08 December 2006

The Left sends out an SOS - Stuck On Stupid

In scant weeks I will have been blogging for a year... and as I will most likely let that day pass without notice, best now to give out a few Free Dumb Looks to those in need of them.

The Left as a whole, while individuals do vary, that needs a harsh dose of wake up calls and to get out of the Land of Nod, pass by me in the crossroads of Grey and then move into the waking world as their somnambulism and media dreamland are leading to no good end, whatsoever. While there has always been defeatist and anti-Americanism on the Leftward side of the Ship of State, I have yet to recall such a mass group donning life preservers... and then heading straight to the pool and jumping in claiming that they are overboard.

Perhaps if they would put down their cocktails and apply some sun lotion they might also complain about the heat in their being overboard.

The Western Left, as a whole, has turned against Nations as an idea. Their general wish to impose some benign, cancerous socialist State upon the world is running straight into another group also trying to impose a Global cancer - The Islamic Fascistic Fundamentalists.

Now here we have the wonderful dissonance of two groups trying to put forth pre-20th century 'perfect dreams' of how people 'should live': The Left embracing a Global Socialist ideal of the Internationale from the 19th century, and the Islamic Fascistic Fundamentalists trying to impose an Empire of Religion straight out of the 11th century. Both wish to use division imposed by definition upon peoples to divide them and bring them down. Both require the dissolving of Nations as their means to do so.

And both mean to enslave the World to their dreams of making the World more like they want it to be.

To the Left this is some sort of divided system in which those that have more 'education' as they define it, but adhering strictly to rigid tracts put forth by them, will be the new ruling class that will 'oversee' those lesser groups that they will also define for us all. Steven den Beste encapsulating the definitional space of John Fonte on Transnational Progressivism, puts forth how this latest form of Elitist International Marxism views the world, and how they intend to run it. Mr. O'Reilly tries to delimit this Nationally to the Secular Progressives, but fails to address the entirety of this global view and impoverishments of rights and liberties by this Elite. Thus to make this dream possible this new Leftist dreamland needs to break the world down into non-National groups based on ethnicity, race, religion, gender bias and so on; hold that victimhood is 'special' and then gives one a blank check to commit any atrocity because they were a 'victim' at one time; hand out political power to victims and then via group; and then hand out very few actual rights based on an individual's combined status of victim portion and group identification. Of course the Elite get the most rights and hand out what they want to whom they want whenever they want.

So much for: We the People.

Now the true handfuls of Islamic Imperialists seeking to impose some strange version of Islam that never existed upon the World also have their own views on how the World should be run. But theirs is very much simpler and is religious based. So the dhimmi, or those not following Islam as THEY see it are at the bottom. This includes, by the way, those not strictly adhering to the EXACT form of Islam being put forth by them. While they may make temporary alliances with degenerate forms of Islam *now* to get to final victory, the full outlook and intent is to turn on THOSE other forms once victory is grasped. Above the dhimmi are the 'true believers' or Ummah as it is put forth, and this is a distinct difference from the somewhat more embracing 'ummah' of the past which included all of Islam. Being followers of the 'One True Religion' they know that these other forms are not 'True Islam' and should be not afforded any breathing space once in power. Above those are the Caliphs or the Religious Council, and this is the #1 division between the al Qaeda side of the spectrum and the Iran side of the spectrum. al Qaeda is looking towards one great ruler and the other wants a council of scholars to rule with a figurehead Caliph. And since this is one, single Empire in either case, there is no need of Nation States.

Lovely, isn't it? So simplistic! Mind you 99% of the planet falls into the dhimmi category and its attendant 'apostate' realm.

Both of these attitudes, the Transnational Progressive Left and the Transnational Terrorist Islamists, must dissolve the Nation State to get to their 'perfect end'.

The Left feels oh-so-benevolent in handing out a 'group status' to those practicing Islam, and then support every horrid act done in the name of it because these people had somehow been repressed somewhere. And since forming an actual Nation is no longer seen as legitimate basis for governing by the Left or the Media, the Transnational Terrorists can complain that they have been repressed by the actual IDEA of forming Nations! Thus they are VICTIMS! And allowed to do anything they want... and have been since the mid-1960's and the forming of the PLO. No need to form a Nation, you folks living in the ex-Transjordan province of Palestine! Nope, you are poor victims of the 'Imperial West' and can kill, rape, maim, and act as uncivilized as you want to act because you are the VICTIMS. The Media and Left has decided that and so it shall it be!

And as the Pan-Arab idea came about the Media and Left dutifully pushed *that* as it is a huge 'group identity label' which could then be applied to an entire swath of people and then write on that tag: Victims. Yes! That was easy!

So easy. So simplistic.

