04 September 2006

My reply to various on the 'Grim Milestone'

My belated posting after transcribing the terror attacks since 9/11 up to the end of last month. Did that for Larwyn whom asked it of many, and I had time but not much wit... a perfect combination!

Attack Killed
WTCandPentagon09/11/01 2996
JammuandKashmircarbombs10/01/01 27
IsraeliTouristMinisterRehavamZeviAssassinated 1
Anthraxattacks,US2001 9
IndianParliamentAttacked12/13/01 7

PassoverMassacre,Israel03/27/02 22
MatzaRestaurantAttack,Isreal03/31/02 15
Ghribasynagoguebombing,Tunisia04/22/02 21
BusAttack,Karachi05/08/02 11
Kapiisk,Dagestanbombing,05/09/02 42
JanpurTrainCrash,05/13/02 12
USConsulatebombing,Karachi06/14/02 12
Pattjunctionmassacre,Israel,06/18/02 19
LAXshootingatEl-Alcounter,US07/04/02 2
Akshardhamtempleattack,India09/25/02 30
Limburgtankerbombing,Yemen10/06/02 1
Balibombing,10/12/02 202
Zamboangabombings,Philippines10/17/02 6
Manilabusbombing,Philippines10/18/02 3
McDonald'sbombing,Moscow,Russia10/19/02 1
Moscowtheaterhostagecrisis,Russia10/23/02 120
Jerusalembus20massacre,Israel11/21/02 11
Kenyanhotelbombing11/28/02 13
Kurnooltraincrash,India12/21/02 20
Groznytruckbombing,Russia12/27/02 83

Airportbombing,Davao,Philippines03/04/03 21
Haifabus37massacre,Israel03/05/03 17
Sgt.HasanAkbarAttack,03/23/03 2
Riyadhcompoundbombings,KSA05/12/03 26
TruckbombinginChechenya05/12/03 59
Casablancaattacks,Morocco05/12/03 41
Suicidebombingatreligiousfestival,Chechnya05/14/03 16
Rockfestivalbombing,Russia07/05/03 15
Russianhospitalbombing,08/01/03 50
Canalhotelbombing,Baghdad,Iraq08/19/03 22
Jerusalembus2massacre,Israel08/19/03 23
DualblastsinMumbai,India08/25/03 48
Passengertrainbombing,Russia09/03/03 7
Maximrestaurantmassacre,Israel10/04/03 21
USdiplomaticconvoyattacked,Palestine10/15/03 3
BombingsinTurkeyon10/15/03and10/20/03 57
Suicidebombingoftrain,Russia12/05/03 46
BombinginMoscow,Russia12/09/03 6

Jerusalembus19massacre,Israel01/29/04 11
Moscowmetrobombing,02/06/04 41
Superferrybombing,Philippines02/27/04 116
AshouraMassacre,Iraq03/02/04 181
Karbalabombings,Iraq03/02/04 100
Kazimiyashrinebombings,Baghdad,Iraq03/02/04 58
AttackonShiaprocession,Pakistan03/02/04 43
Istanbulrestaurantattack,Turkey03/09/04 1
Madridcommutertrainbombings,Spain03/11/04 191
Riyadhbombing,KSA04/21/04 5
Yanbuattack,KSA05/01/04 7
Pregnantwomanandherchildren,Israel05/02/04 5
Al-Khobarmassacres,KSA05/29/04 22
Russianaircraftbombing,09/24/04 90
Moscowsubwaybombblast,Russia09/31/04 10
Beslanschoolhostagecrisis,Russia09/01-03/04 344
Australianembassybombing,Indonesia09/09/04 8
Sinaibombings,Egypt10/07/04 34
USConsulateattack,KSA12/06/04 5
Christmasmarketbombing,Philippines12/12/04 15

