15 February 2006

Today, cartoons! Tomorrow, the WORLD!

Well, we are by now all familiar with the 'Cartoon Controversy'! And the underhandedness of adding a French Pig Party to it! I mean, couldn't they even find a way to get a Danish Pig Party into things? Strangely enough this has led to support of little Denmark, which once ruled much of the area around the North Sea. And even a few (so few) Frenchmen recognize how important this is! Dear me, but something got a few Frenchmen to go out and demonstrate *for* something European? Wonders will never cease! But the Muslim vehement community has decided to not stop at just that, heaven's no! Now their sites are set on anything that is just the least bit offensive to them, and they are so short-sighted in their perspective that we are finding that the list is very, very long indeed. Too bad so many PC groups are caving into this. Perhaps they need to have a complaint box to hear about how some in the rest of the world feel about things.

After railing at mere cartoons they have decided to go after British humor! Now while others might blush a bit at such things, sex jokes are a staple of the British character, and some of them are quite funny characters indeed!

Anti-Jew jokes, however, have been so rife that they don't need linkage. Well, one.

Deciding to denounce Valentine's Day is just... well... asinine.

Now doing a photoshop of the Danish Queen is just humorous, not offensive, and even *she* may have gotten a chuckle from it. She should *wish* for such a body!

And then, they have the temerity to go after the Good Colonel Sanders!!

But when you start to attack good old Mickey D! Well, now THAT is serious!

To Moderate Muslims, if you exist: If you do not start speaking up for yourselves, the 5.3 billion or so people who are not Muslims on this planet will start to see that what is going on IS Islam. And if what those folks who are absolutely clueless about the modern world *want* is confrontation... then do try to remember the Reconquista. And enough leftists are saying that the USA is an Empire, I would not be surprised to see an emblem of SPQR. And maybe add in the path of Alexander, to boot.

And do remember that the United States is prepared to fight a 10 front war. So long as 8 of them are nuclear. Actually, a few thousand front war, in that case.

Cartoons are one thing. But McDonalds? "Them's fighting words!"

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