01 November 2008

So let me get this straight... Presidential Edition...

We have one candidate that enjoys being 'bi-partisan', which means he is willing to give away just about everything to get someone from 'the other side' to vote for a bill, thus demonstrating any lack of clear vision beyond certain minimal goals.  Namely being able to claim the 'bi-partisan' mantle.  Right?


The other candidate has a half-brother living on a buck a month in a shanty on the seashore in Kenya and a poor aunt here illegally and on welfare, and wants to spread the wealth around, so we can 'be our brother's keeper'.  Namely being his brother's keeper. Right?


Are you saying my choice for President is between a dim-wit and a slacker?


I'm voting for the moose hunter: at least she knows how to get a meal on the table.


Food wins *every time* in that sort of match-up.

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