24 June 2007

Dumb Looks Still Free: Its all a Conspiracy, isn't it?

Why, yes, I do give feedback at a site, now and again, and this time I finally realized that I had intended to post this bit in response to a post at Rusted Sky on da troofers! And the good site owner so liked the response he used it to bonus off of it for another post, which means that someone not only read what I put down but *thought* about it!

Amazing this communication business in the 21st century...

In any event the original post was on those seeking conspiracies to get to some sort of 'truth', and I did, indeed, respond to it as I felt that those wanting a conspiracy really... yes, really.... forgot to do just a bit of thinking on *why* such grandiloquent things just don't work too well. As with all my commentary I give it to you as written, no spelling checked, all twisted logic and syntax left in, with only a little smidgen of reformatting when needed:

Needless to say The Great Global Warming Swindle says it best when it points out that money is driving things... again, the planet has been here for a long, long time and methane has been far higher in atmospheric concentrations than it is *now* and we have *not* had runaway global warming. Ditto carbon dioxide. The chances of man-made global warming is about the same chances of me winning a lottery that I did not buy a ticket for... I could *find* the winning ticket on the street, but I wouldn't plan my future on that.

Both methane and carbon dioxide are driven by this thing known as *life*. Carbon dioxide is a lagging indicator of temperature, not a *leading* one. Methane from decomposition is an indicator of life: more life, more things dying and more methane as a result. Lower the temps and you lower carbon dioxide and methane. Raise the temps and both raise. The linkage is inverse as they follow temperatures, not *lead* temperatures.

That is how Mr. Gore can get away with putting up two graphs at a distance that seemingly correlate... superimpose them and the white space between them shows up with temperatures leading carbon dioxide. The level of fraud and deceit going on in the global warming activist community is disgraceful as they want to find data to fit their hypothesis. That is *not* science, which requires that hypothesis be *driven* by the data. And when the data changes, so does one need to revise the hypothesis.

Having grown up with my father being an electrical engineer, but he still had to work out the stresses in things like the Sears Tower for the elevator motors he helped design there, and from my own knowledge as a geologist on the forces involved in civil engineering projects, the lack of scientific and engineering background by any 'truther' movement, be it 9/11 or Global Warming or even something like the Kennedy Assassination, is astonishing. People say the damnedest things about engineering with little or no background in it. The structural engineers who *built* the twin towers were amazed that they were still standing after each strike and then realized what was going on and watched in horror as they knew what was coming. Similarly on global warming, politics pushes money... that pushes science and now thousands are employed in global warming who only have a job if they can convince you it is happening. Sort of like the Dept. of Education that *still* has not gotten reading levels up past 1958 where poor Johnny couldn't read.

Even things like the Kennedy Assassination you get a sniper pointing out that it wasn't an expert sniper that did it because he needed more than one shot to get the kill. Doing the physics analysis and looking at firing lines and firing times all points to one firing position, one weapon, one man. You can ask Oswald's *brother* about Lee and he will tell you why he did it... but, no, there must be a 'conspiracy'. Mere skill at being a Marine marksman with high grades and practicing with a known assassin's weapon mean *nothing* to those looking for the truth *out there*. Mere skill and a failed life shouldn't bring down a President, but that is America where *anybody* can do such things.

Basically, when you have to go 'another level deeper' to explain why the data isn't so, you know something is fishy. When nefarious conspiracies get added in, you can feel the hot air. So when you hear about conspiracies in an area like NOLA, you find that everyone wants politics to be the cause... not just a contributing factor with the main cause of subsidence remaining, to this day, unaddressed. For 9/11 you find that the hijackers spent hours in trainers learning how to fly their target aircraft, but spending little on learning take-off and landings. The instructors actually raised flags about that locally, and that got to one FBI office... and was ignored. But that is just bureaucracy, not malice aforethought.

Heading towards conspiracies is a dis-empowering concept: you absolve yourself of having to do anything and, instead, look for those trying to control the world via conspiracies. Thus you do not have to take part in the normal, humdrum and everyday world in which effects can have complex causes and not have easy remedies. My main gripe about such 'truthers' is that if there are groups "running the world" they are doing a damn poor job of it. Pure and outright incompetence, in fact, as any conspiracy or set of same that had so much capability and so much power wouldn't be so idiotic in the things they are purported to do.

But that is just me, and I do think strange thoughts.

And there you have it! Really, if any conspiracy *could* do so well as to keep itself unknown while being 'the real power', then they are DAMNED incompetent at running the rest of the planet.
Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead.
-Benjamin Franklin

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