06 March 2008

The Pattern of the Pursuit

First they came for Monzer al-Kassar, the connections he has makes him one of the deadliest people to help spread transnational terrorism.  Those connections puts him close to so many, and makes him so valuable that his home Nation would threaten other countries to get his return.  For a man who can cause so much harm, it is no wonder they want him freed.

Then they came for one of the men who worked with al-Kassar, a cohort in crime from the Red Mafia, the man who's criminal empire makes it possible to hurt Nations by the control of energy supplies.  Yes, Semion Mogilevich pulled in for his misdeeds.  His empire continues on under steady and capable hands, stretching from China to Iberia and beyond.

After him there was the sudden ending of Imad Mugniyah, killer of Americans dating back to the early 1980's and one of the deadliest terrorists on the planet.  His ability to organize along with that of the al-Kassar family's connections put his work on a global basis in less than a decade after his entrance on the world stage.

Then came an arch-leader of FARC, Raul Reyes, brought down and killed, with some few of his cohorts captured and data with them.  This may ignite a regional war as the paths to Hugo Chavez and others are clearly demonstrated by the files capture with Reyes.

And today another of the great arms merchants, the merchants of death, Viktor Bout, has been rounded up and arrested.  A man tied to the Liberian civil war, the Taliban, Gulbuddin Hekmatyar and Osama bin Laden.

What is causing the round up of the Kingpins of Arms, the Dealers of Death and the Merchants of Narcotics?

Saddam is gone.

His files gone over.

The great ones are falling and quickly.

Who will be next?

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