11 September 2008


Never forgive.

Never forget.

To hell with those who want to do both.

To hell with them all.


Unknown said...

I'll never forget, no way in hell.

A Jacksonian said...

They came after my Country.

They came after my co-workers.

They killed a colleague.

To hell with them and those seeking to excuse them.

I stand by you, Jenn, and the Republic.

Harrison said...

I'll never forget, and I'll never forgive.

Not when they are actively propagating the championing of death over life.

Not when they seek the destruction of others to fulfill their own unadulterated thirst for revenge and bloodshed.

Not when they hide behind some thin veneer of false decency and intent while surreptitiously plotting the next attack.

Not when they continue to indoctrinate and proffer entire generations of men and women to the sacrificial altar to achieve their megalomaniacal ends.

Never forgive or forget, because doing either of those signifies an implicit vindication of their efforts, an explicit acquiescence of their intentions.

I'm with you guys on this one.

cold pizza said...

To absent comrades. -cp

A Jacksonian said...

Harrison - We stand not alone when we remember the fallen.

cp - A toast to those who cannot sit with us this night, nor make merry,

A toast to those who were full of life and had it snuffed by those who hate civilized ways,

Forever a toast so that their shades may find peace,

For we never shall.