31 January 2006

Comments, comments, wherefore art thou?

A quick note - I will engage in respectful coversation with individuals that accord respect, even in disagreement. My life is short and time is precious to me, so moderating commentary would in and of itself, wear me down. I have seen where comments sections often trend among both visible and minor forums, and truthfully if I could enforce civility and respect I would allow commentary.

As it is, the tools are not up to the job of the unkindness found in the human spirit when it is left to its own resources. Adults become 3 year olds, losing all manners and eloquence. Yet these same people, if invited to a private house or public bar and performed much the same, would be led away or simply decked-out as their mouth moved before their minds thought.

If invited elsewhere, I will see and respond as I can, which may often be nought. While I do have opinions on *many* things and some wide ranging experience and knowledge, I understand that some views are not shared widely or respectfully by all communities I visit. I keep my peace and retain my silence. Others, however, seem to have forgotten their manners or, even worse, have none to start.

Civility is the heart and soul of Civilization. Without it, we are little more than skilled barbarians. While one *can* treat with barbarians, it is best to do so with sword and spear in hand... or in latter days a peacemaker and equalizer. I will not encourage barbarism, be it in activity or in mere speech. So the commenting remains silent here.

As I can filter my email, I do so. Luckily people realize that when they speak to an individual, it is best to keep a civil tongue as this is no mere strawman, no stick figure, no two dimensional casting of beliefs. And to any who do, the message will be simple:

"I have found your spirit to be ill, your manners to be slight, or your thought processes twisted beyond all logic. I would like to speak with your mother, if she still be living, so that she may be informed of your truculent manner and set you straight on how to be nice to strangers. As that may be impossible, and you see yourself in the whole and right on all things, I then ask to see your angelic stature among mankind so that your halo may glow in front of the cameras and recorders so that the annointed shall be recognized. Until such time, I accord you the same right of any who lack basic courtesy and respect: Silence. Good day."

After that, the emailer gets marked as SPAM, to join the viagra/cialis/make money fast/hot anime/get a date tonight/overseas pharmacy/XXX porn and the rest. A waste of space and electron storage.

That is it... my only other point is that my mind will fail or my body do so at some point, and I do not want my works cluttered by other chatter. Trackbacks are enabled... get noticed by linking and we can discuss as needs be, if both are agreeable.

I wish you well in your life and hope some few things I have written will stir your thoughts,

A Jacksonian

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