28 August 2009

Rise of the Ghouls

To honor the dead one must, indeed, respect the time of their passing and give latitude towards those in grief so that they may properly mourn the deceased.  While I had very few points of agreement with the late Sen. Ted Kennedy I do respect and honor the dead.

For those who attempt to exploit his death for purely partisan means, to add his name to this bill or that project, I have the same answer as to those who were putting President Reagan's name on so many things: I remember when a wait past a person's death by a decade or more before doing so was customary so that we could, truly, appreciate if a man was dues such memorials and honors.  A small shrine is one thing, as it gives a central point for mourning and remembrance.  Use of public power to anoint that name upon bills or structures is another.  It is ghoulish to do so for purely partisan reasons, and those who want such things are doing no honor to the person involved or their Nation.  I do not like it for people still alive, as is done with so many pieces of pork legislation, nor for those recently deceased without giving the public time to determine if an individual is truly great for all generations to remember, or just of passing fame.  If truly great, then a decade will not matter as a permanent spot would be given in history.  And if not, then there has been waste of time and effort and others that could be memorialized were not to get such passing fame put in place.  I have called the unhealthy fascination with the late President Reagan as an individual a form of 'necrophilia' and it is when a party tries to put forth the star power of a dead individual and ignore his policies that he put forward to get him to office.  The concentration on the charisma, although fine for Hollywood gossip columnists, is an unhealthy thing for a political party in a republic.

When those who eulogize the dead do not weigh the good and ill of the life of the deceased, I know that I am hearing not only well wishing and not wanting to speak ill of the dead, but the inability to say those negative things and say that they were part of an entire man, and that if we exalt the good then we must also come to terms with the bad.  For such legislation that he got passed that helped the Nation, Sen. Kennedy deserves our respect, honor and gratitude.  For leaving a young woman to die in icy waters trapped in a car and seeking no help to rescue her, he deserves our incredulity, disdain and serves as an object lesson of how not to act as a person, as a man.  These can be weighed, the good and bad both spoken, and say that the sum of this man's life was that of a flawed man, imperfect in many ways, laudable in some, but that of a man, nonetheless.  He would not face civil justice nor judgment for what he did and used power and influence to escape it, and that is the mark of no Lion at all but of frail, imperfect man who sets himself above the law by his actions.

To leave a person who trusts you to die without seeking as much aid as possible TO help, is dishonorable in the extreme.  To suffer no justice for it, and account for yourself is to set yourself above society and its law, and that is not the act of a citizen, but of aristocracy, royalty and nobility.  Save that under Common Law there is no one who is not to hold themselves to account for their actions under the law.  That corrosive effect of using power, wealth and influence to escape justice not only sets one apart from the law, but degrades the law for all citizens.  What is the use of making good laws if those making them feel they are immune to its actions?  Sen. Kennedy, in that instance, demonstrated why the law is necessary for all people: the powerful can use that power to escape it and get away with acts that no ordinary man could do.  What one gains is not fame and respect, but infamy and disgrace. 

No good law can make up for that when put down by the very one that seeks to escape its scrutiny.  No representative democracy can last long when the lawmakers set themselves above the law.  In that Sen. Kennedy was but an indicator of the wider corruption in the legislative branch, which has seen fit to exempt themselves from many laws that the rest of the public must abide by.  Those that seek to distract from the rot they feed on, to laud one who had active disdain for the law as a legislator, they, too, are Ghouls feasting upon the corruption of the public body and saying how good such rot is as they ingest it.


The US Justice Dept goes after the CIA and those in charge raise no fears of what this will do.  Fault lies in the fact that the CIA is a civilian entity given needs that, before our modern time, were carried out by the military either overt or covert.  When a Japanese Admiral came to espy Pearl Harbor he did so quite openly, and none molested him.  Espionage has ever been a game played by Nations and many who were not of any military were recruited and put into harms way to gather INTEL.  And for that they would fall under both civil and military law and understand that what would garner them a prison sentence at home would garner them a death sentence from our enemies.  When we ask our citizens to go 'undercover' during any war, we are asking if they want to die for us in what they are doing, for the very act OF espionage DURING wartime is a DEATH SENTENCE when captured.

Our modern enemies, these that fight Private War against our Nation, they do not abide by any law and put themselves above all law to say that they will determine the fate of all mankind.  They say so.  Openly.  Repeatedly.

