions that she is, actually, prepared to answer. No more of this messy business of actually having a 'discussion with the people', as they have turned out to be just a bunch of rabble. Not worth time hearing a question that might put you on the spot, when you can get a lovely and easy to answer question from someone your very own staff has picked out.

One of the first to be noticed was a plant at a 'energy town hall' run by Hillary Clinton, in which the prescripted nature of the question led to questions, and the final revealing that the questioner was, indeed, given a question to asked based on the campaign's decision that she fit the demographic type they were aiming at (Major Garrett, FNC 10 NOV 2007). Of course the Hillary campaign would first deny then admit and then say 'well everyone is doing it', which does point out that if everyone is engaging in non-public 'public' townhall discussions, then the entire system is a sham, with Hillary's campaign just being extremely INEPT in hiding it. Ah, the joys of admitting how deceitful you are: if you are alone in doing it you look like a power hungry group willing to do anything to sway public opinion, and if you are caught and all others are doing it so well as to not be found out then you are miserably incompetent.

Such CHOICES presented by the Hillary campaign! Deceitful OR Incompetent, the choice is yours.

So, surely, once caught they wouldn't do this again, right?

Ah, you do not understand the 'Will to Power' of Hillary Rodham Clinton! It turns out that this was just the LATEST plant in the hothouse of same, and that ABC News (10 NOV 2007) reported that an earlier incident had taken place which it had NOT TOLD YOU ABOUT. Amazing, a news organization covering up that it had suspected such activity was going on by an individual campaigning to be President. So, is this just keeping quiet to help a candidate or incompetence?

Such decisions we get from the MSM these days!

Surely CNN could take the hint when it was rolling out the welcome mat, no?

Ahh, little did we suspect that this welcome mat would hide a larger message...

Not that we would ever get that entire message until *after* the debate.

Instead we would get the 'drip, drip, drip' of first one plant being discovered, then another, and another...

It turns out that instead of an audience of interested student and others, the entire process would weed out the students at UNLV by limiting them to only 100 tickets of the 2000, and what would be put into their place...well... professors or whoever they wanted to buy tickets for... and...

The entire auditorium was turned into a greenhouse for the event. Not that we would hear from Wolf Blitzer about that.

CNN has rolled out the Astroturf Campaign by putting pro-Hillary commentators onto its post-debate panel. Not that keeping out the demographic that would support other candidates, namely college students, planting questions, biasing the post-debate coverage or just not coming clean about the scripting done by CNN on those plants doesn't mean that *others* don't do this.

So which are they?


Or incompetent?

Decisions, decisions....

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