20 December 2006

... and what non-upgrading means.

Well, back again!

That wasn't fun at all, let me tell you.

The scoop is that Blogger, for some strange reason could NOT migrate DLSF so it is back on the Old Blogger while my other two are on the New Blogger. So I get to experience both New and Improved *and* Old and Indifferent!

Needless to say I am less than impressed with this state of affairs, especially after the lovely 'Quick and Easy to do' language of the upgrade path. One of the reasons I am tempted to stay is to see if there will be some future integration with Google Earth. The ability to to snap pics and not have to go through the download and format process *and* leave placemarks... or to integrate a viewer into the blog are big attractions. That sort of heavy integration should be something that Google/Blogger can achieve.

But, as the Beta migration has shown so far there is the 'Theory and Practice Conundrum' at work here.

So, I am mercenary enough to decamp if I can find a good and reliable hosting service willing to take the pain of migrating the content of DLSF and The Jacksonian Party over to a more user-friendly space.

More on that when it becomes apparent... until then I will take a bit more of a breather and start getting my thoughts re-arranged. Part of the information on this blog has proven to be absolutely true: I really have started to replicate the high level of interlinkage of my thoughts here. I shudder to think of what *that* looks like in 3D wireframe.

So, such as it is Dumb Looks given to Google/Blogger.

Free of charge!

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