The Law of Nature is that which is in all of us as we are all creatures of Nature.  When we create society we learn to put our negative liberties to use to protect us from Nature and those other societies that mean us no good.  There is no benefit to keeping them, as one man would then be able to set all of his people to war on a whim.  We regularize this process, gain input from society, weigh matters of war and peace and let our representatives know where we stand and they speak for us.  Governments represent their societies even when that society has no say in that government: Kings and Emperors all acknowledge this.  Under the way of the Common Law do we hold these actions accountable to the people so that no leader, no King, no President in a Common Law system is above the Law and neither is any Legislative body.  So to are all the organs of government responsible to the society that they are part of for the limited powers they are granted.

I have heard much of how our society will fall from grace nearly instantly if we do not bend over backwards to treat these ones waging Private War under civil courts.  Their activities put them at risk for two forms of justice: military and civil.  That is no 'double jeopardy' as their actions fall into both realms and each has different distinguishing characteristics to them.  The civil law concentrates on civil society and protections via due process of law: the accused has the right to a jury trial and the full protections under civil law.

Military law is a different realm, however, and it is not one of evidence gathering and weighing rights versus liberty.  It is weighing actions versus the protection of the entire Nation, of society and all its organs as an entire thing.  This is not the realm of 'international law', either, although it can play some role in this.  We pursue military ends when the civil means have fallen far short for our needs.  They have fallen far short.

In 1993 Mir Amal Kansi would murder CIA employees as they waited at a signal to turn into the CIA facility in Virginia.  We treated this as a mere civil mass murder, not as an act of warfare upon our Nation's civil servants.  We were wrong to do so.  We would pay a price for that.

In 1993 the World Trade Center was bombed by an alliance of Islamic Radicals.  We pursued it as a civil matter and that did not put an end to these groups or their actions.  We were wrong to think that a bombing done as a military action deserved civil response.  And we would pay for that oversight.

In 1993 the attempted Landmarks Bombing plot was found to be run by one of the men held in civil jail for the WTC bombing.  Through good luck we found out about it before it happened.  If he was in military custody as having waged Private War against us, he would not have been able to do so.  He would subvert his lawyer to help his cause.  The price paid for not treating him as one waging Private War goes on, to this day.

In 1996 we would see our military personnel attacked not once, but twice by Private War groups.  Saudi Arabia would drag its feet in helping us when we made that a civil matter, and then sequester one of the known operatives from us and execute him.  For his attack upon their soil, they had every right to do so.  As they had openly hosted the US forces in their Nation, they did not allow our Nation to find out the perpetrators so we could respond militarily to this military attack.  For that perfidy and lack of hospitality on the part of Saudi Arabia, we would pay, and pay dearly.

In 1998 our Embassies in Kenya and Tanzania were bombed.  We did not treat this as any Nation should, as an act of war upon sovereign soil in extraterritorial enclaves.  Embassies are foreign soil and this is understood going back more than 2000 years.  As it is guarded by the US Marine Corps, it is an attack upon our military.  We would treat this as a civil crime and not the acts of war that they were and are for all those that attack Embassies of any Nation.  We would pay for that when that President would not ask Congress to declare that organization to be at Private War with us, so that we could respond openly, freely and make our objectives clear.  We would pay for that with ineffectual responses and in more blood.

In 2000 one of our warships, the USS Cole, with open access to the High Seas was brazenly bombed in an act of war.  The US has never responded in an effective manner to this act of brazen Piracy which is Private War.  We would pay for that.

In 2000 a Private War group was found to have set a bomb in place to assassinate President Clinton.  By placing that device to attack the Head of State of a Foreign Nation with military means, we wouldn't take much action at all, civil or military.  We had been working long years to get at that organization and its deep links with transnational organized crime and transnational terrorism was putting people in many Nations at risk.  We would pay for that weakness.

Stretching far back into the 1960's when the PLO and FARC and other Private War groups started up, all the way to the present with just one exception, the United States has always wanted to deal with these organizations as a civil matter.  We had been losing not just military personnel, although that has been horrific in its long-term toll, but we have lost CIA personnel, civilians in government unaffiliated with DoD or the CIA, private contract personnel domestic and foreign, oil workers, farmers, teachers, clergy of many denominations and religions, aid workers, doctors, nurses, the fit and the disabled, and just plain tourists seeking to find out more about foreign lands and paying the ultimate price in a war declared upon them that our government deigns not to recognize.

