06 June 2006

When two is not better than one

Let me first say that coffee that is instant is only a hot brownish liquid with some bitterness to it. I am sure that it has caffeine somewhere in there, but it does not do the trick no matter how dark or bitter. It just doesn't do it for me in the morning.

There is *nothing* like the real thing, baby!

Now you may get taken in by a lovely *duo* appliance that offers, say, coffee making and an electric hot water kettle. You may even be offered it for FREE!

Like say this nice thing:
Cute little thing, isn't it? Also comes in black. Took me a bit to track it down, it is a Princess Royal Twin, made in China. Rebranded by Gevalia. Yes, indeed, I should have known better... the old re-branded Melitta 10-cup was proving to be a hassle and 12 cups was what was needed in this household. A basic supply of coffee to be made and refrigerated for a couple of days, for the micro-wave instant-heat. When forgetfulness is present in abundance, you do *not* rely upon remembering to make coffee in the morning or even setting up ahead of time overnight.

Just doesn't work when your attention span is limited.

Worked great for about 4 months, left Gevalia and a few weeks after that.... you guessed it! Stopped making coffee although it still did hot water on the other side just fine.

I think Gevalia has a remote control or some such to disable their coffee makers if you leave them.

So ordered a nice Black & Decker online from iKitchen, and is *In Transit* via UPS.... soon, very soon... real coffee... and waking up in the morning...

And if you are ever, EVER offered a dual-use appliance that you depend upon for *free*.... keep it in its box and give it to a "friend" as a "gift". Stick to purpose-built and leave the combo units for your "friends".

I am sure they will appreciate it.

When it fails.

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