24 December 2007

The Political Lexicon - 2008 Edition - part 2

These are some of the political catch phrases, words and other linguistic oddities that help to cover the 2008 Presidential Election Campaign (part 1 here):

1) Liberal - An individual wanting Big Government programs to pay for their good ideas at taxpayer expense.

2) Campaigning for political office - A voyage of self-discovery to find out how bad a person you really are via public scrutiny.

3) MLK to KLM - To take a highly positive aspect of one's life and not understand the actual happenings against what you expect, leading to a disaster.

4) Opposition researcher - Anyone who brings a poor aspect of a candidate's career to light, even if they are an independent unaffiliated with any campaign.

5) Social Conservative - see Liberal.

6) Nixonian - The art of being a scoundrel everyone knows is a scoundrel and loves to hate.

7) Clintonian - The art of being a scoundrel and trying to distract from that fact so that you seem Nixonian.

8) A fresh face from Illinois - An individual with Chicago Mob connections running for high office before their Mob connections come to light.

9) Fiscal conservative - 1) Any politician promising to create a budget not as huge as Congress wants, and then signing the Congressional budget into law.

2) A movement of politicians who promised to reign in government, but turned out to be politicians, instead.

10) Lincolnesque - Being able to figure out that you can fool all of the people some of the time, some of the people all of the time, but not all of the people all of the time.

11) Bill Clintonesque - Being able to figure out you can fool around with some of the women some of the time.

12) Hillary Clintonesque - Being able to fool all of your supporters just long enough to get elected so that you may then pardon the richest and then forget the others. It has worked so far!

13) Giulianian - Learning that fooling all of the people that 'one perfect date makes for a good marriage', works none of the time.

14) Thompsonesque - Being able to fool some of the people if you can get that first cup of coffee in the morning.

15) Huckabeeser - Learning that fooling all of the people with a Bible works none of the time in a gun fight.

16) Paulian - Being unable to figure out you can only fool some of the people, ever.

17) Kucinician - Fooling oneself perfectly.

18) Romneyian - Fooling some of the people some of the time works very well in used car sales, especially with good hair.

19) Richardsonesque - Learning that foreign policy experience consisting of staying at a Holiday Inn Express in North Korea fools none of the people all of the time.

20) Edwardian - Having Mitt Romney's hair, but prettier, with none of the charm all of the time.

21) Obamaian - Fooling all of the people on having nothing is better than fooling none of the people that one might have something as long as you can put of the day they realize you have nothing.

22) Bidenesque - Fooling none of the people all of the time, that stealing other's quotes is the equivalent of policy or experience.

23) Aldeberan - The brightest star in the Constellation of Taurus, and home of much UFO bull.

24) GWOT - General War on Terror.
Also - Goes Without Triumph, Gore Would Obfuscate Them, Gee What's Over There?

25) Private War - 1) An 18th century concept, based on 17th century works, deriving from 16th century problems, coming from Roman Imperial views originating with the first City States.

2) Something no modern politician can describe.

26) Strawmen - Individuals used by various Foreign Nations, Organized Crime, and Rich International Moneymen to launder money into US politics through donors that do not have means to make such donations.

27) Venal press - Also, Corrupt press, Biased press, Deceitful press.
1) Mainstream Media (MSM)

2) Any factual account that puts a politician in a bad light.

28) Objective account - Any story from the Venal press that targets a political opponent.

29) 20/20 Hindsight - Also Rearview Mirror Syndrome.
Using unfixible problems of the past that remain unfixible to castigate anyone for not fixing them in the past.

30) AMT - Alternative Minimum Tax - The Congressional view that taxes are not indexed to inflation.

31) Legislative Agenda - When chosen by a candidate running for President represents a list of things they would like to get done, but have no ability to pass once in office.

32) Tax policy - Legislation drafted and created by Congress and passed by Congress so as to tax the Nation on anything Congress pleases, any time, any where.

33) Iowa - A State with 1/3 the population of New York City.

34) New Hampshire - 1) A State with 1/6 the population of New York City.

2) A suburb of Boston not controlled by the Hub City.

3) Along with Vermont creates an enclave of 'San Francisco Values' in the NE, save for the snow shoveling and maple syrup.

35) Florida - Home of 'Snowbirds' mainly from New York State attempting to escape the taxes and climate of New York, especially retirees.

36) New York - A State addicted to high taxes based on the Erie Canal revenue, which continues to increase taxes so as to regain 'lost revenue' from the now missing Canal.

37) Illegal aliens - Individuals who have entered the country illegally as the US tries to let Big Business set immigration policy with the help of Big Government subsidies for such labor.

38) Personal Injury Lawyers - Also, Ambulance Chasers, Lawsuit Lawyers, Class Action Suit Lawyers, 10% of Everything Lawyers.
1) A class of individuals now powerful enough to have their very own Presidential Candidate.

Additional meanings to previously seen entries:

1) Subsidies - Government intervention in the marketplace to interfere with cost-based goods and services availability by making them uneconomic via 'incentives' either in the tax code or by direct payments.

2) Health Insurance - Subsidized health care.

3) Universal Health Care - 1) Communist subsidized health care that makes all individuals less healthy.
2) archaic - The pre-subsidized health care system before government subsidies in which no one went without health care they could afford and plan on.

4) "If we can send a man to the Moon... "- The start of an individual's view that nothing is unachievable on a permanent basis. Note: at this time we can no longer send a man to the Moon.

Hopefully these editions of the political lexicon will be fewer as the 'race' winnnows out those that really do not understand Abe Lincoln... that is unlikely, however, as they are all politicians.


M. Simon said...

Loved : Fresh Face from Illinois.

At least he has the good sense to avoid running against government corruption.

A Jacksonian said...

Simon - Thank you!

I am sure that if nominated he will have some very hard explaining to do on some land deals...

K T Cat said...

Merry Christmas, buddy. Thanks for your enlightening work all year.

A Jacksonian said...

KT Cat - My thanks and may Peace be upon you this Yuletide.

Merry Christmas.