11 February 2006

Some other thoughts on Grayness

Actually, I have spattered my thoughts around a number of sites on the Beingness of Gray, but really haven't collected them and, because of my state, I don't even remember where and when I posted the majority of them. Coherently I have put down some few here and there at places I frequent, and I will attempt to find them and add to them as attention allows.

Probably not that often... my mind 'aint what it used to be'.

From a post at Revka's Take I responded in part:

(To the site owner) - Cliches are a dime a dozen, I try to avoid them like the plague, or some such... I thank you for your kindness!

(To another respondant) - Silence is golden, until it becomes a chain to shackle you... it is unfortunate that so much in the way of atrocitities against women go on in muslim countries, and that feminists do not speak out... far easier to speak out against the petty and ignore the long term threat... a threat that twists the spirit and soul not only of women, but of men... and especially those that could easily speak out, but do not take a stand to say: 'no more, this must end'

Those ones are twisted the worst of all.

And later in the same thread I further responded:

(To the site owner) - Atrocities cannot live in sunlight. The live in the darkness where fear and terror lurk... speaking out is the sunlight of the soul and frees you, even if your body is ended.

From the Cold War I remember a Soviet dissident saying: "First the knock on the door came to the man down the street, and no one said anything. Then came the knock on the door to your neighbor, and you realized the man down the street was gone. Then came the knock on your door, and there was no one left to stop them."

A generation wishes to forget Munich of 1938, and give a friend to the beast. The beast of terror is not so easily satisfied with just one meal. And yet it is a beast of the darkness, of the shadows, of striking out when it perceives weakness.

How unfortunate for them that there are now Shadow Warriors, who fight the Darkness.

"Summoned, I take the place that has been prepared for me. I am Grey. I stand between the candle and the star. We are Grey. We stand between the darkness and the light."

This little bit led to my Wizard Wars article... We really are fighting one, if only we would realize it, and we are a country of wizards compared to our adversaries.

And the discussion continued, as I became more obtuse to another respondant in this response:

(To another respondant) - Some turn toward the light and feel its warmth and have no wish to leave it. Others in the cold envy the light in its distance and seek to gain warmth in horrible ways in the shadows.

Then there are those who turn from the light in the knowledge it is there. And look into the darkness to face it. Their eyes and perceptions adjust, and they see those that lurk in shadows approaching towards the innocents who only see the light.

Those that see only the light fear those that are able to turn from it. Chastise them for what they do as it does not have the perfection of light. They only see darkness because the light is so bright.

There will always be those that are willing to turn from the light to look into darkness to save those that see only light. Because the light is worth saving.

Lest it be snuffed out forevermore.

"But I think that this is the way a it should be!!" At that point be prepared for a stab in the back. Working with the ideal of utopia is very fine and dandy if men were angels and utopia was achieved, but, alas, thus in not the case. And those that look to take advantage of utopian idealists will prey upon the way things should be and the way they ARE. Beware the do-gooders and Nannystaters, for they wish to destroy what works for the perfectly unworkable.

Well, that will do for now... if I run across more of my blatherings I will put them up for posterity.

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