Those that declare such Private War are NOT mere Public Enemies, and we treat them like that at our peril.

They follow no civilized rules of warfare.  They establish no prison camps nor allow neutral parties to examine their captives.  They have no accountable State structure over them, to hold them to account for any action.  They do more than 'just' terrorize: they loot, rob, kill, rape, plunder, and attack any they wish to for any reason they want or no reason at all.  When civilized man reclaims all his rights and liberties granted to him under the Law of Nature, he is far worse than any beast or animal.  Beasts and animals have no choice as to their lot in life, they have few decisions save kill or be killed.  Living in Nature, red of tooth and claw, is all they have and they utilize what rudimentary abilities they have so as to protect themselves in life.

Terrorists are not beasts, though they reclaim all the beastly rights and liberty to themselves once more.

They actively step away from civilization, disdain civilization, attack civilization and seek to be the sole lords over everyone and everything.  No tract they put out will make them a Nation or State until they actually work hard to establish laws for themselves that they will be held accountable to, and then put down a flag, put on a uniform and openly protect this society they are forming.  We recognize them as humans only in form, not in humanity.  They wage war without oversight, accountability or any thought save to intimidate and kill their way to Conquest without Mercy.

What we have in the Laws of War are very, very succinct: these ones are not due anything more than the determination of their status.  Their status, as in all civilized realms, determines their fate.  When they declare war upon us on their own with no backing from any Nation nor State, and declare that upon ANY NATION ON THIS EARTH they then declare their hostility to ALL NATIONS.  When they declare war, their status is set to be judged by the Laws of War upon the battlefield.  When captured in civil settings they are Pirates, no matter the place of their action, be it upon the High Seas or dry land, their attacks set them aside from normal crimes and the only, singular, determination that matters is if they are part of that organization that has so declared war upon us or if they do so as individuals.  Under all military law up to our modern era, this determination was given in the battlefield by the active combatants and summary justice was delivered: no prisoners were taken save for INTEL needs and then, once that was done, they were executed as spies.  In our land, on the civil side, the price for Piracy is rather low: Life Imprisonment.

CIA members who risk their lives to get INTEL from such beings are stepping into the area where man has renounced all civil authority over him, and trying to get information from those who have reclaimed all their rights and liberties that Nature gave them.  My sole worry is for the health and well being of those men and women who step into that situation and that they come out whole and undamaged physically and mentally as they are stepping into a world far worse than that of any psychopathic killer.  They step into the chaos of Nature and seek to wrest any scrap of information to save the lives of their fellow citizens.  They pay a price in remorse for their actions and need for counseling and even having to step away from that work when the price to THEM becomes too high, and they risk themselves and their Nation by breaking down.

When one President gives sanction for this, and has duly informed Congress and another gives lip motions to support those agents and then sets another agency against those very same agents, that is the act of a Ghoul.  Even when they have had misdeeds, even horrific ones, they have gotten our sanction via TWO Presidents.  From all readings of the redacted IG report, the problems and abuses early on were addressed, the programs changed to have more accountability and include better information sharing to ensure that our men and women who had to get INTEL from those being held maintained their civilized stature.  Of systemic abuses, we have seen none to date.  Of accountable actions, keeping Congress informed, and acting in a civilized manner and adjusting the system to be held to HIGHER accountability, we have seen much.

This is not upholding the law unless there is PROOF of long-term deceit, misinformation, lack of oversight and treachery.  To state that there has been any of that when all evidence, to date, points in the exact opposite direction, then leaves you in with the other Ghouls of Conspiracy theories. 

Really, anyone who can run such a good conspiracy should be doing a better job running everything else, no?

And yet our minor problems are enlarged with the electron microscope so as to be made out to be civilization ending.  And those who kill wantonly, without any law to back them?  They get every excuse for their actions, which are to tear down the civilization that allows those who excuse them to live good lives.  That is dishonorable to the overwhelming majority, indeed the near totality, of all those who serve this Nation and put themselves into harms way for us that act with honor and justice on their side.  Forgiving mass murders is to invite more mass murder and to say that you do not value the lives of civilized man any more highly than that of those who have walked away from civilization.  That is not a mark or honor of being civilized, but a mark of how uncivilized you are when you uphold those that fight Private War above those who are accountable to the law by placing themselves under it.  To be unable to recognize that this most precious of voluntary associations is WILLING and that those UNWILLING are uncivilized misses the point of being civilized: to DISTINGUISH between the two and end the latter as they are a threat to all mankind.  Which includes: you.