Of course in actually putting on that label and writing on that tag, the Left and the Media have also written off all of Western Civilization since the fall of the Roman Empire. Actually, it had a few good things to contribute so lets take this back to the Greek Empire. No, they handed out a concept of State and democracy for States, so best move that back to the last Glacial Period when there was no West as it was covered in a mile thick sheet of ice. Because nothing the West has done is worth applauding to them, save hand them the perfect lens of Transnational Progressivism which allows them to say that.

Funny how such imperfection can create sudden perfection, isn't it?

By attaching tags and delimiting individuals by group divisions, the only thing this ensures is future divisiveness. Common culture is seen as a *flaw* and so highly biased that it is rendered disgusting to the Transnational Progressivists. Their greatest dream is that of a World where Nations are gone and only 'group management' is necessary and culture is defined within those groups, and you only get what the Elite sees fit to hand out to those groups in the way of rights and liberties.

Their fellow travelers on the Road to Barbarism are the Transnational Terrorist Imperialists. The reason I changed that last is that this group actually encompasses more than *just* Islam, although it is the worst set of heads on this hydra-like beastie. For while there is no doubt of the sort of Empire that the Islamic Fundamentalists wish, there is also no doubt of what their Communist Terrorist antecedents also wished, and those few that still practice that to this day. Communist Empire via terrorism is just as bad as an Islamic one. So to are the Criminal Commercial Empires that various drug and illegal goods terrorist organizations, like FARC also practice. Taken as a whole, these terrorist outlooks are very similar in outlook and means, but with different end-goals and mindsets. But there is no doubt that the Religious Police of the Islamic Brand are just as bad as the Revolutionary Guard and Secret Police of the Communist Brand and the Mafia Goons and Drug Gangs of the Commercial Brand. Individuals lose freedom and liberty in each, and each of those uses threats and killing to achieve compliance with their wishes. The latter two have lacked good means to get to their end-states, but that is not through lack of *having* end-states in mind. That mid-brand has lost some steam due to Transnational Progressivism, but easy enough to change from an adored 'leader' to being part of a ruling Elite.

Now did you notice how these tags get applied by me? I do not render them based on *intent*. They are applied solely and completely to activities. Do the action, get the label. This means that 'victim' is a status gained only after just examination via lawful intent, not put on by whimsy so as to demean activities. There are, indeed, some Nation State victims in this world, but the Palestinians haven't done us the good grace of actually making and running a Nation now, have they? If they had they would have acted like good losers and admit defeat and work out a Peace Treaty way back in 1948-49. So their Leftist 'victim' status comes from their incapacity to actually *act* like a people who can recognize when they have lost. Having formed no real State worth mentioning, they are seen as perpetually victimized and enshrined as such. Of course this conveniently forgets that both sides of this division had equality of opportunity and one side made something of it and the other chose not to do so. One side acted in a responsible and upstanding fashion to form a State, put up a Flag, put forth a Government with systems of Laws, put forth a democratic form of Governance, put uniforms on their soldiers and actually FIGHT for those things. But that is unimportant to the Left, today, as no good deed shall go unpunished in their pursuit of the perfect tan in the pool.

So there are the Left, sitting in their life preservers in the pool and complaining about the quality of service they are getting and how poorly the ship is being run and, perhaps, those folks with the AK-47s could do a better job of running the entire affair. Just so long as they don't need to be bothered with the grubby details of actually running the ship and the service improves.

And that is the Left of today: naysaying everything, unwilling to get out of the pool and actually do some real work, looking to those doing the actual work and insulting them heavily for being such slackers and that they are mentally incapable of doing the necessary rigor of needing a life preserver in the pool on the ship. And since this pool is such a chummy place and that entire ocean is made of water, too, well lets sink the ship and all get into the water!

It doesn't really help, overmuch, that those guys with the AK-47's are running around at the deck in the waterline chugging rounds into the hull and any passers-by and actually trying to stop those keeping order on the ship from plugging the holes. To the Left those doing the hole-plugging are the misguided fools of the Right, save for the security detail which must be so moronic as to believe the ship is worth saving.

There are times when I do think unkind thoughts about such folks who complain about all the problems of the world and offer no solutions to help bring Nations together so that a more peaceful existence can be found in that doing. Thoughts along the order of: lets take these bozos and the ones with the guns and throw them BOTH overboard and see how well they interact as the ship steams slowly onwards.

Because with blood in the water, the sharks of true Barbarism come cruising for easy victims.

And those sharks don't care about your brand of religion or your highness of thought.

They just want a pound of flesh and they will not discriminate in that.

They are perfectly unbiased and champion nothing higher than themselves.

For that is the final end of us with BOTH these groups if the Ship of State sinks.

And I am sure the last thing heard from the Left as the ship steams on will be about how they should just 'talk with the sharks' about maybe *just* an arm or a leg...

The last SOS.

Stuck On Stupid.

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