26 September 2006

Life Goes On Hold

My life is 'on hold' for the near future as my lady went into the emergency room last night with what has turned out to be a minor heart attack.

I can comment here and there, but will be unresponsive to emails and posts at any of my sites in something approaching a timely manner. Possibly not at all.

My thanks in advance to well wishers.

The Land of Grey now takes my attention for a fight against those in the Shadows.

This post will be removed when I can return to a regular schedule. That may be tomorrow or it may be for an unknown period.


Sticky Notes said...

God bless and take care of your lady.

Sticky Notes

Daniel said...

I will keep you both in my thoughts.

A Jacksonian said...

Thank you, all!

My lady is in good condition, they are trying now to get the best line-up of medication for her, so she will be in hospital until that is done.

I will put any interim postings on the Jacksonian Party site.