03 January 2007

Election season already?

What is it with the MSM and pundits? There used to be a healthy year or so between elections when no one wanted to even *think* of talking about the next election... mostly because everyone was so disgusted from the previous one that to start it up again was seen as not only impolite, but downright vile. And yet here we are with 'handicappers' and 'fingers to the wind' and all sorts of other strange things going on and Newt Gingrich saying that the nominations are basically sewn up by SEP 2007.

So much for We the People!

Just keep on electing your local Aristocrats, for they will never budge from their seat en mass. Some of whom believe that they are above the Law. Oh yes, we the peons of the public do get some say and a few things change at the margins, but by and large the entrenched candidates and their parties have so distorted the American political system that marginal changes are all you are going to get from those who think either party is actually worth voting for. Real, live public majorities are a thing of the 1970's and early 1980's. You know the actual 50% of the PUBLIC actually approving for someone in office... not *just* the 50% that voted.

That means, of course, that We the People of Marginalized America, now making up the majority of the Nation, really do not trust in the two party system, its candidates, its issues or damned near anything. My own ballot was cast with write-ins and I did vote on local issues. But I could not support either individual from either Party for Senate or House, and so chose a true minority independent cat owner for Senate and put in two words on the ballot for House member:

"No Confidence"

That is not 'throwing away a vote' or 'if you don't for a party, your vote just won't mean anything'. Quite contrary, both of those statements are anti-democratic in the extreme and are forceful statements of a Nation heading away from Representative Government run by the People and TO Government run by the Parties. And unlike those who couch potato at home, my vote was a very active statement AGAINST the two party system. I do not want *either* party to feel that they are supported by my vote for their strange paradigm of 'either us or them'. That, too, is anti-democratic and leads to no good end for the Republic.

As a member of that self-same Public that needs get the free entertainment from Washington and the Gleaming City Upon The Hill full of the Solons of Wisdom that the two parties can spit up for us, I can say at this point in my life that I trust neither of these entrenched Aristocracies with very much at all. By deciding to let their extreme 'Wings' serve as the initial funnel for choosing individuals, the conceptions of what guides this Nation have become more and more polarized for decades. Until you get to the point of moronic statements about things done for 'The Public Good' but very little done to ensure 'The Good of the Public'. All sorts of wonderful ideas on how to dissolve this Nation and impoverish its people are put forth, time and again, for all sorts of things from not actually putting money into law enforcement to actually do this thing known as enforcing the laws, to such splendid ideas as spending tons of money on large businesses and helping to encourage the breaking of those same laws that Congress put forward so that a few goods can be gotten 'cheaper'.

And that is before we even get to how Government will 'save Social Security' or 'save Medicare' or 'save Education' or 'save the family farmer'. Note that in the first two you have this thing known as 'bribes to the public' so as to not anger voting sections and the third is no business of the Nation at all but that of the States and the last is an economic structure going away and if the family farmer wants to survive they can very well figure it out for themselves just like the rest of us.

We keep on hearing from so many that 'There ought to be a law...' and then no actual question if said law will be enforced. And to get enforcement you need to pay for it. When I hear Congresscritters complaining about various parts of the Border Patrol and other parts of the Federal Bureaucracy not, actually, securing the Nation and that there is a 'revolving door', we never do hear the following response:

"This is all you folks in Washington are willing to pay for. Do not complain. Pay so that we can secure the Nation FIRST because your system of pork spending and entitlements and dedicated funding streams to pet projects doesn't leave us money to do our real jobs."
So, no, there should NOT be a law until Congress is willing to either pony up money to enforce the ones they ALREADY put on the books or admit that we do not need them as a Nation and REMOVE THEM. The Public would have more respect *for* laws if they meant any damned thing and were not just the 'law du jour' of some minor partisan faction that was getting it in payoff for their support of some money going to big agriculture to bring in illegal aliens to harvest their crops. Somehow this paradigm just doesn't seem to be working out too well...

I have said elsewhere and continue on that: My vote for higher office will personally go to NO ONE who has sat in Congress since 1986 and especially since 2001.

They can all lose their jobs as far as I am concerned and the Nation would be better off. And that even goes for the few I actually *like*, too.

This two party system is so inured to change that actually changing is no longer even a concept on the horizon for them. That did start in 1911 with the passage of the Public Law to let Congress figure out its own representational proportion, which came into Law in 1913. We might even be able to dig up some musty old suits containing geriatric Congresscritters who remember the 'Good Old Days' of the era at the dawn of the automobile as transportation. Possibly even have met the Wright Brothers. I would not be surprised at that, although it is a physical impossibility. The slow seizure of the arteries of Federal Government started then and now are clogging up all over the body politic.

Gasping and wheezing that old system is trying to dance and juggle and quote Marx, all the while having to pull out a gun now and then and finding out it isn't loaded because the body politic has been mugged and seems to have no way to fight it off. Don't mind the pickpockets who have taken the wallet, gold watch, spectacles and are now working on the shoes and cufflinks. Mind the sprats, they take forever.