AssassinationofLebanesePrimeMinister,Lebanon02/14/05 21
TelAvivbombing,Israel02/25/05 5
Carbombing,Doha,Qatar03/19/05 1
April2005attacksCairo,Egypt 3
Myanmarbombings05/07/05 19
Kandaharmosquesuicidebombing,Afghanistan06/01/05 20
BombingsinIran06/12/05 10
Londonbombings,UK07/07/05 56
MallbombinginNetanya,Israel07/12/05 5
Sharmel-Sheikhbombings,Egypt07/23/05 88
Jaunpurtrainbombing,India07/28/05 13
Bangladeshbombings08/17/05 2
ChechenrebelattacksonRussianfederalbuildings10/13/05 45
Ahvazmallbombing,Iran10/15/05 6
GreenZonebombingsinBaghdad,Iraq10/24/05 11
Haderabombing,Israel10/26/05 6
MultiplebombblastsinDelhi,India10/29/05 61
HotelblastsinAmman,Jordan10/09/05 60
SuicidebombinginNetanya,Israel12/05/05 5

Marketplacecarbombing,Iraq02/21/06 20
BombingofShiamosque,Baghdad,Iraq02/28/06 25
Karachi,Pakistanbombings03/02/06 4
BombinginVaranasi,India03/07/06 28
Roadsidebomb,Iraq03/09/06 6
KedumimJunctionsuicidebombing,Israel03/30/06 4
Karachi,Pakistanbombing04/11/06 57
TelAvivbombing,Israel04/17/06 11
Dahabbombings,Egypt04/24/06 23
MarketplacebombinginPattani,Thailand05/10/06 3
PoliceacademyattackinQuetta,Pakistan05/11/06 6
Busattack,SriLanka06/15/06 68
EliyahuAsherikidnappingandmurder,Israel06/25/06 1
SunnimassacreinBaghdad,Iraq07/09/06 40
Mumbaitrainbombings,India07/11/06 200
SuicidebombingKarachi,Pakistan07/14/06 2
Hezbollahrocketattack,Israel07/16/06 8
Mahmoudiyamarketattack,Iraq07/17/06 48
ShrinebombinginKura,Iraq07/18/06 53
MarketbombingKandahar,Afghanistan07/31/06 21
MarketbombingBaghdad,Iraq08/16/06 18
HindutemplebombinginImphal,India08/16/06 3
GunmenshootingofShiaBaghdad,Iraq08/20/06 20
Total: 6560

Source: wikipedia terrorist attacks

Did my best to weed out the non-Islamic varieties... such few as they were... and *not* to include the deaths of the perpetrators.

Below is my letter in reply to my not having a post up on the 'Grim Milestone' as given by CNN. It is 'as sent' with all problems in spelling, syntax and other irregularities kept so you know the inability of the author to write.

Wasted from the last few larger posts and works in progress... and trying to get a good context for the numbers involved.... I mean automobile accidents... alcohol related driving fatalities were only 16,694 out of the 42,636 total in the US alone. Probably need to surrender to the automakers *now* rather than put up with *that*.

South Fork dam collapse killed 2,200 in 1889... yes, surrender to the power of dams and submit.

1906 Earthquake and fire in San Francisco killed between 700 and 3,000 and it is overdue for a hit again. Really, the Nation should have just surrendered and left that the hell alone. Of course the next 'Big One' ranks only as number 5 on my list of future disasters for the US in a geophysical sense, pretty small beans, really.

1918 Spanish Flu epidemic killed 500,000 in the US *alone*. Yes a lowly virus, a mere snippet of DNA was able to do that all on its lonesome... and since they are mere snippets the only way to get rid of them is to irradiate the entire planet to the depth of a few miles of its crust. And also get rid of the atmosphere. Boil the oceans. The next killer virus is just waiting for the *right* remix to hit again. Too bad they don't understand the concept of 'surrender' and we just submit to them and fight our feeble fights to no good use.

Peshtigo, Wisconsin fire of 1871 killed 1,500. No good ever came of fire... put it out permanently, the cold is so much safer.