To do otherwise is to cruelly say that barbarism is civilized behavior and to invite worse and far worse, by doing so.  That, too, is a rot within the body of our society, and has many feasting on it as well, who say this is good, this inability to distinguish.  They wish the rot to spread and think themselves immune from it.  And yet by consuming and spewing such rot far and wide they proclaim themselves as part of it and willing to be barbaric and support any barbaric action against those who hold themselves accountable to the law.


Then there is the attack that DID get a military response: 9/11.

A day when the hand of Private War reached out to end the lives of nearly 3,000 innocent people in a single day.  Both civilian and military were killed, our Nations airspace put at peril, our transport system used against us, and a blatant act of war from a Private War group got a military response against those harboring them.  Helping Pirates gets you 10 years.  Becoming a Pirate gets you life.  Thwarting civil justice gets you war when so many are killed.

This war started to shine a light on the dark web of connections between terrorists, 'Rogue Nations' and transnational organized crime.  I've spent the last couple of years chronicling those links, those connections, and tracing them high up into the power structures of Nations.  I haven't found that to be fun, but it has been extremely enlightening if not just down right horrifying.

When I find politicians in bed with thugs, killers, and transnational organized crime leaders I am horrified.

And that is just on the political 'Right'.

On the 'Left' I get to add terrorists and radical Marxists of various stripes.  Even more fun is that some of the same individuals in the various underworlds support BOTH 'sides' of politics in America.  There is a lovely neutrality of organized crime to politics, save when it threatens them directly, as Mussolini did the Sicilian Mafia.  No one in the MSM or even the blogosphere really has seemed to step up to the plate on this for politics, but that is due to the uncomfortable ties between politicians, businesses, and organized crime.  The few individuals who do that are standouts, and I applaud them, mightily.  Now if only those on the 'Left' who try to say those on the 'Right' are in the thrall of corporations would ever bother to look at their OWN politicians and organizations, but if you have good intentions you can't be bad, now, can you?  If you have blood on your hands and contribute to a 'good' cause, you can't be bad, now, can you?  If you are cozy with organized crime and terrorists but have the right political flavor du jour, you can't be bad, now, can you?

When 3,000 innocents are killed in an act of war by a Private War organization, that requires a military response and GOT ONE.  Those who made war now have it visited upon them.  It was their choice to walk away from civilization, return to the Law of Nature of the Strong over the Weak and to be able to kill without compunction or reason.  No one 'forced' them to do this.  No one 'oppressed' them to do this.  Many of the individuals involved with 9/11 were college educated, middle-class and able to speak sweetly and nicely.  They had all the benefits of civilization and walked away from them with open eyes and closed minds.  They don't value 'multiculturalism' and that is anathema to them.  Trying to 'understand' them means understanding that they do not want your 'understanding' only your compliance with their will.  And if you don't they will just as readily kill you as talk with you.  That is what happens when you turn away from civilization: you turn away from civility.

You believe that power is an absolute right to rule others to fit your beliefs.

We now see that 9/11 is to be turned into a day of 'National Service and Remembrance'.

I can see Remembrance, there is no higher goal than to remember the sacrifice of the innocent dead.

National Service, however, is not part of that.

Giving back to your fellow man to build society is this thing we call 'Charity' and no government can take the place of individuals building society.  When it tries to do so it robs society via oppressive taxation and believes that one can create 'good' by legislative fiat.  When those in power try to 'Nationalize' Charity, it becomes enforced giving, enforced work and slavery to the State.  To use the innocent dead to push this is ghoulish in the extreme, and is a direct feasting upon our memories of the dead and trying to turn it towards the State.  That has not worked so well in any Nation that has tried it, this concept of 'National Service' being a good idea in its own right.  Italy, Germany, Russia, China, North Korea, and many, many, many other Nations have tried this and found only Despotism and Tyranny as the end of this 'good' idea.  Don't mind the millions dead due to death squads, gulags, concentration camps, re-education camps, gas chambers, firing squads and a World War that resulted when these 'good' ideas are tried out.

