04 July 2009

On this July 4th

Let me take this moment to thank all of those who have fought for our Nation.

I would not be born free without you.

I intend to stay that way and continue my thanks for putting your life where mine cannot be.

I send my love to all of those who fight to create and support Liberty: your task is hard and the price steep.

I honor and love all of you, and special love to my fellow citizens who take on such harsh tasks.

Live free or die is not a slogan, not a cliche, not a dead idea.

While I have life that is how I shall live.

The gift of Liberty my fellow citizens who are soldiers, that gift is what you have given me.

I shall not disgrace that gift.

I will not let any take it from me or seek to remove it from our common heritage and our Land.

I will never forgive our enemies that attack us and kill our fellow citizens nor forget the barbarity of their acts.

I am made small by those who stand to fight for me, using our common word as a Nation and fighting for us all.

My duty by our compact is clear.

I stand by our Word as We the People which is our Word of the People and not that of any government.

That is what lets me keep my life and it is my Word to you that the bond between us remains unbroken.

My deepest thanks to all Our Veterans for securing our Independence and Liberty year upon year.

My hand of friendship is extended to all of those who fight for the cause of Liberty for Mankind no matter what land you are in.

Today we celebrate the cause of Liberty and Freedom to create an Independent Nation.

We are graced by the hard work and lost lives to get us here.

Great is my happiness to live in such a land.

May all lands learn to rejoice in Independence and Liberty.

And may we not forget the meaning of those words and the cost of them.

The hard work is always the day after the rejoicing.

Such as it was, so shall it be.

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