08 June 2006

Thoughts on Zarqawi

I got it first from Gateway Pundit at breakfast.

First reaction: Left enough pieces to ID him, good!

Second: Bomb took him out. So much for glorious martyrdom and a blaze of gunfire. Such a coward! "Mostly toasty"

Third: al Qaida will be hard pressed to recruit someone that actually wants the job and will go into the area to do it. Heh. The turnover rate of their mid-level folks is getting pretty high, and is now down to days in Iraq.

Fourth: email to Insty. Done.

Fifth: Happy hamster hop! Done, ensure back is not strained.

Sixth: Congrats to all involved!

As the saying goes: Faster, please!


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Faster-faster-faster is RIGHT.

I am listening to Michael Berg interviewed on Michael Medved's show as I write this. Berg says he would have "negotiated" with al-Zarqawi so that al-Zarqawi would "understand" he need not commit such acts. Berg also said "I would do something Bush has never done. I would listen."

Berg just now said that Bush is just as guilty of rape and violence and destruction as Saddam Hussein.

And Michael Berg is a candidate for Congress in the state of Delaware in the Green Party.

What a waste of human skin.


A Jacksonian said...

Mr. Z - Much faster... as fast as can be done... even at the glacially slow pace of this is leaving the border *still* open, this has to be quieted down. Probably just in time for Iran to erupt into a Civil War. The work of a Superpower is never done, it appears.

Michael Berg is *not* listening. Zarqawi told EVERYONE what he wanted REPEATEDLY. His objectives were disgusting and meant enslavement and genocide if he could find means to enact them. Michael Berg would have wanted us to sit down with Hitler to find out exactly *why* he killed 6 million Jews and quite some large number of Gypsys, homosexuals, mentally and physically retarded and, basically, anyone he didn't see as fit for his Dream.

Truly Mr. Berg is a waste of space that could be taken up by fresh air. Or even swamp gas. That would be an improvement and not smell so bad as his ideas.

By his actions we know him: stupid, clueless, wrong-headed and plain old near-sighted in the extreme.

"Yes, talk to those nice Roman soldiers and find out why we are being thrown to the lions."