24 August 2008

Sen. Obama lost in the wilderness of his own delusions

He's so new that he is passe, so great that he hasn't done a thing worthy of note that people feel compelled to say they support him.

And his supporters?


Got that knock on the front door yesterday morning after Democratic presumptive nominee Sen. Barack Obama decided to put Sen. Joe Biden on the ticket. Yes a man and woman in their late 50's/early 60's showed up to ask me if I had thought about my choice for President. Joy, oh rapture, no? They were, of course, Obama-rama-ding-dongs. Look, I can't help that as I have zero respect for Sen. Barack Obama and quite a lot of disrespect for the felons, terrorists, and Chicago Machine politics that he has used to get himself into such a 'hope 'n change' place like Washington that he couldn't even be bothered to address the problems of Chi-town's machine. Well, he can't help that, they are his backers, after all.

Still, you have to love the con-job being pulled that will get out two such young looking near retirees out on a Saturday morning to canvass for him. Virginia is, of course, a swing state. And you know the script, I presume, so the bare lead-in is necessary, but the man did most of the talking:

'Have you thought about who you are going to vote for this election?'

-Why, yes, yes I have.

'Have you thought about Barack Obama?'

-I've examined him, yes. [I always try to remain cordial, respect elders, etc. Even if they are goofballs.]

'Will you be voting for him?'

-No, no I won't.

'Will you be voting for Sen. McCain?'

-Probably not, depends on different factors.

'Will you be voting for a third pary?'

-No, no I won't.

'Will you be voting?'

-Yes, yes I will.

'I see... who will you be voting for in the Senate race?'

-I am still making up my mind. [Perhaps it is time for a write-in campaign? What a mess this place is.]

'How about the Representative's race, will you be voting for Frank Wolf or [insert non-descript name of Democratic candidate here]

-That depends, does she think a trip to Syria as a good thing to do? I've pretty much had it with Congressmen supporting foreign dictators and tyrants.

'... ahh... I see... You aren't registered for a party. Do you consider yourself a Democrat?'

-No, I don't.

'A Republican?'


'Do you have any affiliation towards a party?'

-I'm a Jacksonian.

'Ah... a... a what?'

-A Jacksonian.

'We don't see many of those around anymore.'

-You would be surprised.

[Now the woman asks] 'What is a Jacksonian?'

-We are a live and let live people. While we support liberty everywhere, we can only safeguard our own, but to those that befriend us as friends and allies, we should stand with them to help them defend their liberty. If we cannot stand with our friends and allies in the world in their support of liberty then who should we stand with? It is a great good to help those seeking liberty to stand up and teach them to defend themselves to secure their own liberty as best as they can. We believe that the greatest gift we have is our liberty used via charity and good works. We do not hand over things to government that rightfully belong in our hands as the people, as government is the place we put our negative liberties so that we may have the greatest exercise of our positive ones. It is not a political philosophy but a way of living life that is good and honest. [Highly paraphrased, but you get the idea. I do not seek active antagonizing, that reflects poorly upon me as an individual]

[The woman continues] 'Who are you supporting this election?'

-No one. None are worthy of my support.

[Back to the man] I see. Thank you for your time. May we leave some literature for you to read?

-Of course. [The landfills don't mind.]

'Have a good day then.'

-And to you both. Thank you.

Ah, the light was dawning on someone there, in those misty hours where the sun had not yet made the dew chase away from the grass... but we have a north facing house, that is pretty normal. Still if you add up the 'live and let live', 'keep government small', 'support friends and allies', 'support charity', 'support liberty', and 'you are measured by those you do support in liberty', then you get a pretty fair thumbnail-sketch of things as the need for the Civil Sword should be rare but not seen as unnecessary. People like to concentrate on the latter and miss the former, and how much Jacksonians do value their friends in this world. Of course the denigration of those seeking to give respite or succor to tyrants, despots and dictators does point out the great lacks of Sen. Obama: he hasn't seen a one he won't meet with to 'seek peace'.

Just like Neville Chamberlain. And a number of the later rulers of Rome once the barbarians were at the gates.

Yes, a disturbing undertone there that will nibble at the conscience of two people who should be wiser for their age.

Their race? Does it matter? Black, white, asian, jewish, hispanic... if you are a citizen you deserve the respect of not having that matter, and those who bring it up are generally Democrats. We are supposed to be equal before the law with no 'set-asides' or 'special interests' or 'quotas', but to be equal under the due process of law both on the criminal and civil side, as citizens. I have said the same, basic, overlay to people of many different ethnic extractions because we are all created equal and all citizens of this great nation. Those who play 'favorites' end up with names like Hitler, Stalin, Pol Pot, Castro, Hussein [really, that isn't against the Senator!], bin Laden, Mugniyah, Ceau┼čescu... dictators, tyrants, despots, mass-murderers, terrorists - THEY play favorites. Not a good thing to emulate, that.

There is one other thing that has shown up since the Biden naming for VP candidate, and that is this bit from (H/t: Allahpundit at Hot Air) a Rasmussen poll:

Not surprisingly, Democrats were more supportive of Obama’s decision than anybody else—52% of those in his party agreed with his pick while 19% disagreed. However, just 43% of Democratic women said the presumptive nominee made the best pick while 23% disagreed.

Yes, a snap-poll and all that, so sacks of salt on the wagon. The anti-Obama sentiment amongst Democrats may have subsided from its height (about 30% from what I've seen) and the 'unity' may have brought that down to around 20%. That is pretty much the hard-core group, the PUMA group: Party Unity My Ass. This is a problem for Sen. Obama as the move to bring in Sen. Biden and not even talk to the PUMA's standard-bearer, Sen. Clinton, and the slow attempts to marginalize them and her are driving a race/gender/age based set of wedges into the Democratic Party. That work to *not* continue on with party tradition by having a traditional roll call vote for the nomination, not work with Sen. Clinton, not to even vet her for the VP slot, not to help out with a couple of fundraisers where he does more than say 'oh, and could you help Sen. Clinton, too?' each of those is a point of antagonism within the identity driven politics of the Democratic Party.

He has also forgotten what happens when a nominee *loses* in the fall: they tend to get excluded a bit from party leadership roles while always talked about as to 'how good their campaign was'. Ask Gore and Kerry on that.

And if this was an attempt at 'hope 'n change' then why did Sen. Obama pick the man who led the Iraq Study Group? Remember the folks who wanted to divide up Iraq? Apparently they both wanted to lose there.

Divide and Lose.

That should be the campaign slogan of their campaign.

It is only 'Divide and Conquer' when you do it to your enemies.

Something wholly treacherous when it is proposed for your friends.

Jacksonians also have a long memory, and that will not be forgotten.


Anonymous said...

But that is the problem with all Leftists. Because they have no moral compass, they wander around in an intellectual wasteland of their own making. But that's not enough for them, because they won't rest until everyone else is dragged into their pathology. We must not allow that to happen.

A Jacksonian said...

ytba - I shall, indeed, vote against Sen. Obama with whatever candidate I think will do the most harm to him. That is not, of necessity, his main opponent as I was more than willing to vote against Al Gore and see the problems that Nader created for him and the Democratic Party.

Rare that I get a candidate I can vote *for* in my life.