29 October 2008

What I haven't been doing

Yes the marked decrease in output is due directly to multiple problems on a personal level.  None of them are, hopefully, permanent, but all require time, attention and energy, thus making more than casual reading and commenting a problem.  That hasn't stopped me from writing, but it is mostly inconsequential.

I've been doing some background gathering of my scattered fictional pieces at my alternative fiction site, stood up just to regularize that material a bit.  Longer works are posted there, and I spent some time getting a semi-decent navigation system set up.  As few blog types are set up to deal with what I needed (more a virtual bookshelf of material than a blog) that called for hand-making it and playing with posting dates and such.  I am trying to make it easier on the reader to navigate, rather than to hunt around like here.  What I really need is a good indexing system for posts that is semi-automatic, and going back and tagging a few hundred posts is not all that appealing.

Physical health of myself and my loved ones is a higher concern, and that has absorbed much of my time.

My hours in the Land of Grey are a bit higher than usual due to this.


When I get time and energy I comment elsewhere, and that is pretty rare on its own.


After that is normalizing my Amendment II needs for personal and property protection, plus personal enjoyment.  That fits time when I'm not doing any of the above, or trying to get the Pico-ITX system constructed.  That latter is down to motherboard mounting, the right screws and then making sure there is some airflow through it... and getting the basic inputs and outputs connected via the unusual but standard connectors on-board the system.

I expect that some fiction (the Free Land and Citizen's Militia stuff) will still appear here and at the new site.


Posting will be at an erratic level until some stability returns.

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