05 August 2008

To those running for President

I will not believe that you care about 'greenhouse gases' while you use jet aircraft for transportation. The word for this is: hypocrisy.

I don't vote for hypocrites, even if I don't believe in 'global warming', because if you *do* then walk the walk and *prove it* as a citizen *first* by what you do.

It might just get you out of prescribing things for others that you are unwilling to do to yourself.

Just like Congress writes itself out of labor, safety and other laws the general population must abide by.

You are 'pro-labor'? Prove it and work hard to bring Congress under its own labor laws.


Bloviating Zeppelin said...

Wow! To the point, YES YES YES!


A Jacksonian said...

That is my barest minimum, and there are none who will fit it: walk the walk, or don't bother trying to talk the talk.


Do as you say.
Say what you mean.
Mean what you do.

Bloviating Zeppelin said...

I was silly one time, not long ago, when a book I found listed in detail the labor and various others laws from which the US Congress exempted itself. The list was detailed and shocking.

If only I could replicate that list or find that book.

People would be both offended and angry -- at least I can only hope so.


A Jacksonian said...

I found out via my Contract Officer Representative's course necessary to handle my job in the government. We had a nice half-hour or so just going through the thumbnail of how Congress has its own rules, and most of those are over workplace... like EEO, OSHA, and so on, but FOIA is *only* for the Executive, not the other branches. Laws to protect the historical structure I can see... but Congress, itself?

That is why I am so hard on Congress on a continual basis: they have a separate law for themselves and create privilege above the ordinary citizen. They act like it, too. They are *used* to doing that and it is that sense of privilege that they carry with them trying to get to the Presidency.

I do not support empowering that Aristocratic class, tending towards Landed Nobility these days. Those running from Congress for the Presidency do not realize how much they have put themselves away from the 'common fame' of the citizenry. Now it is talk down to the general population from their status Upon the Hill.

We are just the vassal state of Electistan to their Incumbistan.