23 February 2007

Created at Muppet Labs!

Muppet Labs! Now that brings back memories. Who can forget Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and his ever inventive mind?

And his ever lovable and often abused guinea pig... ummmm... lab assistant! That's it lab assistant, Beaker.

Now one of the interesting things in life is that there are many that obviously use Beaker as their role model! Yes you do not have to even say the words Electric Sledgehammer and you will find some willing guinea pig.... errrr... lab assistant! To do all sorts of ridiculous, dangerous and strange things all in the name of science.

And so you get folks like Eric Sofge at Popular Mechanics who is making a career at looking at things of interest like building demolition, all sorts of new high-tech things, GPS trackers to be fired during a car chase, the airborne laser system under development by the USAF, in-situ bone and tooth growth, the new Boeing 787 Dreamliner and, my personal favorite, deciding to have a Taser tested on him! Those others were just a warmup for *that*...

Eric Sofge, Tasered

Yes all the fine and wonderful products of Muppet Labs that would just change the lives of everyone. No longer would Bananas be so untidy once you purchased a Banana Sharpener!

Beaker, Banana-ed

Isn't the resemblance remarkable? I mean just look at those mid-expirement shots! It is so good to see one following in the footsteps of their role model in life...

Yes, indeed there were such grand ideas from Muppet Labs, that one wonders why they did not patent a few of them. And that brings me to the point: obviously Muppet Labs has had one of their inventions swiped! I mean take a look at the Lewis N. Clark Compression Bags.

Or the Cabela's Waterproof Stuff Sacks.

Yes these are a pure, and blatant rip-off from Muppet Labs and their Compressible Luggage:

I fully support anything that Dr. Bunsen Honeydew has to do so as to ensure that Muppet Labs gets all the credit it deserves in this area where they were pioneering spirits, risking Beaker to show how well their ideas worked. I am very sure that Mr. Rosenthal will take this case...

And then they will have their day in court with Judge Marvin Suggs!

They laughed at Edison!

They laughed at the Wright Brothers!

And they laughed at Muppet Labs!

Soon, I am sure, that the incomparable Muppet Labs will have the last laugh.

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