21 November 2011

Student loan bailouts? No, but there is an alternative...

Of the true stupidity of OWS there is the idea of 'bailing out' those with student loans.

This will not actually address the problem of the high cost of education nor will remove the problem from the system, nor does it hold one to their agreement for paying back one's debts.

And, yes, I didn't like the 'bailouts' of the 'too big to fail' organizations, either.

So when this topic was posted at Hot Air, I put out what an actual solution is to stop the high cost of higher education in its tracks.  It would require that the OWS people actually mean what they say about what they see as their loan problems.

Here is the unadorned commentary, such as it is, spelling/syntax/logic errors all included for the amusement of the reader because all of this is written on the fly:

Say, if these people feel that they didn’t get the value promised them by an education they should sue all of those who promised them a high value education.

Really, they should writed down every written promise of having a ‘career path’ via these high priced educational institutions, with the names of who promised it and when. Push that all the way to those leading the tours for the place you went to.

Then work with all the other people who have similar views and start to put a master list together naming all the institutions and all the people who promised the educational value and what they charged for it in the way of tuition, books, dorm fees, etc.

Form a class action lawsuit against the whole kit’n'kaboodle.

Sue their butts off, including the endowment funds.

Get your money back from these places.

Impoverish them.

Put them out of business because they are not selling a product they promised to you.

Occupy a law library and get to work, you may need to get a few part time jobs to support yourselves while you gather the info and put the briefs together, but in 6 months every single high flying university and all of those pushing the high cost/low value education on the docket to figure out just how they will defend themselves from their rapacious cost structure for a bloated bureaucracy.

Question Authority! Get those university personnel on the witness stand!

ajacksonian on November 20, 2011 at 7:42 PM

This is how you hold people to account in America, isn't it?  You sue their butts off.

Yes this means that OWSers must un-occupy parks, work with each other and start to occupy law libraries and look for part-time jobs to sustain themselves... and do something PRODUCTIVE WITH THEIR LIVES instead of bitch/moan/whine/complain and forever feel that they are 'entitled' to something.  Nope, you are 'entitled' to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the latter means 'happenstance' or 'fortune'.  Heaven help you if you actually catch happiness as it will make you miserable the moment you realize it has slipped through your fingers and you are chasing that bugger again.  You had it so good for that microsecond...

Really it is the educational institutions and their Leftist academics that are the cause of this problem.

OWSers should want to hold them both to account for the high cost of unproductive, useless higher education.  Note that actual scientists and engineers are lacking at OWS, along with mathematicians.  Why?  Real jobs with real pay are involved at the end of those educational cycles.

You want an education that leads to a real, paying job?

Go to a trade school.

There are lots of jobs going begging to maintain our infrastructure and you can nearly set your own pay as a welder, electrician, plumber... hell, even pipe-fitters and bricklayers are doing pretty well, if you can stay out of a Union, that is.

But if you feel you got rooked on a product or service you purchased?  Sue them.  Sue them until they are white due to lack of money.  Those selling such products are fiends and no friend of yours.  Prove it in a court of law.  Put up a site to garner funds for your legal team to actually, and for true, address the REAL bad actors who demand such high payments for this shoddy educational product.  Put up a page tracking the funds that will roll in and get to know who your REAL friends are.  Surprisingly you in OWS will find that the $500 K that those inside your movement are seeking to take for their own needs are looking at chicken feed compared to what you will garner for bringing down the corruption inside the educational system.

It will take guts, stamina and courage to confront these institutions and tell them how badly they have under-delivered on their promises to you as an individual and to all of you as a class in a class action lawsuit.  Take all of those promising that college is a path to a sure job and career to court.


Without exception.

Really, which would have done you better in your life: a poli-sci degree from an Ivy League institution or a two year certificate that certifies that you actually, and for true, can weld?

Heck, I'll toss in $25 to your legal fund!

Practice some accounting on that fund, though.

Keep the grubby, so-called 'authorities' within your own 'movement' away from it.

Get some payback and get paid back, while you're at it.

I'll help with a bit of cash.  Maybe a couple of meals, too, if you are nice about it.

Need some clothes while you are whiling away your hours in a dusty library?  Gots spare work clothes for you.  You don't need a suit and tie to file a petition in a court.  And damned if paper isn't cheap and the ability to get to a word processor to do the typing is close to damned near free... and is pretty much free if you have a word processor already as many court documents have gone electronic.

Get what you paid for!


Because, you know, revenge is a dish best served cold.

And I can tell you that those educational institutions, their endowment funds, the entrenched bureaucracy and some few of your professors truly are ripe for the picking.  And a few of the really high flying ones should go away permanently on the pay-back side.  Hit them where it hurts.

Wall Street?

Small fry.

Go after the big money people and the ones who have actually hurt you.

Gather the evidence.

Show you are doing so.

Ask for help.

And then sue them until they go broke.

Heck, its good job experience you can put on a resume to help track down the liars, their promises, get them all as evidence and then take them to court.  You can't PAY for such experience.

But you can make the actual miscreants pay.  Yessiree.

If, that is, you stop LISTENING TO THEM and get them on the witness stand and QUESTION AUTHORITY UNDER OATH.

Never so cold as a court of law, hey?

Put up a legal fund, get out of the parks and start getting the evidence together.

I will gladly PAY to help you in that.

It will be money WELL SPENT and your service to your fellow citizens will be beyond any price.  Though there will be a price to be paid by those who lied to your face about the value of the so-called education they sold you.  Plus you should get enough to pay your loans back once you hit those pushing them right in the pocketbook.

Really, the only losers are those pushing the bad service and product.

You become a loser by complaining.

You become a citizen by doing the right thing, staying within the law, and getting your money back.  With interest.

Then you can pay off your loans.

You'll have a worthless degree, yes, but you will have experience and be out of debt.

That is what you want in OWS, right?

Debt-free with experience?

Do it the right way.

Do it yourself.

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