07 February 2008

The two party trainwreck

I have noticed, of late, that the two party system of America is starting to find itself on the same track in a head-on collision. To most this is a very worrying spectacle as the Democratic Party factions, ethnic groups, big money backers and such, head down a road towards huge tax increases, socialized medicine and putting their nose into everyone's lives to tell you exactly how to live the *right way*. Well, far be it from me to complain if blacks are set against women and hispanics, if old are set against young, and those wanting free goodies will find themselves, soon, very soon, trying to explain to a bureaucrat why they need their daily medication and then finding they will not be given enough of it. And those who *don't* want the free goodies, but want to remove the borders will soon find those on the low end of the economic spectrum fighting them because their jobs have gone to low cost, illegal immigrants!

Just like the Republicans want to do!

The Republican Party has finally decided that it can do without concepts of small government and has decided to attack its own business factions with the security faction, which is aided by the Christian faction wanting big government largesse for everything social. Just like the Left! And since there is common accord to removing the borders, removing sovereignty and needing to expand the government endlessly, we will see the specter of wanting to prohibit gambling, booze and other societal no-no's just like was done in the early era when government found it could issue tax stamps for marijuana and then not PRINT ANY. Making just asking for the stamp for trade, and thus having possession of the actual substance, a CRIME. Lets do *that* to 'internet gambling' then 'sexually explicit sites' and then hand over all that need for enforcement to the thought police (which will be a bipartisan group of schizophrenics swinging between finding those wanting the soon to be outlawed cheeseburgers from the Left with the porn criminals outlawed on the Right).

In case the D and the R party fanatics have missed this, you are both asking for the EXACT SAME THINGS.

Your candidates for President are seeking to liquidate society in the name of government.

Is this a cause for worry, as the federal budget will swell by another trillion or two in the next four years? You betchya!

Are there any choices between the 'progressives' give human rights out without accountability Left and the give up sovereignty and Nation and look at those outlaws of Nations as mere criminals and give them sanctuary within the law? No, not a single dime's worth of difference.

If you push *Iraq* up, I will point out and have been saying for nearly two years, that the trendlines for that conflict have been going well and the US has performed the impossible of getting through a COIN 'half-life' faster than any other Nation in history, bar none save those regimes that just executed everyone it didn't like. If the US goes to hell in 2009-2010 because of the asinine things the two parties want *done* to the Nation, Iraq has a very good chance of surviving... even odds by the time the US election rolls around.

Do I want to see the Iraqis deserted? NO I DO NOT.

Will John McCain bring in hundreds of terrorists into the US judicial system so their lawyers get access to classified data for civil criminal trials or are *set free*? Yes, yes they will just like the D party. If you think Lynne Stewart with the Blind Sheikh was a problem, imagine tens if not hundreds of lawyers paid for by CAIR and other groups getting access to that kind of data. I would, in truth, dearly like the US to survive the next four years, but the two parties seem to have chosen airy and impossible ideals that are contrary to cold, hard facts on the ground. In doing that Sen. John McCain will go contrary to the one man in his party who matters: Abraham Lincoln and how he viewed the activity we call 'terrorism'. The concept of 'summary judgement as highway robbers or pirates' on the battlefield of those days had one meaning and one meaning only: execution. Today that would mean just put them in jail for LIFE. We are a hell of a lot more civilized than poor old Honest Abe, but can you find a Republican that will actually back one of their FOUNDERS?

Hell, no.

So much for 'conservative'.

It will be a very, very interesting trainwreck to watch, as both parties so confuse government and society that they think government *creates* society, not the other way around.

If you have had it up to here (gesturing somewhere above the forehead but below the ceiling) with government trying to do *good* instead of just enforce the laws, I have a grand suggestion that will also tie up the legal system no end: help to start a Class Action Lawsuit against Social Security demanding that individual citizens have complete access to their 'contributed' funds at any time. Point out any and all cases of disability where bureaucrats have over-ridden doctors, and also point out that government was not set up to provide for our retirement nor to MANDATE an age to retire at: that, too, is a civil liberty reserved for the People under Amendments IX and X. Yes, make it a Civil Rights suit at the EXACT, SAME TIME.

