08 June 2007

Immigration Amnesty II : The Return of Seatwarmers, the sequel!

Yes, we had a rough go of it at the start of the flick, to say the least! The 77 decrepit Seatwarmers had their Senatorial Contingent bestir themselves to actually, after 21 years, address the very same issue they promised to address (real soon now!) in 1986! The Intrepid Snoozer Brigade felt the icicles of the Cold War still holding them firmly pinned to their seats long after the glacier has melted away, but their scripts remained very much the same. And so the roll of 27, the still barely wakeful Senators, was called:

AKAKA, Daniel KahikinaDemocratHI
BAUCUS, Max SiebenDemocratMT
BIDEN, Joseph Robinette, Jr.DemocratDE
BOXER, BarbaraDemocratCA
BYRD, Robert CarlyleDemocratWV
CARPER, Thomas RichardDemocratDE
COCHRAN, William ThadRepublicanMS
CRAIG, Larry EdwinRepublicanID
DODD, Christopher JohnDemocratCT
DOMENICI, Pete VichiRepublicanNM
DORGAN, Byron LeslieDemocratND
GRASSLEY, Charles ErnestRepublicanIA
GREGG, Judd AlanRepublicanNH
HATCH, Orrin GrantRepublicanUT
INOUYE, Daniel KenDemocratHI
KENNEDY, Edward MooreDemocratMA
KERRY, John ForbesDemocratMA
LAUTENBERG, Frank RaleighDemocratNJ
LEVIN, CarlDemocratMI
LOTT, Chester TrentRepublicanMS
LUGAR, Richard GreenRepublicanIN
McCAIN, John Sidney, IIIRepublicanAZ
MIKULSKI, Barbara AnnDemocratMD
REID, HarryDemocratNV
SNOWE, Olympia JeanRepublicanME
SPECTER, ArlenRepublicanPA
WARNER, John WilliamRepublicanVA

And so we have the Ranks of Bronze Doorstops.

These same 27 Bunglers of Somnolence have stood by for 21 years and now arrive in the Senate to raise their inability to levels never before seen in the modern era. This bill of their convenient excuses was compiled to put forth that they, yea and verily, could NOT DO THEIR JOBS and one amendment was utilized to show that they were serious about that. In one vote that was exactly what they voted NOT to do: enforce the laws that they had already PUT ON THE BOOKS. Thank you to Michelle Malkin for this! Those in RED above are those that positively voted NOT to enforce the laws, many of which they have put on the books in previous years. And a special mention goes to the two Johns in Green: Kerry and McCain.


Because they could not even figure out if they wanted to vote for or against the law and could not bestir themselves out of the Cold War slumber to say if they stood with or against it. The did not VOTE. I do not care if they were in Timbuktu. And since they both could figure out how to stick their finger in the winds on prior and subsequent votes, that only means that they either have a brand-new Senatorial teleportation system, or they just sat on their hands to keep them warm. Thank you to McCain and Kerry for not even deciding if the US should *have* laws regarding illegal aliens. By not voting you have made your positions *crystal clear* to me.

As to the 17 that voted to not uphold the Laws of the Land: you have just clearly identified that you are no longer serious on this area and, as this involves a Primary Duty handed to Congress via the Constitution, you have made your support of the Constitution and the Nation perfectly clear to me: You cannot even bother to 'talk a good game' about doing your jobs, but have decided to positively not do them and never be serious about them EVER.

For all the money these individuals dole out to Pork projects, it can now be concluded that they do not even know how to buy a clue.

Remember that this, the most August Debating Body on the Planet, houses within it 17 individuals who have no intention of actually doing their jobs, carrying out their duties or keeping to their Oath to do same. They will vote in any law they want and then know they will not fund it to actually enforce it and will feel absolutely free, later, to put forth that the laws should not be upheld.

Because they can't be funded.

Because they have no intention to fund them properly to see them enforced.

But it does feel so Senatorial to put laws on the books!

Perhaps we can get some Undocumented Congressmen to do their jobs.

Perhaps they would do the job these Senators are unwilling to do.


Anonymous said...

I've e-mailed Gregg on the illegal immigration topic. Unfortunately, he responded with a jelly-like "I'll take your comments under consideration". If he votes for this amnesty bill, he has to go.

A Jacksonian said...

Cerebus - If I hear anything beyond fully funding the existing laws and paying enough to enforce them, then I cannot be convinced of *any* good from any sort of amnesty in any form. That is what I pointed out on the People being alienated - The vast power of the Congress to utilize industry to defend this Nation has not been applied in any way, shape or form to this concept known as 'enforcing the laws'. I get a bit testy about that in a Policy on this that is harsh, but fair.

As it is we now have a Congress that makes laws, will not pay to enforce them, decries that they are not being enforced, and then puts forth that they are unenforceable due to that lack of Congressional will to pay for them to be utilized.

Lets do something, not do what is necessary to achieve it, decry that nothing is being done and then declare nothing *can* be done!

The greatest problem of our own creation!

I am sure there was a Nation here a bit ago... where did it get to?