The dead are heaped at the feet of those who have tried this.

And now the ghouls appear to want more of this, and try ever so sweetly to ignore history and the final result of where these 'good' ideas lead.  Since these claim to be 'intelligent' or even 'smart' individuals, I will then say that they must KNOW history and WANT this end for their fellow citizens.  Tens, hundreds, thousands, even millions of 'smart' people have wanted this, only to find that what they create has no use for them and, even worse, sees them as a THREAT once it gets going and some of the first to find out how 'good' this is are those that backed it.  Often at the point of a bayonet.

Conscription during wartime is a National Survival necessity: there will be no ability to have a Nation without it.

Although modern warfare is changing that, yet again.

During peacetime, for a republic of free people, it is enforced work upon the population, dictated by government.  We removed that with Amendment XIII.  That is not limited by race or color: it is true for all citizens of the Nation.


I heard the ghouls moan about the high cost of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan and heard about it for years.  How they would impoverish the Nation.

Then when one of their own is elected and spends more in 6 months than the entire cost of both conflicts COMBINED?

Our dead soldiers served their purpose for these partisans to 'win' at any cost, and try to say that those of us who spoke up about rampant spending during the previous Administration were actually supporters of it and shouldn't criticize when one of theirs is spending far more than the previous Administration did by multi-fold.  I do not expect reason from those that feast upon the dead to push their talking points.  They have demonstrated they have no ability TO reason, no moral compass and will utilize the dead to mere partisan ends and do not give a damn for the deep and hard sacrifices others make to let them keep their hides unscathed.  They push 'health care' after bemoaning how bad the VA system is and refuse to actually FIX THAT FIRST TO HONOR OUR SOLDIERS.

Because they deserve it more than the worthless people who use their deaths to their partisan ends.

They seek to remove Charity from our society and call that 'good' as Charity just 'can't do what government can do'.

Like have enforced 'National Service'!

Or run concentration camps.

Or firing squads.

Or send out thugs to beat up the innocent who merely disagree with them.

Strange to say it, but Charity just can't do those things so it must be so very bad...that is where the partisan 'logic' and 'reason' ends up whenever it is deployed to put 'National Service' ahead of Charity.

Ask a ghoul to fix something and they will destroy it.  They always want more flesh to consume so they can tell you how good it would be for you to be a corpse for them.

I am not the one who wants 'National Service' built upon the dead.

I am no ghoul, but wish to respect the dead as best I can without having someone tell me how to do it and that, really, I should think about 'National Service'.

I served in DoD on the civilian side for 14 years.

Feeling I was not doing enough for my Nation during wartime, I volunteered for an NIH study so as to help my fellow citizens and let medical science try out something that was relatively 'safe'.

The lead up to that, however, turned out to be not so safe, and I accept the price I paid as part of what goes with giving back to my Nation and my fellow citizens.

I have seen 'health care' up close and personal.

I have seen the very best in the business befuddled by my case.

I have seen and bear witness to a practicing physician who helped to finally start tracking the problem down.

And I continued on with the NIH trial to its conclusion, even when I had to be picked up and dropped off and could barely walk 50' on my own.

I have seen people even worse off than I am with conditions so rare they don't have names.

'Health care' is no magic bullet and is still more an art than a science.

No amount of money, no amount of insurance, indeed NOTHING can help you if you get one of those rare and nameless maladies.  The ghouls have no sovereign cure, save to take your money, your liberty, your freedom, and then tell you exactly what you will get in life... until life does something to you they can't figure out.  Then you are on your own, and it is best not to be on your own without liberty, freedom and the ability to get your own answers outside of a rigid system.  Your life depends on it.

I have freely, willingly and with open eyes served my Nation.

Gladly did I volunteer for medical research as it is important for me to support my fellow man.

I would never, ever support any move to MAKE YOU DO GOOD.

There is no greater evil than that, taking away your liberty in that way, as it is enslavement.

Even such as Sen. Kennedy deserves his rest and our remembrance of him, good and ill, so we may take our measure of the man.

For those that have walked away from civilization, they have decided their fate and the only question is how much blood they can spill before their demise.

Those that feast upon their dead to enact their agendas?

They define themselves: Ghouls.

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