Together those two (and some minimal payment to lawyers like 0.1% of all Social Security funds 'held' by the government) will sop up every ambulance chaser, civil rights activists and throw the largest monkey wrench in the two party system as *both* use this to threaten and cajole older Americans to the point where threatening anything like *accountability* to the system will bring the two parties *together* and demonstrate that they are, now, one single party. Plus, as an upside, you just might get your hands back ON your money.

What? You say the money isn't there? That this isn't a 'trust fund' nor 'insurance' but a cash redistribution system.... just like some marvelous 'health insurance' concept would be?


So while the trainwreck is starting to rev up, it is time for all good patriots to make sure they are in a safe community, stock up on ammo and see about calling their lawyer. If these twits want to use the legal system for terrorists, then it should be very amenable to getting OUR MONEY BACK. And as the two parties of Incumbistan pull out sob stories, the other side, being the people, can bring out stories of payments refused, forgotten or over-ridden by bureaucrats.

And if the government goes insolvent because of that? Well, it will have to start prioritizing things, now wouldn't it? And see if it could find any lawyers left that are *not* tied up with the massive dual lawsuits. Remember, just *one* has to win to get your money back from the government... and those who *want* to stay with a government run system *can* and those who *don't* would not have to pay for it. For Liberty is YOU deciding what to do with YOUR money for health, well being, retirement, investing and savings.

Or squandering it on that home theater set-up you have been aching for.

That is the basis of Liberty: you decide and *live* with your decisions.

Government bailing out idiots who cannot figure out an 'adjustable rate home mortgage' deserve exactly what is coming to them. Ditto on 'economic stimulus'. You want 'stimulus'? Then let folks get their money back from Social Security and do as they please with it and end the automatic 'deduction' from payroll.

At the very least break out the popcorn and watch as both parties justify bigger government, more intrusive government, higher taxes, more bureaucrats that you will have to answer to and see just how many terror attacks we will get once the treasure mine of data is handed over to terrorist supporting lawyers.

Worried about Iraq? Yes.

Damned worried about the US? Oh, yes, very much so.

Iraq just might make it through without us... they may *have to* at this point no matter *who wins the Presidency*.

Safe community for yourself and loved ones, security for same, lawyers and popcorn.

Because I remember the last time this happened and what happened after that:

Some writers have so confounded society with government,
as to leave little or no distinction between them
whereas they are not only different, but have different origins.
Society is produced by our wants, and government by our wickedness;
the former promotes our POSITIVELY by uniting our affections,
the latter NEGATIVELY by restraining our vices. The one
encourages intercourse, the other creates distinctions.
The first a patron, the last a punisher.

Do you?


M. Simon said...

I will point out and have been saying for nearly two years, that the trendlines for that conflict have been going well and the US has performed the impossible of getting through a COIN 'half-life' faster than any other Nation in history, bar none save those regimes that just executed everyone it didn't like.

Yes. A truly amazing performance.

A Jacksonian said...

Simon - I am absolutely astounded with the performance! Effectively doing this in under 5 years, along with standing up a Nation, forming a military, forming up a police force and teaching them to be accountable... there is no comparison for this in a Nation so riven by dictatorship for so long. Post-war Japan and Germany never had the problems of Iraq, and yet the timeframe is equalling if not surpassing them. We are even beating our own COIN record of the Philippines by nearly 3 years.

Much I attribute to the War Colleges and TRADOC system in the US Army, but the sheer capability to understand, asses and adapt is unlike anything witnessed since Alexander marched to the border territory of India.

An utter miracle.

I do not want that rolled back by al Qaeda getting access to INTEL documents necessary to 'prosecute' in an adversarial system as it will point to individuals who did help us... all it would take is a few bad lawyers and things will start to deteriorate soon wherever sources are compromised or inferred by al Qaeda to be compromised. The strategic value of such documents is beyond any cost, which is why the Law of Nations and Laws of War hand battlefield determination to the military and we invest power in the President to identify those waging Private War against the Nation. President Lincoln understood this as did all Presidents going back to Washington.

In the heights of our 'civilized' view we are becoming decadent in not understanding the responsibilities of individuals to act under the Law of Nations and what happens when you *don't*. That is now in *both* political parties, and given voice it will be the end of Nations as *anything* becomes allowable and Nations fall by the wayside to let the Law of Nature take over. That path is not a good one.