28 February 2007

Negotiating with Iran and Syria...

Yes, I have heard that there will be a 'regional meeting' in which the US will sit down with the 'neighbors' of Iraq that just seek 'peace'!

As this is a Republican President, I assume he will do what the last one to want to find an accord with Iran will do?

You know after taking Americans hostage from our Embassy in Tehran, bombing our Embassy in Beirut and killing 63, of which 49 were US Embassy staff, killing 241 American Servicemen, bombing the US Embassy in Beirut *again* killing 23 and then having one of our diplomats in Beirut abducted, later to be killed?

Do you remember that?

And the 'sweet deal' that came along after those things?

I hope that this President bakes a nice cake.

It is traditional.

Before giving the Iranian regime what it wants.

No thanks to the 'Realists'.



SERENDIP said...

I guess Baker-Hamilton finally got their way.

A Jacksonian said...

Serendip - Yes... Condi is relying on her training. She was a USSR specialist.

Note the lack of the USSR.

This is not good in extremis.

SERENDIP said...

Ajacksonian: Good commentary on negotiation with Iran:


A Jacksonian said...

Serendip - My thanks... I will need to check it out later due to needing to get rest in soon... it has been a long day.

Harrison said...


re: link

Clear and concise summary of the ineffectual basis of negotiations with Iran. However, he advocates against war on his own homeland (utterly understandable) but for war against the "terrorists" who have taken over his country - how exactly does he propose they do that? Lack of a viable opposition force within Iran means that the possibility of insurrection or revolt in the short-term is likely to be impossible, and that may be all the time Iran needs to acquire their nuclear weapons.

A Jacksonian said...

Serendip - My thanks for the link and extremely chilling as all of what is describes fits in very well with the actions being seen not only in Iran, but in Syria and other places as well. I am damned worried about the fate of the Iranian people. They deserved better after 1979 but the US failed to do its part to hold the regime accountable... and that bloody bill will be horrific when it comes due.

SERENDIP said...

You're welcome ajacksonian.

Short of full-invasion, I'm afraid air strikes will only strengthen the hardliners in the long run and the terrorist activities of the regime will go into much higher gear. Amir Taheri predicts that Ahmadinejad's faction (IRGC and Abadegan) will be able to overthrow the capitalist mullahs in a coup and turn Iran into a military state.

I hope those who are going to do the negotiating are aware of the internal sturcture of the Iranian's complex system of power and their shadow government and forces.