While we do, indeed, get a new face now and again, old names continue to crop up from generation to generation. Almost like being in a political family was a sinecure to getting to office. What was that I heard about, 'well this isn't an aristocracy?' Care to run that by me again?

So, do you want to know how I am going to vote for this next election in National Politics?

It is quite simple.

No one that has sat in Congress from the 1986 Congress to now will ever get my vote for them for anything, ever. You folks made a solemn promise to the Nation and have proven to be seatwarmers who do not give a good hot damn for National Sovereignty. All of you get special scorn.

If you have sat in Congress since 9/11 and ONLY gave the President what he asked for and did NOT put the Nation on a war footing by saying: "We have been dreadfully attacked without cause nor reason from Enemies afar, and the Nation must destroy those Enemies to be secure." Then you are seen as a wooly, bleating, spineless gelatinous mass. All of you are unappealing in the extreme. If you cannot even be bothered to read the Constitution to find out your Warpowers, then you are damned and damning the Nation. And I did let some few of your offices know about that, and you appear not to give a damn that your Title of Office lists you as Senator/Representative for the United States from a State. Did you notice the order of precedence in your self-same title? And which came first? If you hold an Office to address the Nation then you not only must address your direct voters, but the entire Nation as that is your JOB.

All of you, without exception even those I *like* will not see my vote for you, though the few I like might get some encouragement from me in their districts or States so long as it not be my own.

We have some real challenges just inside the United States before we even get to those trying to raise a brand, spanking New Empire to take over the World. We might want to address a little problem on that side which will rear its ugly head, however: what will this Nation do when radical Islam puts on a Hispanic face to it via Hezbollah recruitment in South America? Because some of the Public's funds going to give Big Agriculture subsidies in both cash and water is flowing directly out to bring IN this problem. Congress might want to think about that... unless they really do like to have the tail of the next terrorist attack pinned on their backsides because they are unwilling to enforce ANY law in that entire sector of the 'Public Good'.

And this concept of their still being unemployed Citizens really does point to the fact that illegal aliens are taking jobs from Americans because businesses are supported by Government to do so. That really isn't 'For the Good of the Public' or a 'Public Good', when you get right down to it. And for those who would like a 'Virtual Wall' may I please ask for a demonstration, by you, of the 'Virtual Bathroom' no REAL toilet paper allowed? Until then, the real sort of physical wall is damned hard to turn off and is a preferable way of doing things.

Another of the minor ills of the Nation is we still have some folks who see terrorists as mere criminals. Now, when someone picks an Act of War with the United States, or indeed any Nation, and they are not a Nation or sponsored by a Nation, then you have this concept of Illegitimate War. That may be a criminal activity, but it is also a War Crime. Also note how effective the FBI has been it sidelining Hezbollah globally... might give one pause as to this idea of 'mere criminal activity'.

To move down that line of thought, we have entirely new concepts in weapons design that are getting bottlenecked, not by the actual fighting, but by bickering. Some, to be admitted, by parts of the old Pentagon that never thought the Cold War would end, but other parts by the Administration which has been a bit busy, and by Congress which loves its own pet projects, and doesn't see much worth in anything that doesn't have a pair of fuzzy dice made in their district. That old era of Warfare is over and done with, and the current one looks like a much older form for which the Congress is still absolutely capable of addressing. If your Cowardice will let you.

For you Democrats coming into Office, you campaigned against the 'Culture of Corruption' concept. You never did make clear if you were FOR or AGAINST it... so far it seems the FOR side is winning. If you are serious about that clap, then you will not give us clap-trap. If you mean what you say, you will hold yourself to those ideals and actually perform on them. Otherwise you will be seen as *worse* than what you are replacing. If you cannot clean YOUR side of the fence, then you really shouldn't complain about the other side being untidy.

That is a good start on the National Side.

On Foreign Affairs let me address it this way so that it can be understood: illegal immigration is the 'broken windows' of the Nation and the Transnational Terrorists are the Mafioso trying to get at the City itself and take it over. As President you get to MAKE POLICY. And then damned well carry through with it.

Take that attitude and you will not go far wrong.

Because the Enemies of this Nation and of Liberty have decided to pave a long road to Hell for us. The changes in this World can be helped by the Sons and Daughters of Liberty to a new era of understanding, but only if We come to understand that is necessary from Us. This time running and hoping that Our children will save this fair dream is admitting that the end of Liberty has arrived for all of mankind. The last time America ran from a fight, the world got measurably worse in a measurably shorter period of time, and millions that depended upon Us died because of that Cowardice. Those who advised running in the past will not admit to their inability to deal with this world, and have created a world beyond the ability of this Nation to fight in the old, decrepit ways.

Let us make sure that the next election is not our Last.

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