04 June 2008

Give to a good CAUSE, helping those protecting us

H/t: Ace

The wounded men and women of the Armed Forces have a wishlist at Amazon for things they would like to help keep their minds busy while on the mend. Mostly movies and some computer games wanted by those who have sacrificed much to protect our liberty and freedom.

From Ace's:

The movies and games are part of a larger effort by CAUSE, a group founded
in 2003 by 4 West Point grads who had served together in Vietnam. The idea
behind CAUSE is that morale among active and recovering soldiers and Marines can
be dramatically improved through R&R activities. At Walter Reed, CAUSE has
facilities at the Mologne House, which is an outpatient dormitory for personnel
and their families. The CAUSE library carries DVDs, as well as video games and
equipment and is open to anyone at Walter Reed, free of charge.

My goal this summer is to try and fulfill the wish list...

And please feel free to pass this link on for others to contribute and
for those of you with blogs (you know who you are), please consider publicizing
this effort.
Help those that need it, our fellow citizens who have paid the price to secure the blessing of our land and lives for us. They have asked for little, those who give so much.

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