Johnstown, PA flood of 1881 killed 2,200. No good ever came of large rivers or even small ones that have flash floods. The caves in the hills are safe. In the cold. Keeping people at a distance. Nowhere near an earthquake zone. And no dams to rule over you, either.

Galveston hurricane of 1900 killed 6,000 to 8,000. Hard to tell since the occupancy records were blown away, too. See? Way too close to water! That unlit cave is much, much safer.

Steamboat Sultana explosion of 1865 killed 1,547. They were using FIRE!! And on the WATER!! Deserved whats coming to them...

Monongah, WV coal mine explosion of 1907 killed 362. Don't go far back into the cave!! Its a killer!

Tri-State tornado of 1925 killed 689. They lived out in the OPEN and deserved it! Caves are much safer.

1888 Northeast Snowstorm killed 400. A cave *not* where it snows. Desert climate preferred.

Life is deadly.

Preaching defeat gets more death and loss of liberty. The repurcussions of leaving Viet Nam are: Cambodia, Laos, Boat People, Soviet expansionism, Iran, Islamofascism, defeat in Beirut multiple times, terrorism drawing closer to the US, retreat and defeat in Somalia, wars of aggression by our enemies... because the battle was 'too long' or 'not well defined' or 'dragging on' or 'not done right'.... name one war that *has* gone swimmingly from start to finish and lasted more than year.

Shall we now convert the Hymn of the Marines to one of defeat? The 'Halls of Montezuma' just couldn't have been a long-term success... look at ALL the trouble they have had, so totally incompetent. And now flooding the Nation with millions of illegals passing through there... oh, my! Win a few battles and a war or two, but LOSE the overall battle for freedom and liberty, didn't we? And then that previous bit in 'The Shores of Tripoli', why those Muslims RECOVERED and their recent leader has had Americans killed in Berlin and on the Lockerbie flight. That is really a failure, not to have gotten that right then, don't you think? A pure and utter and unmitigated disaster in the long run.....

Yes, so many disasters and yet the Nation, somehow, managed to survive, thrive and prosper.

Only WWI was truly incompetently managed from start to finish and the US distinguished itself by being the *least* incompetent in the battlefield, even in small numbers. The *peace* however was lost due to our European 'betters' who wanted their pound of flesh. The lack of a good and honorable peace amongst combatants who realized that this was an ill-war to fight could not be found in that atmosphere. Germany faced severe troubles with Communists in the immediate post-war and denuding them of any means to control their Nation led to no good. Neither a just nor honorable peace, and that only led to war again and worse.

I am a Jacksonian. President Jackson dealt as best he could with pirates and terrorists a half-world away in the Malays. And the USS Potomac was the first US ship to circumnavigate the globe in that mission of retribution. He did not look for a fight, but when it came to him he did not quaver, did not ask 'Why do they hate us?' and did not ask permission to do as he did as it was no *war* but a blood retribution by the US. Americans have been fighting Muslim Imperialism ever since its founding and the first extortions that Jefferson REFUSED to pay to them. Jackson would not let piracy and terrorism go unaddressed no matter *what* its guise. Theodore Roosevelt ordered the Moro Insurrection in the Philippines be put down, and that turned awful, bloody and cruel on all sides. Islam was at the heart of that and the resurrection of it by the Moros today.

The United States did NOT start this fight against tyrannical Islam and pirates and terrorists of all stripes.

The United States is NOT the cause of these ills in the world which existed before it was even born as a Nation.

But we have fought them before, again and again and again.

And even if we retreat to that unlit cave in the desert, the greatest enemy is not on four legs, red of tooth and claw.

That is an honorable, though painful death, at least its cause is something understood: mere physical hunger.

It is on two legs with a gleam of Empire and Conquest in its eye looking to end liberty.

And that death is the death of the spirit everlasting... until a slave lifts his eyes up with a brighter speck in his eye... and freedom is reborn as a dream yet to come true once more.

A Jacksonian
"We did not start this fight... but we sure, AS HELL, will end it." - The battle cry of Jacksonians through the decades.

My thanks to Joabfan for the Malay link!

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